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I was numbed up by cream and then waited on hour....

I was numbed up by cream and then waited on hour. I hate pain and usually use a dental block for restalyne in that area.-but only need numbing cream for this. Pain was tolerable a 4 , much less so than I thought it would be. HOwever, the aftermath is what hurt most, Massaging my sore swollen face five times a day was miserable and I broke down and took pain pills...The massaging would leave my face bright red for hours also-not a good look at work. I hope it goes well and that I keep up my end of bargain, Will update as I go along..FYI I am 51 and holding,,or trying to!!

I was wondering if you could provide us with an update on your Sculptra treatment(s). How many treatments have you had and what is your opinion of them. Would you do it again? How long did it take for you to fully realize the results?
You look great!

So glad you are satisfied. I had 2 treatments and it is now 3 months later and do not see any signifiacant change. (Dr's name excluded) What to do?


It has been roughly two months since the initial...

It has been roughly two months since the initial procedure and 1 month since the secondary follow up. I have to say that I am not noticing much difference. I think maybe it needs more time, but as of today there is not much to cheer about. The second procedure was similar to the first except I did not have the soreness afterward and was able to massage face much more easily. I will wait one month and post pictures. I was hoping for something more dramatic I guess. Not disappointed, but not impressed either.
You look fantastic! Keep us posted!
You mentioned that you haven't seen results yet. I just want you to know that it will take a little longer, maybe a month or 2 more. I'm in my early 20s and only needed 2 treatments, but I've read that younger people need less treatments because their bodies grow collagen/fat at a faster and more robust pace, the sculptra definitely stimulated enough fat for me but it did take 4 months since the 1st treatment to notice results. However a year later, it's still going strong. I would suggest you get a third treatment since you are a little older. (Even though you look like a teenager ;) Sculptra truly is amazing because its natural and long lasting! Good luck and be patient, a voluminous, radiant face awaits you!
thanks, still waiting for real change!

Today is march 10. So about 3 months out and I am...

Today is march 10. So about 3 months out and I am noticing a difference. Subtle, but I can see a fullness that was not present in November. This is not a huge difference, but it is one I notice and even my husband noticed. Friends have said to me ( who do not know backstory), " have you changed your makeup?you look good.". This may or may not be all the change I get, and if it is, I think money would be better spent on Restalyne Volume' or just go all out and get a fat transfer. I will keep updating as time goes on. If I get a little more volume I will be pleased, but at $1000 a vial ( I had 2) I think bang for the buck may lie elsewhere . will add photo later today..IPAD giving mr difficulties....To be continued....
I see a very noticeable change in your chin area. Definitely looks fuller and very natural. Very nice result.
thank you- I will post new photo soon...

Looking forward to seeing your new photos, embeau! :)


*10 months since first done

CLose up-you can see there is filling in cheek area..Lighting is good for this photo-I don't look so glamorous usually LOL..
you look great embeau. It looks like your cheeks have filled out really nicely. Would it be possible to see a picture now from inside your car (like the before picture)? I just had sculptra done to fill in my cheeks but I haven't seen a difference yet. Or maybe it's just too subtle....Would give me hope to see a side by side of your results three months out. Thanks so much for posting. I really appreciate it!
I am a 61 year old woman with, luckily, good skin. However many (30) years ago, due to a really bad tooth abscess I had to have a lot of my cheekbone surgically removed. I was told that when I was older that this side of my face would "cave in". I was lucky in that it didn't happen until about 18 months ago & I started to look asymmetrical. I have read with great interest all the comments on how many vials & how long does it take to really see results. I have an excellent Dr here in the UK who I researched really, really, thoroughly b4 I went ahead. She is quite adamant that the rule of thumb is that you need 1 vial for every decade of your life & don't expect to see much in the way of improvement until at least 6 months after the 1st injections. That has proved exactly right in my case. I have so far had 5 rounds of injections into my face & it was only about 2 wks ago that I really could see a difference. Sculptra is not the treatment to choose if you want fast results. If you can't be patient then I'd advise having fillers to give an instant improvement. Hope this gives hope to any older ladies who may have been told that you only need a couple of vials to see a difference. You won't.................remember the rule of thumb..........1 vial for every decade of your life & a 6 month wait in most cases to see the real benefit
Wow, thanks for that invaluable info!!

AUG (11 months out)

I have only done 2 vials and will stay at that. I plan on waiting 18 months before doing more Sculptra as I want to ensure my results are stable and everything is okay.
I am waiting for the FDA 5 year post approval results to be reported. The court order was done on July 28, 2009. Don't know how much time they gave them to gather the poor recruits but I am expecting the results to be published late this year. Should be very interesting. Sculptra's going down!
what was the court order for? Who qualifies to be recruits? I wanna know about this stuff! Amazing that none of us get to be privy to this info PRIOR to treatment. That is sick. Just sick.
I am a little confused. Different people are listing their procedure at different prices...some are significantly different. Why is that?
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

Referred to me by a plastic surgeon and she is the best. Knows facial structure, trains others in injections, understands facial symmetry. Love the Dr. SHe is a nationally trainer for Sculptra, so my fears were allayed by her experience.

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