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My teeth are crowded on the top and bottom, due to...

My teeth are crowded on the top and bottom, due to my front tooth sticking forward there's a slight chip. I had my first invisalign consultation 4years ago but couldn't afford it. Now out of uni and working I had a consultation in October 2011 and eventually had impressions taken in march 2012 (it took so long because I needed fillings before the impressions were taken). I'm a teacher and don't want visible braces in my mid 20s. The cost for invisalign is actually cheaper than other brace types.

Won't get the bottom trays til I'm on tray 15 of my uppers. Getting them fitted on 26th April however a wisdom tooth has decided to start coming through on my bottom right gum, ouch, I presume this will mean I'll need more impressions for my bottom aligners?

I would think you would need new impressions then as well, but am not 100% sure. Make sure to bring the erupting wisdom tooth to the attention of your dentist. I'll be curious what the decision is!!


Invisalign and a wedding?! Very exciting times!! :)

Here is a review by another community member in the same boat. He has some great videos that might be of help while you are getting used to your Invisalign.

“My Progression - Naas Yancey”

I'm guessing you are waiting on the delivery of your trays right now. Do you know when you will get them?


My orthodontist doesn't seem to think that the...

My orthodontist doesn't seem to think that the wisdom tooth will affect my bottom braces. I got my first aligners last night and am getting the "bumps" and second set next Thursday! They're tight and my teeth feel weird when they're off but I haven't been in pain yet.
I won't get my bottom retainers until December anyway and the wisdom tooth is coming through on the bottom right so we've got to wait and see. Another problem now, had nothin but trouble with a filling and the dentist says I need an onlay meaning another £350 and will definitely need new impressions. Unsure whether I'll be charged but I reckon so :-(

With regards to my invisalign can definitely feel a bit of movement and a bit of aching but no pain yet

That is great they thought you were ok to start treatment. Glad to hear your first day with them is going ok. :)

Please let us know how you continue to do with them, and especially what you think once you get the buttons put on!


I'm now 5 days into my second retainer. The first...

I'm now 5 days into my second retainer. The first one I wore for 10days and had my next appointment so soon due to the bank holidays etc in may. I've had 6 buttons put on, 4 on the left side, 2 on the right. I can feel that my left molar has moved back quite a bit, the difference when flossing is really strange to me, being a newbie still!

This brace is much easier to talk in than the first though at first I greatly struggled with removing it to begin! My ortho gave me one of those blue stick pully offy things to help but after a day I didn't need it.

I got quite worried towards the last couple of days of aligned 1 that my brace was too loose however from reading other reviews that's normal and means I'm ready to change. With this brace it felt tight straight away but again no pain. Now after 5 days I'm getting quite an ache at my molars and incisors. Is that normal after a few days?xx
My ortho has said I'm absolutely not allowed the onlay but since over had invisalign the pain has really reduced. I barely notice it now, I wonder whether I was grinding my teeth whilst asleep or something to make it worse?!

Good to hear an update from you! I'm glad you seem to be getting use to your trays pretty quickly. As for the ache in your molars & incisors that developed a few days after switching trays - sounds totally normal to me. As with anything, if it just doesn't seem right to you or seems excessive I'd definitely call the dentist to have them check, but keep in mind all of the movement isn't done at once. Your teeth will be slowly shifting the entire time, so the aching will probably be most noticeable right after your new trays, but wouldn't seem too odd to have later as well.

Have you had your onlay done yet?


On day 2 of upper tray three. A couple of people...

On day 2 of upper tray three. A couple of people say they've noticed movement in the crowding in my front teeth. Some others still don't know I have a brace or can't tell when it's on! I can definitely tell the difference now if I've left the brace off a little long during meal times etc, feels tighter!

The staining I previously had is pretty much gone, bought a sonic toothbrush and of course brushing more is helping.

Going to the dentist this morning about that onlay though i honestly don't think I need it now, there's no pain when I bite or anything. Could the Invisalign be stopping me grinding?xxx

So glad to hear you're not experiencing the same soreness! I suppose the trays could be playing into you not grinding your teeth, or perhaps the little bit of movement that has happened has helped?? It will be interesting to see if it changes again as your teeth continue to shift.

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