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After getting the Park Cities Peel and not getting...

After getting the Park Cities Peel and not getting the results I was promised at the Dermatology office I used, I decided to go to a more invasive procedure. I can definitely tell the difference already. The procedure was quite a bit more painful, though I am quite sensitive to pain the older I get.

I am 42 y/o and I wanted this for fine lines around my eyes, evening out my texture and the crepey skin under my eyes.This is only night one so I will update. If you are sensitive like I am, I would suggest taking some kind of analgesic (I wish I had taken some sort of prescription pain med prior to the procedure). The worst part so far was during and directly after the procedure. As each hour passes I have waves of increased burning and stinging but is gradually decreasing in totality of discomfort. I did have the numbing cream applied, but it just was not quite effective. I am excited to see the results and transformation.

How where the results?
I prefer to keep it confidential as to where I got it done, but the post care Aquaphor & the post care kit both have ingredients that keep the skin from breathing, cause acne, toxic, and my skin is at its rawest state. I washed this morning with a Derma Medics brand wash, applied the Derma Medics serum, had to get out to take an elderly family breakfast & church, bought some sunscreen, blotted it on, covered my face with a scarf, sunglasses, & a hat. At lunch, I reapplied the serum as its the beginning ofy third day, my face looks spooky as the white sunscreen made it worse than the shiny state before with the serum. I washed again with DM brand wash, and applied Bactroban Cream to make sure I didn't get infected being out and about in my get-up. It dried a bit during my nap today, and I applied the Aquaphor instead. It was itchy due to the Petrolatum not allowi ng the skin to breath like the Derma Medics brand product, and I read online this ingredient is not advised to be used due to it being found in breast cancer patients. It seems to me that both products are toxic to me due to the state of my skin. Why would anyone in their right mind use petrolatum in Aquaphor or Cyclomethicone or Dimethicone which is in Derma Medics as a cosmetic rehab post care treatment for raw facial skin? Both ingredients are detrimental to a woman's health in the short & long term. I find the level of understsnding about the advised products for me is lacking. My recovery needed quality care not uninformed care of the ingredients of the prescribed products.
I'm a bit freaked out after two days. Is my face going to heal? What if it doesn't?
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