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Finally Fixing my Teeth! I Can't Wait to Not Hide from Cameras! Starting Invisalign. - London, ON

I have had crooked and overcrowded teeth since...

I have had crooked and overcrowded teeth since elementary school as I have a small mouth and narrow arch/smile that actually runs in my family on the female side. I've been self conscious for as long as I can remember. As I got older the more I would hide when cameras are out or avoid getting any family photos done. The pictures that are taken I must admit, if I like the photo but my teeth are screaming then I photo edit them to be a little less messed up looking (got to love Photoshop).

As like most people on here, my family never had the money to invest into my teeth so here I am at the age of 26 years old finally starting the journey on my own. I've always debated the idea and always put it on the back-burner because it always seemed like the money could go elsewhere and I thought of others before myself. It wasn't until recently I had someone make me question my image and then I started researching and decided why not for once in my life invest in myself. Haha with this being said, lets just say buying a house has been put on the back-burner instead (ouch).

I made the initial consultation with Dr. Bruno Paliani in London, ON, Canada, he was the recommended dentists from the Invisalign website itself and I had met him once before previously and was getting his marketing material all year. He apparently is the first one within the region I live in to start using Invisalign which I guess would mean he has the most experience out of anyone or at least most that are located here.

He sat down with me did a very quick check of my teeth to give me some sort of idea of how much it would cost and also if I would even be a candidate for this kind of treatment. He had many past clients and before and after photos which also seemed comforting. The month I went to him they had just started a promotion where you could receive UP TO $1500 off your whole treatment. However with me he offered $2000 off and mentioned that it was the biggest discount he had ever given someone. The original amount if I didn't take the promotion would be $8500 but obviously why would I pass that up so it came down to $6500. This includes all costs for Invsalign treatment, teeth whitening, reshaping, etc, and plus one extra set of refiners. However anything past the first 2 sets then I will have to pay almost $500 for each set after. He did mention given my extreme crowding that my treatment plan is an estimate of 2 years to complete and that is even with speeding up the treatment to weekly instead of every two weeks like regular.

I've done my initial exam, he said everything is in good condition and we can continue, just need an initial deep cleaning and then we start the process of getting the information to make the Invisalign movies to see which is the best scenario for me as there is talk of possible extractions in different places of my mouth.

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Ahhhhh wish me luck!

My Motivation

I have: over crowding, crooked teeth, cross bite, narrow arch and smile, big gaps on the left and right of my mouth and teeth that are caving sideways due to the lack of space in my mouth.

So far I have been told I may or may not need teeth extraction, however it sounds more like yes than a no and also the plan will be to widen my arch and push my teeth forward to create space so that we can extract less or no teeth.

I was also told that moving my teeth will cause my face to look a little less droopy and more proportioned (which I didn't really get at first but after looking at many photos of other patients I think I get it, imagine where your lips are that your face is almost completely flat and then image where your lips are that your lips are more "pouched" out, kissable, not retracting in, also below my cheek bones I'm assuming there will be more teeth spread out so it may change my face a bit but not sure how much. This is something I haven't been able to find much information on the internet about so I will be monitoring this closely during my journey and reviewing if there was much face change or not after a major restructure of teeth and arch positioning.
Dr. Bruno Paliani

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Congratulations!  I am wondering how he is going to speed up your treatment, though.  Is he planning to use Acceledent?  Because otherwise, the doctors can generally double the amount of trays and switch them more often, but that doesn't change your treatment time.   If you have 52 trays and change them weekly, that's not any faster than 26 trays changed biweekly.  So I'm wondering what his method is.

Deep cleanings are wonderful, though, so I'm glad you're getting one of those first.  Plus whitening and all, I had to pay extra for my whitening :).  But sometimes there end up being a lot of refinements.  Some people on here have had more refinement trays than regular trays!  So be careful with that.  Make sure you see your ClinCheck and that it looks good.  And maybe the doctor meant one course of refinement, not just one refinement tray?  Hmm….

Looking forward to following your journey!!!
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Thank you for the feedback, it is great valued and appreciated. You know the point you made about what has been offered is not necessarily "speeding up" anything time wise. I have been curious as well if he is planning that I do Acceledent as he never mention anything about it yet. All he has said is that I would be able to switch them out weekly and he did confirm out loud that without doing that, my treatment time would expand by half a year or so extra. I have been thinking about asking him about Acceledent as I've read mixed reviews about this process. Your post confirms I should probably definitely ask my next appointment. Also I think I will get a better idea of what he is thinking once I see the ClinCheck Movies because he has mentioned a few different options as what he has in mind for my teeth. I've also noticed he's contradicted himself already too which scares me a little, specifically on the extraction of teeth. I've also just learned the difference between a cosmetic dentist and an orthodontist, very interesting yet very complicated for me. So many decisions and choices and lack of information to me. As far as the one extra refiner, yes I believe it is for the series not for one (at least I hope not). I was thinking due to my current crowding that more than likely I was expecting to need a couple refinements. What are my choices though, don't do my teeth or pay the extra to get it where I am satisfied. I guess I will find out closer to the end of my journey if it was worth it in the end or not. I think I have a lot of clarifying to do with this treatment before I continue. Sometimes you just start something and put so much faith that they know what they are doing and won't leave out details that you don't even think about what else are you not telling me that I should know. Well I will post an update as soon as I have one. I love this website, it is the only place where you can find actual treatment progress, thoughts, testimonials, prices, debates on methods, etc. so helpful. Thank you again.
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I'm going to send you a private message now.
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