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I have had two treatments that were painless. no...

I have had two treatments that were painless. no bruising no pain. I can see a slight difference after the third week. I have taken the treatment once a week. I trust I found a great doctor to perform the procedure. I was told he studied in Paris with Dr Le Coz,the expert on mesotherapy. I could not be happier. I was told the first injections contained some vitamins and may sting for a bit but it was very mild and only lasted for a few hours. Good luck to all of you
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Hi great to hear about your results. Can you please post the name of the doctor or location of your doctor in new york city? Thx!
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Hey is it possible for you to list your doctor i am from nyc. and looking for a trusted Doc. thanks
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Hi I was wondering how your results were coming along and what doctor you went to? You can email me.
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