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I am 3 days post my 2nd fraxel treatment. So far...

I am 3 days post my 2nd fraxel treatment. So far so good. I have a number of scars on my cheeks from acne. I would say I already have a 40 percent improvement from when I started. I go in early to have maximum time with the numbing cream on, more than an hour if possible is best. The pain is not so bad if you consider the pain i went through with all these scars being so visible. I am taking an attitude that something of an improvement is better than nothing. I think that everyone's skin and scars are different say it works for everyone would be crazy. I will update my info as it goes, my next treatment is Oct 30TH. I guess I'll be a tomato for Halloween! $800 per treatment seems fair...i need 4!
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hi i have just finished taking rouaccutane and i'm desperate to get treatment for my scarring. how soon after completing rouaccutane can i have fraxel done? can fraxel help with rolling and ice pick scars? thanks
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To be safe, I would recommend at least 12 months.
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