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So I have been obsessed with this site for about a...

So I have been obsessed with this site for about a month now. Its so nice to read every one else experiences with this type of procedure! I have been thinking of getting a BA ever since I knew what it was. Went last month for a consultation with my Dr. I am very excited to get this done already!! My Dr was so nice. Definitely feeling comfortable with him! During my consult he explained everything to me that I needed to know. He did say my skin is very tight and will only be able to fit 220cc. He suggests I use a textured silicone High Profile implant. I am a 34B at the moment. But still feel that the 220cc is going to be too small. I am looking at being a full C- small D cup? Any one have any ideas on what size a 220cc will get you?
I am going back to him on Thursday just to discuss a few extra things that I have on my mind. Hopefully I could maybe get to go to at least 250cc!
Hi. I hope you get the results you wish for. I was a size 32aa, love to gym so had no boobies. I weigh 62kg and 1.72m tall, my doc didn't want to do it but I walked away with 360cc moderate profile. I hope that your option is there that if he can fit in a little more cc's during the operation, that he must do so. I had mine done in centurion. Hope you get the desired results hun xxx
Dr Steinmann

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