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I had vaser combined with smart lipo to tighten...

I had vaser combined with smart lipo to tighten the skin after the fat was removed. Wow! What a difference! I started with upper and lower abs where I had a li8flong battle with a pooching stomach. The procedure itself hurt like hell but now at 4 weeks post-op, I am astounded at my body! I went back to get love handles and inner thighs done. I still have a lot of swelling but can see a huge difference. The flanks and thighs were way less painful than abs (which my surgeon had warned me about ahead of time).

If you are only a few days or even a couple of weeks post-op, please give it some time. And wear the compression garment ALL THE TIME. It makes a big difference in the shape your body will take ultimately on. When the money tree grows again I'm going back to have my upper arms and "Bra Bulge" area on my back done.

hi im going to have my liposuction and breast lift tomorrow but so much afried i hope every thing go best as i wanted i will explain u all the detail after my surgery
For me, I had little black & blue bruising. I felt the bruising on the inside but looking at me you hardly saw them. I am still feeling the discomfort. Makes me feel like I was ran over by a truck but if it wasn't for the swelling you would never know anything was done. I'm glad for that. Can't wait for the swelling to go down. I am taking the kids to Orlando in 3 1/2 weeks. Had I known how long the swelling would take to go down I would have planned differently!
Oh Sharon, Thank you for telling me this, it's a relief to hear I am not the only person to be so badly bruised following Vaser. I hope to see good results in time, I can see more of a difference over the last week or so (it took 7 weeks for swelling to start to go down
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My doc is a board certified plastic surgeon who has done MANY of these procedures. Her work on my was outstanding.

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