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12 Weeks Post Op loving it : )

I am having an extended Tummy Tuck in 2 days time...

I am having an extended Tummy Tuck in 2 days time and am so so excited yet terribly nervous ,anxious and emotional. I am very Blessed to finally have the finances to do this. My tummy has severly impacted my posture and self confidence for many years. I booked my TT about a month ago and it finally kicked in today that it is actually happening. WOW. I went shopping for a knew overnight bag for my stay in hospital and when we got home I could not hold back the tears anymore. I have a darling of a Fiance , who is incredibly supportive of my TT. My mum and inlaws are quite old scool and are not as supportive as I would like them to be. My friends and colllegues are amazingly suportive to.

Pain is not my major worry , I am so nervous about the anesthetic as well as the healing process. How was your experience ? Will post some pre op pics tomorrow.

Today is the day , just done some before pics at...

Today is the day , just done some before pics at last. I am as nervous as anything but yet so so excited . I have the world of confidence in my Plastic Surgoen and that makes the world of differfence.

Going in at 8am for an extended TT. He will do my Tummy then turn me on each side redrape and do a side tuck, estimated 6 hours in theatre , guaranteed LIFETIME of confidence thereafter....

See you later ....
GOOD LUCK! I've also had support issues from some people in my life, it always seems to be the ones you don't expect it from. None the less it is your body and your decision, they will slowly forget about it and accept it.
Thank you , just over 12 hours to my op and everyone seems to be so supportive now. Have you had a TT ?
Yes I had both a Breast aug and a tt. separately. I didn't tell many about the BA, but my TT was common knowledge.

Yay , its all done and I am feeling great : )

Yay , its all done and I am feeling great : )
Congrats to u!
congrats have a speedy recovery
Good to hear that u are feeling good:). My tummy is more or less like your old tummy jijiji. Looking great!

Hellooo Its post op Day 4. I am moving around...


Its post op Day 4. I am moving around and walking quite a bit. My wound is itchy and the stitches are quite "pokey". There is more swelling on the one end of the wound than the other. Pain is bearable. I have not had a Bowel movement for the last 5 days. Been to the pharmacy to get some meds and still nothing. Any reccomendations ? I have qute a few nomb spots on my tummy but I am nevertheless very impressed with the results of my TT. As it was an extended tummy tuck with removal of my ' love handles" my upper thighs are so so firm , what a bonus oh and it does not end there , my tummy was causing quite an overhang over my VJJ and even she has had a lift, haaapppppppppppppppy me.

There is quite alot of bruising around the plaster on my Belly Button.

Just had a bowel movement : ) Sorry had to share that I was stressing quite a bit until now !

I went out for the first time today. My fiance and I went to a car show and I found myself constantly pulling my top down ...only to realise that there was no tummy to cover up any more ........What an amazing feeling.

My plasters come of on Wednesday the 7th of November. I am hoping for a pretty Belly Button and a neat scar.....

Till then ....Keep well.

I spent 1 night in the clinic after my TT. My...

I spent 1 night in the clinic after my TT. My drain was removed the moring after surgery. Is this normal ????? I have read many reviews that have said that the drains have stayed in for far longer than 1 day ........

Post op day 5 and I am feeling the best I have...

Post op day 5 and I am feeling the best I have felt since the op. Swelling is down alot , pain is minimal and I its finally sinking in that I have actually realised my dream of having aTT.

I did not sleep to well last night , my incisions were soooooo itchy. I am popping into the office just now to get a few things done then I need to get a few pairs of new pants that are 2 sizes down. I will not buy more than 3 pairs of cheapys. I am sure there is still alot of swelling to go down and I would like to tone my thighs and bum then buy some decent stuff. My thighs and bumj are looking so big now that my tummy is gone. I gather that in USA a big bum is the in thing but here in SA it aint.....

So glad that I had a bowel movement last night. I just had a big bowl of High Fibre breakfast cereal to try and keep my tummy working.

Have a super great day . I will post some p[ost op day 5 pics this evening.
Thank you all for all your well wishes xxx
Wow... looking good... you must be very pleased. Happy healing wishes sent your way.
Hiiii!!! You look awesome I hope u have a speedy and not to painfully recovery mama, am having mine done in 3 more days heheh soo as u allready knows am soo excited and nervouse as well, enjoy ur new tummy mama :)

Helloooo Yesterday was post op day 6. I had my...


