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Soliciting Suggestions for Optimal Healing Beginning One Day Post Active FX

It is too early to tell the pros and cons. I...

It is too early to tell the pros and cons. I chose to undergo the procedure (yesterday), despite having very good skin, because I found that on the few occasions that I wear base to cover redness the base sometimes cakes in otherwise invisible lines on the lower portion of my cheeks.

I was sent home with a tube of Aquaphor with a f/u appt in two weeks. Is there anything that I can do, e.g. supplements, topicals (tea tree, grean tea, vitamin e?) nutrition to speed recovery and avoid some of the horror stories (e.g. white bumps, discolorations, pin pricks not healing)?

Our doctor is indeed very good. I had great results with my face -- smoothed texture, reduced pore size, initial tightness around my eyes. I went back two months later for my neck, and then another two months for my decollete area, and a re-do on that area the following month. I've found that sun-induced hyperpigmentation is more difficult for ActiveFx to remove, but it's great for texture and very fine lines. I haven't had tons of tightening, but I don't tend to produce a lot of collagen at once -- guess I'm stubborn. That's why I just had my eye area re-done. As for your itching and dry skin, if you don't have a tendency to break out or get clogged pores (which I do in a heartbeat!), then I wouldn't worry about the Aquaphor. But what I'd do is soak a clean washcloth and really get my face wet so the dry bits gets fully hydrated. Then quickly/topically dry off the skin only such that you can pat on a layer of the Aquaphor to seal in the hydration. Someone somewhere suggested placing clean, very wet washcloths in ziplock bags in the fridge and using them for itching relief whenever you need them. They worked for me for my full-face treatment. What day did you have your treatment done? -Tracey
great idea about the washcloths, both soaked and cold. Come to think of it, I'll use my icepacks from the Monday, 05.18.2009, which is the day I underwent my procedure. I'm pleased to hear you have great confidence in our Doc. I don't have any reason to doubt him. Some of the posts on this site are terrifying!! Hope your results exceed your expectations. Margaret
My gawd woman.............who's paying for this indulgence? How much has all this cost you? Please share!!!!!

I had the treatment Monday and it is now Saturday...

I had the treatment Monday and it is now Saturday.  I am almost completely healed with little to no peeling and redness.

The treatment was uncomfortable.

The first day or two I thought there was no way that I would heal within the week. However, by the fourth day I saw major improvements and today I can barely see any signs of the treatment-- except smooth new skin as a result of the peel.

I chose the procedure because my skin texture had changed. So far it looks like the procedure addressed that. I'll keep you posted how long it lasts.

I had my procedure done 2 days ago and I am a fright to look at! I can't believe I will heal in a week. I am also doing vinegar/water soaks 4 times per day and using steroid cream under the aquaphor after the soaks. Anyone else using these post procedure?
I had ActiveFX on my face 16 days ago. The redness seems to be getting slightly worse around my mouth and eyes now and I'm concerned with hyperpigmentation developing. (I've been COMPLETELY out of the sun) I have some Obagi Clear that I was using for brown spots. Does anyone know if using it now (16 days post-laser) is OK - and if it will prevent the development of hyperpigmentation? Thanks!
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It is premature to state whether I recommend the provider or procedure. I am one day post Active FX

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