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My tummy is amazingly flat now. - So Far, So Good - Los Angeles, CA

 I just had my tummy tuck on November 24,...

 I just had my tummy tuck on November 24, 2008, so I'm 7 days post-op. I had a pain pump in for the first 3 days, so pain of the actual tummy tuck hasn't been too bad. However, the drains are what are making me crazy. They pull at the skin in my groin where they attached by stitches. I hope that I will get them out in a couple of days when I see my dr. Also, I'm worried about my belly button because the inside is completely black. It may be blood that will slough off but I'm worried about necrosis of the belly button. Also, in reading these blogs, I notices that most everyone wore compression garments. My dr. has not advised me to wear one, at least not yet. If anyone has any words of experience to share re: the belly button and the compression garment, I would love to hear it.

My tummy is amazingly flat now. Pre-tt I was a size 2 or 4 but looked like I was about 5 months pregnant because of severe diastasis after delivering twins by c-section. Plus I had an umbilical hernia. Now, I have a flat, washboard tummy, so I'm glad I did it and am happy with the results (although wondering about the belly button).

For anyone considering this operation, I would advise them to think long and hard. If you really need it because you can't look "normal" with a good diet and excercise program, then I would say go for it with a qualified, board certified dr. And definitely get someone to take care of little kids and also of you for the first week or so.

Here's an update: I'm now 13 days post0-op. I've...

Here's an update: I'm now 13 days post0-op. I've felt a thousand times better since I had my drains removed on day 8. I'm standing almost completely straight, now. The only mild discomfort I have is a constant pulling feeling along the skin of my abdoman and a little itchiness of my scar, which is still covered in steri-tape. I'm pretty much back to my usual routine (of course no rigourous excercise or heavy lifting). I have dark scars where the  drains were, but I hope that will fade with time.

I am wearing a girdle 24-7 until further notice. The black belly-button that I was worried about turns out to be normal and the blackness was just dried blood that is sloughing off. All in all, whatever discomfort I've had has been worth it because of the dramatic improvement.

Even though my recovery is going well and my results are good, it is still my opinion that this operation should not be taken lightly. I believe that only those who have already tried everything else without results and can expect a dramatic improvement should consider a ftt. If you have just a small pooch or just saggy skin or just stretch marks but you look fine in clothes, then the risks and discomfort would probably not be worth it.

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He has 20 years experience and has good reputation. Easy to talk to.

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Hi Luv2bmom - Nice to read of your good result, and I hope all is still well with your surgery. You did recommend your doctor, but his name isn't included. Could you give me his name and phone number? I'd like to consult with him. Thanks! Sherri
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My doctor said that if you can't show your belly button in a bikini after the tummy tuck, what's the point then? If you are not happy with the appearance go to a different surgeon and have it revised. My women who had shown me their tt jobs all seemed to have ugly belly buttons. Like it was an after-thought, you know?
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I was so glad to read your comment. I had big twin boys at full term, am 5'0", and have lost the weight from the pregnancy. My clothes look fine, but I'm so uncomfortable in them, having the hernia and extra skin you mentioned. I can't do a sit up the diastasis is so bad. I recovered easily from the c-section, but I'm scared of the TT pain. We're starting to save up for this. What were your major goals with the TT?
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Flat stomach? Oh yeah thats what I waited for...after having 3 kids and gaining more and more weight, then a hysterectomy, it was time...I am only 14 days (exactly) post op...and still get some twinge of pain...which of course scares me to death after grueling over this decision since '04...My PS is the same one who did my Augment/Lift...which after having lost weight had to be re-done as well...7 hours later, do I regret it? NOPE...but I am glad I waited...
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Im schedules on december 12 to.
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hi i was wondering how much pain is a tt? I am scheduled next friday for my tt and am very worried about pain. And also can you tell me what a pain pump is? thanks
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Is there any way you can tell me the name of your Dr.? I'd really appreciate it.
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