Road to Redemption! Smithville N.J- Treatments are in Lehigh Vally PA!

My name is Wesley Robert Simmons, needless to say...

My name is Wesley Robert Simmons, needless to say most of you from the title know that I've made a mistake. Well this mistake was a big one; and for sure was suppose to be permanent. I am Nine-teen years old and am turning twenty August 12th. If you haven't already seen i have a very big, Think, Black and bold tattoo on my for arm. It is almost a sleeve but not quite, about 3/4s of a half sleeve. I plan on going to a number of procedures of laser treatments to remove most of the ink for a cover up. Some of you may think this may not be possible, Or some of you might think it is. I am at a point in my life I am close to suicide because of this mistake. And I do not know how I'll tackle this with-in the following weeks, Months or even years. But all I know is my loving mother is most of what i got right now getting me through this. I have made mistakes and I now know that paying for them isn't just saying, It is something that will literally be taken out of your wallet. I hope to accomplish a good portion of fading with these treatments. Any feed back on whether or not you think this can be done let me know. I am currently going in for an consultation with-in the next 2-3 weeks. I cannot quote a price, because I've yet heard from once place that I will not be going to cause they only a have a C02 laser which is out of date.

Road to Redemption part 1


Also, Please ignore the toilet in the photos, I wasn't thinking I just need help. I am considering actual surgery to take out the tattoo, I am to the point I could care less of actual scaring, I just need to fix my wrongs while I'm still young. And I hate to say I'm close to suicide but I truely am.... I really need to know if this could be lightened enough for a cover up, Or can it come close to removal..
HI willwin, I hear ya, this is really something only a person can understand that is going through it. I still have my moments when I think "OMG, did this really happen, how did I get here" but I can manage my emotions so much better now. I am glad you found this site, and find it helpful, it's really amazing how people can come together, even over the net, and really help eachother. Take care! B11
Well everyone that's already replied nailed what I would type, just remember we are all here for each other... It is a very long process but this will pass..: the procedures can be painful and they suck but at the end of it all you can achieve your desired results... I agree to visit a tattoo artist first and see how light you need it before you can cover it... Work hand in hand with the artist ad well as the tech you chose to do the removal...


Good news, it's been a rough week but I've gotten up and decided to make a Consultation for the 16th of august ( Only appointment that was available ). Their fee is 90 $ and goes towards the procedure if I decide to go with it. The laser they will be using is the Medilite c6 and from what I hear it is up there I guess? The only other spot I could find that had a good laser had a 175$ consultation fee with none of it put towards the actual operation, Ouch! But besides that I have planned to make a blog about this and many other things I am planning to fix before my 21st birthday of next year in august. I want many of you all to see it and hopefully we can all relate and get through these stories together. I will have the link up once it is finished, and hopefully is something everyone can find inspiration in.
Yea, you'll be fine. The blisters will be intense, but it will def fade enough for a cover up. Shop around more. Some artists are also laser techs who specialize in doing cover ups, but that has risks. Alternately, seek out cynosure's picosecond laser. That will cost more and they aren't really available, but it will significantly cut down on the time/number of treatments. Why do you hate it so much anyway?
Reply I found a similar tattoo that has been faded, Would that be able to cover up? Just need a given sense on how faded this needs to be to cover up.
I definitely think you could be faded for a cover-up. The black on my tattoos has faded the most and some of the words on my tattoo are now non existent. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Hopefully you will become excited and hopeful when the removal actually starts, but know that everyone in this community is going through what you are going through and I'm sure anyone would be willing to chat with you and exchange stories and feelings. 

Sorry for the wait update..

