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Day 1 post surgery. I had physio this morning and...

Day 1 post surgery. I had physio this morning and got to take off the garment and sponge and wow, results are amazing. Those stubborn love handle and belly fat seem to have all gone. It was not sore, just numb. Oh, getting the garment and sponge on is A Job. The sponge/ foam does help but hey I look like a sumo wrestler, and my physio recommends I wear it for 10 days, 10 DAYS. How do I go to clients looking like a sumo wrestler, I wonder. I must say my butt really look nice and round, I guess the love handles were overpowering my poor butt. Now I can't wait to get back to gym and tone up and finally get my 6 pack back! For now, working on healing and getting back out there. Thanks for all the well wishes. Tomorrow is my second physio session...and I believe day 3 is ouch, so we shall see. Psyching myself up!

Day 4, Mon 21 Nov: Physio was OUUUUUCH. I tried...

Day 4, Mon 21 Nov: Physio was OUUUUUCH. I tried all my pain coping mechanisms...closing ears, singing,humming, breathing, holding my breath, and NOTHING worked, it was just too sore. My physio took the drain out too and did some manual drainage. Ohhh, it was a killer. She is really good, I must say. After the session, the pain was gone. Amazing....

I can't believe its been 8 weeks post the...

I can't believe its been 8 weeks post the procedure. I'm weaning myself of the sponge. I started exercising in December already and since I couldn't run due to knee injuries, started with walking. I'm glad to say with osteopath and biokinetics treatements, I was able to do a 10 km jog last week. I really pushed myself but was running slowly as advised by my Osteopath and my knees seems to be holding up. I wear my sponge when I run cause its just comforting. I'm loving my tiny waist and flat tummy. My butt seem a bit on the bigger side now, I guess now that love handles are gone and the waist is smaller its more visible. So I'm working on reducing the centimeters cause fitting into clothes is proving rather challenging with a tiny waist and sizeable bum. Other than that, I think I need to go back and see the Doc cause they seem to have stitched my belly button rather funny and I'm not happy with how it looks now. I'm sure he can sort that out. And maybe just see if we can get the butt a bit balanced too, we'll see. Looking forward to 12 weeks to see how the results look....I've tried posting pics, but it takes forever to download, so I'll try some other time.

It's been a while since I've been on the blog. Its...

It's been a while since I've been on the blog. Its almost 6 months post vaser and there are still lumps on my tummy and the Dr tells me thats still fluid. I have been working hard at gym ,swimming and watching what I eat and eventually managed to shed some weight so now the bum is looking balanced. I managed to get an appointment with the Dr after screaming and complaints as they don't seem to do very well with after op care. He examined the belly button which i had issues with and took some pics too. About pics, I got my before pics and Lord did I have rolls. If it wasn't for the tattoos, I'd have said that was not me. Now I really can appreciate the difference. He did say realistically in about a year the finer results would be apparent, shall wait and see. In the meantime I have taken a new lease on life with regard to healthy eating and exercise because I cannot afford to get a big bum, he quoted me about R20k inclusive, which I think is way too much. I shall just appreciate my Africanness with my well endowed behinds and work on keeping it firm.

Take good care everyone!
Dr Claassen

Very caring environment, they staff and Dr make you feel at home.

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Ladies, its been a while. i chickened out in 2012 and have come back with a bang in 2014. Am finally having my procedure done next week. Anxiety killing me but dertemined, have paid date confirmation fee, I guess there's no backing off this time. I've had enough of this tummy, I've tried everything, fat freeze, fat drain etc...nothing works just lost a lot of money, thats all. I'm using Dr Classen. Have you guys been able to keep the results and are you still impressed with your results?? So anxious, WHEW
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Hey gal, sorry for the delayed response. I seldom check my emails these days with work and family taking up the rest of my time. I'm pleased to say I came across an eating programme that really works for me. Like most nutritionist will advise, it's a lifestyle change and it has to be something you are willing to live with. I'm lactose and wheat/ gluten intolerant, something I knew for years now but lately had fallen off the wagon in watching what I eat. The lactose thing got worse so I realized the weight issue is more to do with eating the wrong food(not necessarily unhealthy in general terms because I don't eat much junk or sweets) , but food that my system cannot cope with. I went to see a Dr who is also does acupuncture and he researches and promotes eating the right food for your blood type. Being a scientist myself, I guess it makes more sense to me. I started on 2nd May with a 7-day detox , with the help of accupunture needles keeping the cravings, and thereafter eating strictly food that are recommended for my blood type and I have lost 3,5 kg and I'm more proportional now. The Beyonce butt is nicely sculptured now and I've kept it off. I've lost over 30cm in total between tummy ,bottoms and thighs and I could not believe that I went from 107cm around my butt to 93cm today, and I still lost 7cm around my tummy. I guess the tummy one confirms whole thing that Dr H said that I still have some liquid in my tummy. Even with falling off the wagon over the weekend while in France ( I just couldn't resist French bread and champange, and believe me I'm not a bread or champagne person) I still managed to keep the weight off , bar .5 kg which I'm sure will be sorted by the end of the week. But ladies there is no miracle cure to weight, it's exercise and healthy eating. I personally hate gym but I've now taken to golf so I just go to the golf range, do 30 to 45 mins of gym and then hit balls for 30 mins. It's more enjoyable for me and once my knee is sorted I'll hopefully be able to run. So exercise does not necessarily mean being in a gym, it could be walking , swimming , dancing, whatever you like so my motto is to do enjoyable, fun stuff, that way I know I won't get bored.

