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First implants were done in 1983. I'm 5'10" and...

First implants were done in 1983. I'm 5'10" and always felt out of proportion because of my flat chest. Pencil test? No idea where to put the pencil! Happy with the results. Had baby in 1987 , I nursed for 14 months. My implants were on top of the muscle. I went for an abdominal scar revision in 2000, the PS pointed out that implants have a shelflife and recommended replacing them. They were replaced and all was fine until 2007 , the implants were "up" but my breasts had dropped down. Also noticed a funny lumpy bit every time I flexed my pictorial muscles. Consulted 4 doctors in total over the next few years. The original PS who said they needed to come out, 2nd PS who recommended a lift around the nipple only and to leave the existing implants alone. 3rd PS recommended replacement with saline, PS 4 recommended lift ( nipples) and new implants. Revisited the PS who had replaced my implants in 2000, he felt that Capsular contracture is caused by bio film infections, and recommended removal, "clean up" and a lollipop lift and fat grafting which would be facilitated by lipo from legs. Had the procedure done in march. Glad to be rid of the lumpy implants, the lift was done nicely, but I feel that my breasts are too small in spite of the fat graft. I don't want to be as big as I was, but I "need" more than I have ended up with. Am considering either additional fat grafting or smaller implants. I'm put off by potential implant trouble again, but not sure whether more fat grafting will "stay" as some of it does get rue absorbed by the body

This was my "before"

Found my "before" pics

2nd "before"


Surgery booked for early nov. , meeting with my ps next week to discuss pros and cons of either procedure and make final decision. Reading through lots of other people's stories and find that very informative

Decision made

Saw my ps. Decided to go for more fat grafting. Don't want the complications that invariably seem to come with implants, at some point or another they all seem to need to replaced and removed. Had 2 sets of implants in the last 30 years. Looked at my old " before " pics. Just too big PS reckons that I can expect 60 % retention Brava system not used here. Surgery in 3 weeks. PS wants specialist medical first. And lung function test. Protocol for patients 55 and over. Nervous about the fat harvesting. Whilst I am looking forward to trimmer thighs, hips and slightly bigger boobs, I'm dreading the bruising and that it will cause, and the fact that I will have to wait 6 weeks before I can resume my usual activities No gym, no cycling....

More thoughts

In the decision process over the last few weeks I realized that my "issue" is more about balance than about having bigger boobs. The way they are now would look fine if I was seen from the waist up only and had a petite frame. Some of you have kindly commented that they look nice and perky. Which they do if you look at the boob only pics. But my hips don't match the boobs! I will never diet those hips off, even if I lost weight I will still have the same proportions. At 70 kgs and 1.76 m I'm not overweight , I spend 8 hours a week either cycling, at the gym and then I teach fitness as well. So I'm hoping that my surgery will balance me out

Some pics prior to fat grafting

This is how it all looks currently. Will post pics after my procedure


I probably should have eroded that differently: I HAD fat grafting after my explanation 7 months ago, but am now going back for MORE fat grafting so the pics are not real " befores" but rather " in betweens".

Op next week

Saw specialist physician this morning who did medical and ECG. Have been given the all clear. Then saw PS for pre op visit. Content with my decision not to go for implants again. Done with those! Worried about lipo part of fat graft. But I'll get through it. Reading everyone else's stories has been helpful. Makes me feel less alone in this.

More fat grafting done 2 days ago

Had lipo an more fat grafting done 2 days ago, Being looked after by nursing sister who runs b & b for post surgical patients. Thighs more sore than boobs. Procedure took 3 hours. Quite groggy from pain meds. Will update in a few days


Hard to tell what the results will be for thighs. Because of swelling. Hopefully I'll be in better proportion


Forgot: P S put in 150 cc per breast

4 days post op

Back home now, taking less meds now. Wearing snug gym tights as compression pants and just a t shirt, no bra as per PS nurse's instruction , don't want to compromise the new fat grafts. Cannot sleep in my side , thighs and boobs uncomfortable in that position. Thighs bruised, particularly inner thighs, that bikini is going to have to wait a few weeks. Feeling quite doped up but that should improve now I'm on fewer meds. Post op appointment on Monday

5 Day post op appointment with PS

Saw my PS today who seems happy with the way things look. ( albeit green, purple and blue....). Told to start wearing a soft tshirts type bra, nothing binding or tight. Thighs seem to burn and am fed up with the tight compression pants but all this shall pass.... Have decided this is enough, whatever it is that I end up with boob wise, it will have to do, it's hard on the body and hard on the mind......just not feeling too great at the moment , was not able to drive today, just felt spaced out and tired.