Yesterday was post op day 6. I had my plasters removed . The surgoen is extremly happy with my wound healing. OOOOH i cant tell you how much I enjoyed my first shower post op yesterday. There is Micropore over my wound. The incision is so neat. My pain levels are managable. I am officially back at work today. Oh yes and hubby got lucky last night lol.

Day 7 today , I cant believe that a week has flown by so fast. I cant stop standing in front of the mirror admiring my tummy. My flap is gone ...... So so unreal. All my clothes are way to big and falling of my waist. I dont really want to buy anything new until the swelling has gone down completly. We are going to the Linken Park concert tonight and I really fancy a new outfit to flaunt my new waistline mmmmmm. Posted more pics for you to see. Much Love xxx
wow I love your piccies, I am a similar shape to you, so I want results like your lol, happy healing xx
You look so great! Take it easy tonight, I've heard that the swelling after going out is pretty bad :)

Hi , day 8 post op. I pushed myself way to hard...

Hi , day 8 post op. I pushed myself way to hard yesterday and felt so so exhausted.I took my son to school this morning and then spent the day in bed. I am still tired !!!!! My swelling is doing well today. My energy levels are not.

Hubby just said said to me I look great and he can see a massive difference in my confidence levels , he said I look so much more comfortable in my clothes. He has always made me feel like a princess and always made me feel perfect even before the TT. He is so supportive , I could never have done this without him.
your doing real well and look fab. Happy healing vibes sent your way !

Hey ... Its been a while.... I am doing well. I am...

Hey ... Its been a while.... I am doing well. I am back at work for the last 2 weeks. My energy levels suck though and my feet are so swollen in the evenings. My scar is looking good. I have not been in much pain. The Doc is happy with my progress. I saw him 14 days post op and he removed my stitches. He said I only need to see him again if I have any healing issues or excessive pain. I am lovining my new Flat belly. It still seems unreal at times. I can believe that I have actually had my TT and its all over and done with. I went shopping this weekend for some black pants for work. Did not find any pants that I like , the range is limited at the moment probably because it is the beggining of summer here in SA at the moment. I instead bought a gorgeous knee length black dress and a black pencil skirt. I put the dress on when I got home and stood in front of the mirror for ages , I just could not believe that it was me in the mirror.

Hubby has always made me feel like a princess even before my TT. After my TT he just seems so much more interested in intimacy and is so much more touchy feely. He says its because I am so much more comfortable with myself , around him. He is soooo right. We have slowly picked up on being intimate again , I cant tell you how much more enjoyable it is for me because I no longer need to be shy about my tummy ......

My Doc says I can start doing some Pilates and begin the toning process. My goal now is to loose some weight on my bum and thighs and tone my tummy. I have become quite stiff after my surgery and need to start Yoga again to loosen up.

I am still keeping my scar covered with Micropore and will continue to do so for a while. The Doc said I can stop when my current role of Micropore is finished but I think I will buy a few more rolls and continue , it is said to lighten the scar tissue.

I was thinking that I will like to have a Belly Ring put in for Christmas ..... Will see how I feel by then.....

I have posted a few more pics for you all to see......
Heloooooooo , Its 4 weeks post op tomorrow. How time has flown by. I am sooooooooooo loving my new body. Pain has subsided almost completley just my energy levels that are not doing to good. My feet are really sore in the evenings and swollen too. I can feel when I have overdone it and need to relax. I am looking for any recommendations on what I can use on my Scar ???? Please assist ....
Ive heard that the brand Scaraway is brilliant. Very goods reviews. Look on Amazon. They also do a massage serum. comes with a little roller thingy. A bit like they might use when doing a facial. Apparently massage is very good for breaking down scar tissue (when the scar has healed obviously).... Suzi
Your pics look great! So good to see them as I'm going in on Monday - I'm nervous too! As janeellie says, I'm a similar shape to you too so am now really excited about what my TT might achieve!

Here is some month post op TT pictures .... I am...

Here is some month post op TT pictures .... I am loving the results : )
Wow! I wish that we had prices around America like that!! Here if you wanted to get that done it would cost 89,016 to 10,6819(in rands) which is a bit crazy. I'm trying to get my money together for it though.
You look amazing! I'm looking to get an extended tummy tuck.. But did it really cost you $30,000 for the surgery?!
No 30 000 Rands .

I am feeling sore today , no idea why .... Is...

I am feeling sore today , no idea why .... Is there anyone that had sore days 1 month post TT ???
Wow, you are looking great! The results are amazing, you must be so happy!!!
I am just over 3 weeks, more discomfort last few days too. Maybe to much activity?
Just realised that my surgery only cost 5500 dollars( I live in SA and paid in rands).

