It Was Well Worth It!

I had traditional liposuction about 2 years ago...

I had traditional liposuction about 2 years ago and had my chin, arms, abdomen, inner thighs, back and butt done. I was in extreme pain for days not to mention nasuea and severe bruising.

I decided to go in again for liposuction but this time tried smart lipo. I just had my arms, butt, upper and lower back, abdomen and inner thighs done just yesterday, and besides being a little sore, I am up walking around!

I couldnt be happier.. smart lipo is truely a less invasive procedure and well worth it. I just cant wait to see the results!

One thing though, I have a few blisters on my inner thighs from the laser because the skin is so thin there. Other than that I coldnt be happier. When they say you can go back to work the next day, I am living proof!

Who was the Dr you went to??

Hi Chase,

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I had my work done on Wed. I cant post anything yet. my breast implants hurt way too bad. I got up and did too much by myself on Thurs. I am trying not to take many pain pills so I realy dont feel like moving much. I have averaged about 1 pill every 4 to 8 hours.Just depends on how much moving aroun I do. I will post a detailed report with pictures as soon as I can move a little better. To the person that posted the bad comments about Dr. Gear you should only post thing that you yourself know to be true. If this other person had such a bad experience why did they not post pics and a story!!!!! I still love Dr. Gear & his staff. They have called several time to check on me.
Dr Andrew Gear

He listened to my concerns and was very attentive not to mention his staff is wonderful!

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