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I am 51 and have slight crow's feet, lines around...

I am 51 and have slight crow's feet, lines around my mouth, sagging jaws and brownspots.  I am too chicken to have a facelift but it might eventually come to that --ha.  After much research and a consultation with my doctor, I decided to try the Fraxel laser. 

I had the Fraxel Re:store last Friday at a board certified plastic surgeon's office.  Procedure was performed by the doctor's nurse who I had been informed has extensive training in the use of the laser.  The numbing gel was put on my face for 1 hour prior to procedure.  Eight passes were done on each area of my face -- 2 passes vertical; 2 passes horizontal; 2 more passes vertical and a final 2 passes horizontal.  There was very cold air blowing on each area as the laser was being used.  There was very little discomfort.  I could feel my face swelling before the end of the session.

I was given instruction to go home, place a wash cloth in a bowl of water and ice and place on my face every 30 minutes for a few hours and before bedtime.  I left the washcloth on each time until it became room temperature.  I was also told to sleep with my head elevated.  These things were suppose to alleviate some of the swelling.

I live about 30 minutes away from the doctor's office and my face really started to sting half-way home.  I almost panicked thinking this was what I was in for the rest of the day.  The nurse had given me an ice pack.  I put that on and it relieved the discomfort until I got home.  As soon as I arrived home, I did the washcloth thing on and off  for 2 hours and took a couple of Advil tablets and went to sleep for the remainder of the afternoon.  Saturday there was a little swelling and redness but not as much as I had expected -- I actually went to a play in the late afternoon.

Sunday and today, my face seems a little more red and feels as if I have a windburn and there is very little swelling.  I put my makeup on, went to work today and no one seemed to notice anything.  Late this afternoon I started to feel the flaking which I was told to expect.

Overall, my first procedure was good.  I have 3 more scheduled (1 per month).  The nurse did tell me they get a little more intense each time so if I felt I couldn't handle the pain/discomfort, she would prescribe me a pill to take beforehand but that I would have to have someone drive me to and from the visit.  I will probably try without the Rx on the 2nd procedure.  Also for my second visit, I think I will pack a cooler with washcloths, ice and water for the drive home.

I will post after my 2nd treatment and let you know how it goes.

allyjo1: Don't know if you are still monitoring this site or not, however what is a ballpark price to expect for four treatments of Fraxel Restore. I was quoted $6000 by a derm in Huntsville. DId you pay the same at the Big Three?
Allyjo1, I'm very anxious to know how you feel about the jowls and tightening at this point. That's the main reason I'm considering Fraxel Restore and I'm concerned that most of these posts deal with scars and discoloration. Thanks for the input. Etcat
The Big 3 -- DYA.
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