Adding today's pics

Good decision

Woke up feeling much better today. This is how "things" look in a soft bra top and thirt. Measured. 94 cms. And more rounding on top even if that does not necessarily reflect in the measurement because that's just taken at the nipple. I think they look cute and they are mine!

8 days post op pics

Tape is off

Ps: gone from 91 cm to 94 cm

That may go don't a little but hopefully not too much

curious observation

I am noticing bruising at my shins and calves and other bruises that should not be there. (I only had lipo on my upper legs legs and a tiny bit of my flank, and no bruising where there should be bruising! That the boobs would have bruising is not surprising I asked my doc about it yesterday and he said that bruising after lipo often "travels" So long pants ...... Thank goodness we are having cooler weather....... Am now allowed to wear legging type tights rather than compression garment Yippee

Lipo pics

Several of you have asked for lipo pics, I was going to wait for all the bruising and swelling to go down, but here are some interim pics.

Lipo ps

Some have them came out quite dark, but look at the bruising of the inner thigh in the dark pic. I'm not standing very straight in the rear pic but as you guys probably all know, it's not easy to take pics of yourself of parts that you can't see without the hep of a mirror. Excuse the bicycle shorts tan as well. Overall I think it is going to look fine.

Another lipo pic

This one is not so dark

2 weeks post op

Bruising is fading

4 weeks post op

Most of the bruising has gone, wore shorts yesterday for the 1st time. Still sore to the touch though. Have been walking but still off the bike which is big punishment for me...... But better do what I'm told which was no cycling for 6 weeks. Couple of little concerns, feel a small lump on my hip and one stitch that seems no try to work its way out underneath my right breast. Will see PS on the 17th

4 weeks pics

5 1/2 week update

Not missing my tupperware titties at all! Went for my first bike ride, up the mountain and then swam in the dam. It was great. I have lost some fitness but was still able to climb the 800 meters, but I did stop a few time to keep my heart rate from going mad. Boobies are fine, but one suture is bothering me, will ask the dr to deal with it when I go for my 6 week check up. Measurement went from 94 to 93 1/2 cm ( it was 91 before the last fat graft. So my " net gain" is 2 1/2 cm. ( for my North American friends, that's exactly 1 inch. Hoping that it does not go down more. Regarding the lipo; don't like the look of the scar in my right groin, it's raised and purple , all the other ones are far less obvious. Legs look good but feel that I have been left with some lumpy bits on my hips, right at the saddle bag area just below pantie line. They were always there most probably but now more prominent because of the trimmer thighs. Will discuss that too. May want a touch up there. My hip size has not gone down at all. My upper legs are slightly trimmer but it is all very subtle. Will update after next week's ps appointment. Leaving the lovely SA cape summer for winter in England :-( going to see family for Xmas

6 weeks post op update

Saw my PS for the 6 weeks post op appointment . Very happy with breasts. No lumps or bumps, they feel completely soft and natural. I pointed out the 2 identical lipo areas on my hips that appear a little lumpy. He agreed and will touch those up when I'm 3 months post op.

7 weeks post op

2nd 7 week update pic

10 weeks

Boobies have stayed the same. Just keeping my fingers crossed that they stay like this. Lipo: Not happy with the lumpy bits on my hips but PS said that he will fix that once I am past the 3 months mark. Seeing him on the 5th of February

11 weeks

3 months

Seeing my PS on Friday. Happy with top half. We will discuss the bottom half which needs to be fixed....

3 months follow up visit with PS

Went to see PS on Friday. Boobs look good and both him and I are happy. He will fix the lumpy bits on hips below butt on 28 March. Can't do sooner as I'm training for a cycle event that takes place 9 March. I laughed: the secretary said: we won't book it before because we don't want to compromise your... Healing. I finished her sentence by saying "Cycling" simultaneously I guess it's all about priorities. I am looking forward to smooth hips. Won't go in a bathing suit the way things look now. The cycling shorts are a little more concealing....

Lumpy bits

Finally took the courage to take a close up of my upper hip / thigh area that needs fixing after lipo. Will be do happy to get this sorted out. Am apprehensive at the same time because I will be semi awake......
Dr Deon van der Westhuizen