Alright, So it's been awhile since I wrote anything; Due to a lot of reason. But the consultation didn't turn out so well, Would of costed a good chunk- of which I can't do. But recently I've gotten a e-mail from certain place in PA that has a flat-rate of 320$ for 2 sessions. At this point travelling distance means nothing to me so I am going to take the trip with-in another 2-3 weeks or so. This news has brought me so much faith and so much happiness that I can really walk with my head higher than I have been. I've been working and putting money aside for the trip- Also investing and very nice long sleeves, And have even bought me an even-tone one arm sleek sleeve to cover up when I just want to wear normal ones. This is still somewhat depressing, I have gotten over Life-threatening moods, but some days are darker than others. I'll update this as soon as I know when I am set and ready to head to Lehigh PA! Sorry for the wait, but this will get done guys, and I really hope I can inspire others out there to hold on aswell.
whats up man.. so are you still pursuing removal treatment?.. My tats are similar in depth and size of black ink.. its pretty hard finding info on removing these types of tattoo so any updates would be helpfull. thanks bro
ALSO, another dope thing to remember is that all of that black, it only needs to be faded a bit. to a grey. than you can go over it. when I first heard that my stress level dropped immensely. I always thought the tattoo had to be basically gone to cover. everyone is different, but the average is 4-6 treatments. I was told at the start by my guy that id only need 4. I was stoked, but also didn't believe him. now im on 5, and I could either chill for a few months for it to fade or go for 6. still that's impressive. also, once you start going and notice it fading youll get some relief from that as well.
THIS CAN BE FADED FOR A COVERUP. anyone who tells you otherwise is full of SHIT! PEOPLE DO IT EVERYDAY! I ran into all of this misinformation when I started my journey last December. Most people on sites like this (and god bless us all) are going to shitty scam artist doctors who charge way too much and are going for completely removal. find yourself somebody with a good rep, somebody who fades full sleeves everyday! preferably somebody whos actually IN the tattoo industry, and knows about inks, coverup works, etc. because it doesn't take a genius to learn a laser, but to know about tattoos and ink is another thing. Im only so blunt about this becauseI was in the same boat- solid sleeve, close to the S word, and buying mad long sleeve shirts that I got to enjoy wearing all summer. if you surf the web (visit actual tattoo forums to ask question) youll find the same names of laser guys popping up again and again. that's who you want to go see. I found one of the best and I travel for it. its affordable and plus I get hooked up, im assuming because I travel. if youre talking leigh PA I hope that's GO! tattoo removal. ive heard good things, and I know the laser tech mike really knows his shit and is active in the tattoo community. I go to a place in texas, but through the internet mikes been cool and answered a lot of questions for me. im sure hell tell you that HELL YEAH YOU CAN FADE THAT SHIT. hold your head, man. and sorry again about the caps, etc. I just feel like this is how id talk to myself a year ago when I was feeling bummed out and hopeless. PEACE

And so I am back, with real progress.

Well, a lot of people wanted to know what i've been up to and very so sadly- I haven't begun the treatments. Prior to everything I've been through I didn't have a car to actually get to the best spots prices can offer, but recently I just bought a new car and am ready to begin the real journey The first week of july! I am stoked and nervous at the same time, All I know is I have hope and with-in the next weeks, months maybe even a year after the the start date of my removal- I will be happy. Happy to know I will go and get rid of something that is not comfortable to me anymore. I got away with wearing long sleeves and baseball tees here and there but, the time has come where I just need to do this. I was thinking of actually adding to the tattoo( Because it is unfinished ) to give it a full look and maybe, just maybe I wouldn't have to go through this- but no. We all have to go through " That " period in life, and it only makes us stronger- I though this will too. I don't know how many sessions it will take to fade this, but what I do know is I have the patience to bare this a lot, a little longer.

FINALLY have started my transition and my long treatments ahead! 1 Treatment down!

Alrighty people, it's been a long time coming! but now I am officially starting my process!
From New Jersey, me and my mother had drove all the way up to Lehigh Valley in PA! And man was the mountains awesome to see! But besides the scenery getting there, Upon arrival I had met one of the Kindest people I could ever possibly meet, Mike! He is the main Boss there at GO! Tattoo Removal

It cut off the second half of my post for the recent update ( 10/15/2014 )

But basically-
What I was saying is that my sleeve is currently in the Popped blister stage and is healing up quite nicely! And for the most part I am seeing immediate results! There is swelling but overall mentally I am feeling so much better than what I was feeling for the pass year and a half! GO! tattoo removal charges a maximum of 200 $ flat rate for any X amount of tattoos you want to remove I am removing this sleeve and something else for only 200 $ ! And I'm seeing results quickly! This is truely a blessing and I am looking forward to this next 6 months to a year worth of Laser Therapy Treatments!
Could you post some recent pic's?
I hope you're feeling better! I know that it's a horrible, doomed feeling, but you are still exactly who you were before your tattoo. Keep your chin up and believe in yourself.
Good for you, glad you are staying strong & making your way through this! Sometimes, it's not about the end result in life but more the process. Take mental note of all you've been through, you could be an inspiration to somebody else one day!
Mike, from GO! Tattoo Removal!

Amazing! Awesome! Adventurous! This place is great, and Mike is one of the Kindest and Smartest people I have had the pleasure in meeting in person!

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