Good luck and speedy recoveries to all those who have join the vaser club. After all the pain and reduced bank balance, it is all worth it!

Take care!
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Hey GCup

Im sorry to hear that you still have bumps and stuff. :(.

Im trying to lose the weight too and the battle with fat continues as per usual. Im aiming to weight 50Kgs and now i dont know much i weigh but some where in the middle to higher 50s. I refuse to weigh myself for now. Lol..Lol...

How much weight have you lost thus far since the lipo?
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Wow this looks good hey, i am impressed.
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Hi Mojo & GCup
Hope you looking fabulous !

I've been dreaming of getting into my slim jeans for years after 2 kids body went to hell and back...
I'm thinking of having my vaser done at silhouette clinic in Rivonia with Dr Singh , do you know her - is she good ? I wanted to have it done end of Feb but Im getting nervous now - I need to do my abs, flanks , thighs & hips & butt shhhuuu. She told me theres two ways to it , she can do my abs. flanks & thighs now and later the rest but Im not sure what would be best process. Do you know if there can only remove 5 litres of fat in total for both procedures or can do 5 litres now and then with the next op another 5 , just curious I need to maximise the opportunity to get the best results - will really appreciate your sincere response - thanks
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Hi Superwoman

To be honest, I dont know the doctor nor do I know about her results. I only know that she also does the Vaser procedure. Have you gone to her for a consultation and did you see any before and after pics of patients she has done?

Normally they do the procedure in 2 or more stages if you have more areas to do or on a bigger side. Maximum of 6liters per session for safety reasons, but every doctor has his own rules and guidelines etc. Thats 6liters now and another 6 at another session. I had 6liters aspirated with my first procedure and another 5liters at my last procedure.

I hope I made sense. If in doubt you can still go to another doctor for a consultation.


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Thanks Mo , I had a consultation with her and the pics were amazing. How long did the pain & swelling last with you. Im thinking of taking a few days off work.
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hi Mo, I'm back ! :) Went to see Dr Siolo. She is a plastic surgeon in Durban and works in a very well known hospital and then does her cosmetic patients in another hospital.
She has quoted me R48k - this is for the anethetist, 1 night stay over in hospital, theatre time and to do my thighs, tum, knees. It seems expensive but I have to weigh up the flight costs and accomodation if I do it in Pta. Yours was about R32 k - is that correct ?
Have not seen any before and after photos, as she does not show these.
I will probably go EO March - I'm scared ;) but flip oh so over this fat !!!
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Hi Charms,

Sorry girl for only coming back now, I didn't get a notification. Yes, it's been a while now. I am glad you found a good PS close to home. Have you set a date for your procedure yet? The hospital stays and theatre time are normally costly especially a private hospital.

How much can she take out per session?

Chat to you soon.

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Hey Superwoman38,

Sorry for only replying now but I didn't get a notification that you replied. Actually I didn't have much pain just stiffness (like I had a tough workout). The swelling subsided quite easily and I believe that was because I had a drain and wore my garment 24/7. Doing massages 2 times a day and doing some prescribed arm exercises also really helped with the healing process. All in all, everyone is different with regards to pain tolerance etc.

One more thing; I would do this kind of lipo in the winter since the garment sticks out under your clothes and sometimes annoying. But I'm glad I did it and have no regrets. Yes, you can take off a few days cause you gonna leak alot. Just stay ahead with your pain medication, don't wait until pain sets-in.

Did you set a date already?

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hi Mo, I'm booked for 30th March - getting closer and a bit nervous :) She said she could take out 5lts - yippee. Not sure how many kgs lighter I'll be - I am about 20kg over weight so every bit helps. This will certainly get me on the right track at least and after spending that amount of money I really don't want to go backwards, so forwards and onwards it will be for me :))))
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Oh my freaking Gosh GCup!!! You look absolutely fantastic. You have the perfect butt, why stress about that girl.

You really do look gorgeous, absolutely beautiful! How many liters were removed? What happened to the bellybutton and what was stitch? I dont understand your BB being stitch since you only had lipo, right? Yes its not nice not to see the doc to raise your concerns while it's early.

I have to say this again. You look gorgeous girl!!! Take care and keep us posted.

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Hi GCup,

How are you doing? You should be comfortable by now. How is the swelling and bruising going?

Just checking on you girl.

Take and chat to you soon.

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Hi G, how are you doing today?
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Thanks G, I got the PM.

How much does she charge per session?
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Hi G,

Yes, I was told that doing your upper-body especially the back and tummy areas are quite painful and I'm anxious.

Don't worry, you'll be so happy after about 3-4 weeks time. Please send me her details via Private Message and the price as well.

Keep ahead of your pain medication (don't wait until pain sets in) and drink lots of water it helps with flushing out your system. If you can, try to eat fresh pineapple, it also helps with swelling and bruising.

Take care gal.
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Hey gal, thanks for the encouragement. It is not an easy process I must say. Wish I could go to sleep and wake up after 4 weeks hopefully with less pain, bruising and easy mobility.

I'm using the lady in Rivonia. If you want to use her let me know and I'll inbox you her contact details.

Take care!
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Hi GCup,

Get well soon, good to read that you are doing well and having your own review. I can't wait to have mine done.

Where do you have your physio sessions? Please post your before and after pics as well.

Take care.

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