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Smartlipo No Pain but Thus Far See No Gain

I had smartlipo on 04/17/2009. I am on day 2 and...

I had smartlipo on 04/17/2009. I am on day 2 and am feeling the lumps and bumps but see no results thus far. I saw quite a bit of fat that was removed from my body but do not see it physically. My legs are sore like I did an extreme maximum work out for the first time in years but there's minimal bruising. I was on the the table about 6 hours and honestly everytime the nurse asked me my pain level between 1 and 10 I always said zero to 1. I did go to a medspa and did use a doctor fairly new to doing the procedure, so I will see. I'll update weekly and post pictures and be able to give a more informed review as the weeks go on.

I am having my procedures in 2 parts. This time I had outer thighs, bannana roll and "quote unquote" smoothing of the anterior legs. The smoothing is questionable since this is not the purpose of smartlipo so we will see if it helps. Next trip I am having interior thighs and knees. I am having these maybe a month from now if I am somewhat pleased with my current results. The only con I will confirm currently is I seem to be still light headed at times.

  Today is day 3 and it appears I see small...


Today is day 3 and it appears I see small improvement.  I walked 2 miles this morning and massaged the back of my legs while in the shower and the lumps did not feel as hard as they did yesterday, so I have'nt given up hope.

Im not sure. How about you?
Do NOT take this procedure lightly. They say you are back to work in two days-- but full recovery takes months! And it is VERY painful. I had my lower thighs done 5 weeks ago and still have bruising and swelling. Plus significant tightness. I just now can finally bend my knees in a squat position. It is getting better but is a slow, painful recovery. Also still wearing the support hose which I recommend to do as long as you can...again I have been wearing them for 5 weeks now but stopped wearing them at night by week 3. They say it takes 3 months to see final results. I do see some improvement but the swelling makes it hard to tell. If the results are good, they I will say it was worth it.....but I will never do it again!
How many ccs did he take out?
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I do not want to give a recommendation for a few weeks. I can not evaluate him for yet.

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