SmartLipo is Worth It

As someone who always struggled with getting rid...

As someone who always struggled with getting rid of my lower abdomen and love handles, SmartLipo was amazing. I am only 5 days out of my procedure, and although I am still swollen with some mild bruising, I can already see my "pooch" flattening before my eyes. I also had my upper abdomen area done, and my love handles are also dwindling away, which are actually revealing a feminine waist line, unlike the boyish figure I have always had. My physician was phenomenal and I can't wait to go in for my after picctures.

Can you tell me where did you go in Wichita? Can you e-mail me the doctor's name?
I'm in Wichita also where did you go?
Just had a counseltation in Wichita at Healing Waters Med Spa for smart lipo, very interested where you went.. Thanks
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