Soo Much Bruising and Swelling Post Facelift

1 day following surgery and serioulsy swollen...

1 day following surgery and serioulsy swollen (like a chinese sumo wrestler) I had a lateral eyelift, lower facelift which pulled excess skin into my ear and behind ear, and lastly smart lipo was removed from my "lovehandles" and that fat was transfered to my cheeks.

My face is 3 times its normal size, and my incision looks neat and job done well however swelling looks abnormal. Dr gave me diretic, and told me that he would remove staples on Monday and possibly drain any fluid? Does this seem normal? I am african american by the way.

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who did your surgery? that is a great price for all that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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December 2,2008 I hade my eye surgery and my forehead lifted. My eye sight was very blurry and still is. It's been 6 months since the surgery and i am still loosing a lot of hair. I feel i have lost a complete head full of hair. I went to the doctor for my eyes, she asked me what doctor i saw and then she told me it had nothing to do with the surgery. ???????? I know i didn't see this way before.He also told me the hair would completely take it's course on falling out and then start growing back. WHEN
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