Hellooooo , I am just over 7 weeks post op. I am...

Hellooooo , I am just over 7 weeks post op. I am doing very well. I have definitly learnt that I am not a super hero and must still wear my C/G to make my day alot better. It defintly keeps my swell hell down and assists with the pain. I am a Lecturer and spend alot of my day on my feet. My ankles swell quite a bit after a long day at work.....

My local Family Planning sister at my local Pharmacy was very generous and gave me a scar management pack. It is called Scarscience . I am hoping that it will reduce the appearence of my scar. I must say however that my scar does not really bother me. I would much rater have my scar than my horrible tummy that once was .....

I live in Cape Town , South Africa , we have hit summer full on and I cant wait to go to the beach in a Bikini. I do not have one yet and am definitly going to but one this weekend. My PS has told me to wear lots of SPF 50 + sunscreen and to make sure my scar is always covered as it will sun burn very easily.

Happy Healing , Much Love from South Africa.....

Happy Healing , Much Love from South Africa
amazing results xx
Thank you New York.....

Hi , I am 2 months P/O and loving my results. I...

Hi , I am 2 months P/O and loving my results. I still have swell hell in the evenings as you can see by my latest 2 month P/O pictures. I bought a 2 piece bikini for the first time in 10 years and have worn it to the beach the other day . It was an awesome feeling of freedom. I am however not happy with my thighs and need to loose some more weight and tone.

I am on annual leave from work and go back to work next Monday. I have enjoyed being home and having the oppurtunity to rest whenever I needed to. I still have some pain around my BB . As far as my numb spots go , well they are regaining feeling little by little. My fiance is loving the new me too , not that he complained about the old tummy. I still rely on my elastic waist support as it helps with the occasinal paina and most definitly reduces my swelling.

Christmas and New Year have been lovely and I have been nibbling way to much. I plan to get into a serious exercise plan as of next week. I have been following our fellow friends on Real Self and I feel so so sad for a few ladies that have not had a good experience. My advise is to visit a few Plastic Surgoens before making your final decision on a surgoen. Do background checks too. If something does not feel or sound right is probably is not. I am very pleased with my surgoen. I am lucky as South Africa has a generally good reputation for successful plastic surgery. I have been looking at what patients pay overseas and its very expensive when exchanged into Rands. My other advice would be to make certain that you do not need an extended TT as I did. I planned only a hip to hip or standard TT but the surgoen that I chose was not willing to do that. He was convinced that I needed an extended TT and would not have operated on me if I did not take his advice as he said I would be very dissapointed with my results. He said with me only having a hip to hip or standard TT it would look as if I had wings on my sides. The reason that I mention this to you is because on alot of the patients on here that are dissapointed with their results , it looks as though the side skin has been pulled to the front and stitched into the standard TT wound. I am by no means a proffessional at this and this is just my opinion.....

I wish you all happy healing and the best of luck to all considering a TT . It is the best gift you could give yourself. I would do it all over again in the blink of an eye , it has been a truely rewarding experience for me and my fiance.
Wow ms sixpack you look very nice. I just completed my 2nd go round extended tuck (belt lipectomy) I feel great, still sore hope my results are like yours, you have the perfect dam scar lol
Thank you New York ... How are you doing ?
Tx BuffyR and November Rose. Would love to visit the states.


You look amazing!
I am also 12 weeks and very happy!

1 Year since my extended TT

Shooo , it has been a journey to say the least , thinking back to last year this time I was laying in the clinic drugged and sore but with the world of relief that my muffin top was finally gone . A year later and I have no regrets. I am slowly getting my weight down and my body toned. The pain has completely gone but I still swell a little every now and then especially when I have been on my feet all day . My TT has given me back my freedom and confidence to be me . I love being able to wear sexy clothes again and with my weight loss of more than 20kgs my clothes are a lot smaller. I am looking forward to summer here in SA and have bought 2 new 2 piece bikinis : ) I have noticeable scarring but it does not bother me at all. My scarring is a small price to pay to not have my muffin top anymore : ) I would much rather have my scar than 3.4kgs of extra skin and fat hangin over my hips . OH yes and I got a belly ring : ) My ever so supportive man has been my pillar of strength and has been so so supportive through this process. My 7 year old has been quite excited to tell random people that "did you know the doctor cut all my mummys fat off" ha ha ha. Its good to look and feel sexy and healthy for my hubby and its awesome to be fit and healthy and be able to run around after my son : ) All in all happy, happy and happy. Much Love from SA ,...
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