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Ever since my 2nd child, I have struggled with...

Ever since my 2nd child, I have struggled with weight loss, especially in the abdominal area. That is wear I gained the majority of my weight with that pregnancy, and that’s where it stayed! Then, 2 years later, my MIL had a major stroke, which led to many a fast food meal, heightened stress, and no time for exercise for 4-6 weeks. I gained a grand total of 10 lbs with that. She recovered wonderfully, and I began the weight loss journey. I tried everything from low carb which had worked for me after my first pregnancy, to Nutrisystem, Weight watchers, and the DASH diet. I exercise regularly (5-7 days per week, 30-45 minutes of cardio). I would lose a few lbs, but my “problem area” wouldn’t budge.

Finally in April, 2014, I decided to make a change. I went to Sonobello for a free consultation for TriSculpt (power-assisted lipo, followed by laser for smoothing), and then scheduled my procedure for 2 weeks later. (I could’ve had it done sooner, if I had wanted!) I didn’t want perfection. I just wanted to be ME again.

Here are some of my experiences at the different stages:

Day of Procedure (Friday):

Mild discomfort during procedure (not more than I expected). Dr. De Souza was great about moving to a different area if I had too much discomfort.

3.5 L of fat was removed! It took about 1 ½ hours.

Weekend after:

Drainage for about 48 hrs. By Sunday morning, it was very little. The first 12 hours was quite messy. I removed the compression garment the night of the procedure before bed, to change the pads. I felt a bit lightheaded and dizzy, and later read in the paperwork that was expected (Clearly I had forgotten that part).

Don’t touch me! Kids have a wonderous ability to ram their heads or hands or feet right where it hurts – and it hurt. Otherwise, I could get around fine. I got up and got my own food, drink, went to the bathroom, went up and down stairs – slowly, but without pain.

I started to go for short walks on Sunday (2 days after). I would not want to walk a 5K or walk briskly.

Back to work:

On the 4th day (could’ve done it the 3rd day, but glad I didn’t). I didn’t tell anyone at work, and no one suspected anything was different. The swelling was minor (still smaller than when fat was there!) I did, however, have some nausea – the point of vomiting at the end of the work day. The next day I was fine.

I had evening swelling every day until about 2 weeks after. Salt intake definitely made a difference. After 2-3 weeks it was rare that I would have any noticeable swelling.


For maybe 3-4 weeks, I’d have discomfort if the kids bonked into my treatment areas. Otherwise none.


By 2 weeks, I was a pants size smaller. I wore 10-12 before (squeezing into 10’s). Now I wear size 10 loosely. I could squeeze into 8’s but choose not to, so as not to cause indentations.

I could wear more fitted shirts within 2-3 weeks. I wore my first swimsuit last week (5 weeks), and felt totally self confident! At about 3 weeks I had a mom from my son’s school tell me I looked great, that I had lost weight.

At 6 weeks, I feel so self confident – just feel like ME again. I would still like to lose a few lbs, to fit more comfortably into my 8’s, and lose some weight in my thighs, arms, etc. But my proportions are normal again, so even if I didn’t lose another lb or inch, I am content and happy. I am 5 lbs lighter, 2 inches smaller in the waist, and and inch and a half smaller in the hips. AND I’ve been told my chest looks larger, since having the upper abs done.

The whole experience was so easy, I’ve considered having my thighs done! For financial reasons, I will stick to good ol’ diet and exercise for now!
Dr. Michelle De Souza

Everyone, from the consultation specialist, to the nurse, to the surgeon, was absolutely fantastic. I have felt completely informed with every step. They send regular emails to remind you want to expect at each stage. I'm very glad I chose Sonobello.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hi I'm scheduled for this procedure this coming Tuesday and am starting to get leary about it. I'm scheduled with Dr dillion and have a similar body type as yourself. Any suggestions?
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I am so sorry I didn't get to reply before today!! Maybe you'll get it before your procedure. I was very emotional (up and down) the whole time leading up to the procedure. I think a lot of it is just the "stigma" of having it done, guilt I was being selfish or taking the easy way out, etc etc. I am 4 months out now, and I would do it all over again. It didn't solve all of my weight issues, of course. I'm still working to control my overall weight. BUT I feel like myself now. My body shape has been "corrected" back to my pre-baby shape. So even on my "fatter days" (i.e. the days following a week-long Mexico trip full of chips and salsa and margaritas) - I still feel normal. And I am motivated to get back to healthy eating and exercise. I had uncomfortable moments during surgery, but nothing painful. Nothing that made it not worth it. And the healing was very quick. Take the pain meds for the first couple days. And the anti-nausea if pain meds make you nauseous. After the 1st couple days, ibuprofen will be enough for sure. Good luck!
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It sounds like you had the best experience possible!  Congrats, I think you look great.  Thanks for writing such a detailed review.  Let us know if you do decide to do your thighs or if you have anything else you would like to share.  

How is the scarring?  Do you have noticeable incision marks?  
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Thanks! I had gallbladder surgery in 2009, so she tried to use those incision marks where she could. I had one on each side on hips - which is hidden in panty-line, one in belly button, and 2 under the front panty line for the lower abs. The two in the front are not even visible now unless you are looking for them. The belly button one is of course hidden. The two on the hips are still visible, and I'm using the scar treatment they gave me for that, and they are definitely fading. The only people who would ever see them are my husband and I, as they are completely hidden under the panty line or swimsuit. I know I sound like I'm trying to sell the procedure! I promise, I don't work for Sonobello or have any affiliation with them. :) I just am so pleased with the results just 6 weeks out, I had to share my positive experience.
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That is nice that there is no obvious scarring for other people to notice and that the hip scars are fading.  Everything has just gone great!  :)
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