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Two session a week apart. Initially it looks...

Two session a week apart. Initially it looks great. Six months down the road, when the injected meds melt out of your system, you start seeing the lumps left and feel like you need even more treatments. Unfortunately, my doctor did not want to fix any irregularities without charging a fortune. 14k can buy a lot of time at the gym for more permanent results.

oh! i guess it was someone else that said that, sorry. jowls are the baggy skin under your chin, lol. my hubby had his done yesterday and he looks like a real bull frog! it is too funny. i cant wait till the swelling goes down to see how he will look! congrats on your arms! yaaaah no more arm swinging after you stop waving! hehehe. i am happy you are happy.
Im not sure what jowls are - but i had my triceps (under arm area done) it was DEF worth is noticebly smaller although my arms are still hurting and sore...but its def bareable i already am almost back to normal carrying groceries and moving around. I cant stretch or move 100% as before but da by day is getting better. after day 2 dont put bandaids on the area of the insertion so they can heal. Get neosporin for the wounds.
I was told you have to massage your areas once the soreness goes away to avoid lumps, fiber tissues and anything else that seems improper. Maybe a lymphatic massage too?
Dr. Jane Chung

For the cost, I think she should have fixed more. She made some obvious mistakes while claiming to be a perfectionist

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