Revision Needed After Mini Tummy Tuck

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After three babies in less than two years (single...

After three babies in less than two years (single plus twins) my tummy had a pouchy look below my belly button. I also have lots of stretch marks. I opted for a mini as I didn't want a new belly button and long scar.

My tummy was FLAT after the surgery but I developed a seroma on the lower right hand side. This was drained every other day for three weeks till it subsided. After each draining my tummy was super flat! But as the months have progressed I have developed a little pouch where the seroma was. It looks and feels like fat to me but my PS says it's not and may be scar tissue from the seroma. He wants to do a revision in his rooms. He says he will given me dormicam and cut on the scar to pull it a bit tighter.

My tummy skin still looks a bit loose. But I don't think this will address the pouchy fat bit (as seen in photo). Wonder if he can re lipo it or if that's dangerous (already lipod area and revision will not be under general anaesthetic)? Also worried will develop another seroma?

He says in hind sight we should have done a full tt. I just cant understand the good result after surgery and the gradual slide back to pouchiness ;( I have not put on weight since mini tt and am fairly slim.

I had a breast reduction at the same time. LOVE my new breasts but tummy not as good as expected. Perhaps a full tt would have been better?


Hey Jo, Will pm you in a minute. Hope you had a good trip to the UK. You know, no one understands an "issue" you may have with your body unless they have it too. So in your husband's look great! Theres a vast improvement and he loves you, so to him its not a big deal. But you know that having a small revision and pulling you tighter will make a BIG difference to the way you look & feel! I just added a pic taken for my personal my bikini. For once I feel good in a costume! My breast reduction did wonders for my self confidence. I have a few friends who've had BA's and they are so happy. It is costly though but something to work towards maybe? Take care and chat again xx
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Hi NIXX, Just before I left the website,I thought Id look at your pics,looking good I must say!!!Revision work has really made a difference!Also I cant wait until I can afford to have a BA!!Fab pics!! xxx
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Hi Girls,sorry not replied sooner,just got back from a visit to see family and friends in the uk......didnt win the lottery :O(!lol Sorry to hear your going through the same thing mamaggs,know just how your feeling!Hope the revision goes well for you!Ive come back from the uk with swelling from hell,part IBS,eating junk food and tummy tuck swelling.Had lymphatic drainage massage which was nice but havent been massaging it as well as I usually do because Ive been bedding down at friends.Looking forward to getting back into my healthy regime.Ive finally announced to my partner that Im only 90% happy and explained why,he huffed abit and said why cant I just be content with whats been done.While I was over in the uk ,one morning I showered and stood in front of my partner and showed him everything and how good it could look by pulling it alittle,I kinda think he does understand but on the other hand he loves me as I am,if I do pull it back alittle you can hardly see any stretch marks.My friend over there has had her tummy done and she said hers was very like mine,we both got the tummys out and hers if taunt,so I now know Im not imagining things and the lump under my scar is still there and goes quite far along as my GP checked it for me!Found myself having a cry over there! All that yet I have bought 2 pairs of 26 waist jeans and they fit fine(well maybe not today) lol !So because I see a difference in clothes I just keep telling myself to be patient and that it will get sorted eventually. Nixx ,yeh pm me if you would still like to see pics and i will give you my email address. Take care ladies xxx
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Photo Update


Hi Charlotte, my PS said to wait a year to see the full result and that's normally when he would consider a revision. He did mine after 7 months though. Wishing you all the best. I am now coming up for two years since my mini tt & am still really flat & happy ;)
Good luck!
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I am so thankful I have found this. Unlike you I had a full tummy tuck and immediately after waking from surgery I had this fat pouch. So my stomach has never been flat. At first I thought it was swelling, and then after removing the drains I developed a seroma so blamed it on that... I am still burning off the seroma but after seeing another PS he says it looks like there may be some residual fat and loose skin. While I can't say that my tummy was every flat... it looks exactly as the picture you posted and feels just as you described. I thought I was going to need to get an additional mini tummy tuck. My mons area also looks like it needs to be lifted as well. Hopefully I can have a similar in office procedure and achieve the same results as you! Thank you for posting!
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I forgot to ask... how long before you could do the in office revision?
Dr Halley-Stott

So professional! brilliant surgeon, very compassionate and understanding. Highly regarded in his field and chose him after seeing four PS *follow up* Did a brilliant revision (very little pain) and am now thrilled with results

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