Excellent surgeon in Cape Town, South Africa who has been around for a long time. Very informed about the latest research around implants and the problems that come with them, travels overseas regularly to attend conferences and now does fat grafting as well. He often works together with Dr Linda van der Westhuizen who is a brilliant anaethetist. Have had 3 anaesthetics from her. No nausea or dry throat issues.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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How are you Pink? Are you okay?
  • Reply
How are you doing Pink?
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You look great. I am excited for your tweaking procedure on your thighs. I am sure it will turn out wonderfully well. Good luck!!
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Pink...first of all...AWESOME posts! Thanks so much. Your attention to detail in your descriptions is terrific. Very helpful. Keep us posted on how your are progressing. I can only hope and pray for results as spectacular as jealous here in sunny California
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Thanks for having the courage Pink. My legs/hips look similar. My entire legs down to the knees look lumpy and old looking. It is sad. Looks like a shark ate my legs and left chunks. I am really can not even wear anything that does not hit at the knees. No shorts unless they come to the knee like Bermuda shorts. It is gross. Please keep us posted if the 2nd surgery improves the situation. If it improves it for you long term, then maybe I will do a fix up. I did not notice this lumpy shark biten look for quite a while. B/c of the swelling, everything appeared so smooth & toned for a long time.
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Your breasts look great!
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Looking good Pink!
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Hey Pink - at 10 weeks how are your legs feeling? Do you still have any discomfort or numbness? I'm at 7 weeks and it's still uncomfortable to move beyond a fast walk. I'm hoping to get back to running within a month or so.
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Hi, my legs are getting better, they were sore until about 2 weeks ago. Now I can go for a fast walk without discomfort. But I do wear tight fitting 3/4 gym pants, and that makes a big difference. How are your boobs, are you retaining the fat?
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Just had revision breast implants with fat grafting 2 weeks ago I had had lipo over a yr ago with great results but agree that hurts more in the inner and outer thighs from where fat was taken . I hope the grafts "take" ! Very happy with second breast implant results ( I was born with a deformed breast but never knew it as it was so small ) hence first implant did not drop so revised it and fat grafted to help.
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Glad your breasts have stayed the same. It really does seem like a trade off for the breasts to look better to have the lipo imperfection. I have considered having my lipo dents fixed but in order to fix them, it means a fat transfer. That means more lipo to another area which mean a potential problem in that area. The more that I've researched this, the more I have come to realize that lipo will not be perfect as it is a very imprecise procedure. I am 9 mths out now & I can really see the dents and "shark bite" looks on my legs and hips now. I am also just starting to see some dent like effects around the back area. I recently met a girl who worked for a plastic surgeon and also had lipo. She told me that this is what happens to all lipo patients over time. The skin gets very lumpy looking. I don;t know if it is true but she worked for him for 21 years and said she saw it all the time and he was a good plastic surgeon but lipo is just so imprecise that is is hard to gauge how much they take out & when the fat is removed, it is going to sink in because there is nothing there holding it up. I just try not to look too often. I am just glad that I am 47 and not young because then I think it would upset me alot more. Luckily, I rarely swim so bathing suits are not a huge issue for me. Thanks for continuing to post Pink. I do hope that they get the fat transfer section fixed soon on realself so that we show up as our own category under the body section. Best wishes, AmeliaGirl.
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Thanks Amelia, I really appreciate this info. My focus had been mainly on fat transfer when I did my research and not really what I could expect from the lipo results, so your info is really helpful ( and depressing :-(. I really find my top leg hip area very lumpy ( both legs) and won't get into a bathing suit. My ps said " it will only take me half an hour to fix this". So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can..... And then of course I'm thinking: should I do a third fat graft as I dont want to waste any fat..... But maybe enough is enough. I should just let him fix my hips. Take care!
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Hey Pink. I feel your pain & your conflict in your decision. I caution you to really think about it. I would just hate to see the site that you choose to do the grafting from become the "new area" of concern. I am just not sure that lipo can produce super smooth and perfect results over time. I really believe the girl from the ps office that told me that the skin does not stay super tight from lipo. I know you will decide what is best for you. A girl who used my ps did a revision to fix an area and she is somewhat happy but says in harsh lighting you can still see the lumpy dents. I also agree if you are doing another transfer why not use any extra fat for the breasts if you think it would look nice. Good luck & please keep us posted. That girl also told me she is taking collagen supplements and feel that it is tightening her skin some. Don't know if it works, but I may try it as well. For now, I am just resigned to not spend alot of time in bathing suits.
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Merry Christmas Pink! I really like your results, you look very natural and beautiful!
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Thank you!
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looking great pink! merry christmas!!!
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Merry Christmas!! Xx
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Your results are fantastic!
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Thanks Indy!
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Sounds good. Happy Holidays!
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Hi Amelia, Hope you have a great Christmas ! Pink
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Thanks for continuing to update us. Much appreciated. Happy Continued recovery, looking well!
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You look great!! Your breasts look fluffy and nice & natural! Your legs look nice and firm!
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Wow I think you look great! I know Deon and he is an amazing PS. I would always feel confident in his hands. He may err the the conservative side but rather that than have something too extreme. I trust him implicitly. Again you really look good. I think the lipo in this procedure is more that half the benefit... It just balances everything out a bit. So happy for you. Keep in touch :)
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