Smartlipo on Inner and Outer Thighs, Very Painful!

I have always thought of getting lipo but it was...

I have always thought of getting lipo but it was always too scary to go through with. I have had cellulite issues all my life. I am very athletic but I cant get rid of this issue. I went for 20 treatements of endermology and 9 velashapes and nothing, no change.

The place I was going to offered SmartLipo, I read lots of your reviews and was pretty nervous. But it seemed so easy, they way they advertise it is NOT what it is at all. Its NOT a lunch time procedure and you definately need to rest for at least 2 days. They also dont mention any of the pain associated with it. Let me explain my experience.

I get there and the Doctor asks me which I want to do the inneror outter tights first. I was like , what? I want to do both, he says oh no you can only do one and come back. I thought I was gonna ring his neck ya know. I was like please you have to do both, there is no way I can get enough nerve to come back. He wind up having enough anesthetic to do both thank God because after that experience I would not go back.

So your awake which is crazy, the more I saw the more anxous I got. Tell them to cover your eyes The first is a tool to make wholes in your legs, not so bad. Then next is a long needle is long and thin and its to put in a local anesthetic, then comes a large fat long needle to pour in the rest of the anesthetic. With BOTH of them I felt lost of pain, sometimes unbearable. I felt stabbing, pinching and shocks throughout my knees as if I were being electricuted. I was not prepared nor did the Doctor prepare me for anything. I thought we were done at that point. Then they told me it was just the anesthetic. I was like, are you kidding?

Then the legs were pretty large and numb. He started with the laser, I ffelt some burning and pinching not nearly as much as the anesthetic. Then the stabbing to loosen the fat and the suction, there was pain involved in that as well, some stabbing and jabbing but again not like the anesthetic. I actually wanted to run out of the room, I started to look at my lumpy legs and think. OMG what did I do.

I had my surgery on 11/20 I am now 3.5 days post op. I just recently added some pictures. You can see I am extremely bruised and even lumpy. I went for my follow up and the Doctor was extremely happy with th results. I do have smaller inner and outter thights but Im still so swollen to see real results. I understand it will take time.
With that said I will continue to post my progress and then make a final "worth-it" decision at a later date.

Updated on Dec 17, 2008:

12/17/08 - I posted some new pictures. My swelling is going down but I was hoping that my legs would be smaller than they are. I know Im not fat or overweight but I still have large legs. I do hope that with time they will continue to get smaller. I wear my garment all day everyday. I also ordered ScarFX because my scars are pretty bad.

I feel comfort that I'm not alone when I read your review. All these reviews saying it was painfree, all the YouTube videos, like it was nothing. I was screaming and begging my doctor during my procedure to stop. Injecting the tumescent fluid is unbelievably painful!!!!!! I cannot describe how bad it was. What's worse is I orginally set out to have done mine smart lipo done in 2 areas in 2 procedures. Now after that experience of inner & outer thigh. I have NO idea how I'm going to be able to go back for inner knee & anterior thigh. It makes me cry just thinking about it.
I forced them to do my inner and putter thighs same day there was no way I would go through it again. Its been 5 years and if I had to di it again I would NOT. My scars are very obvious and my legs have dents in them where the procedure was done unevenly. I never got saddle bags again but that is partly in part to my great exercise and diet efforts even after two kids.
I just had smartlipo done and I was not prepared for the pain I endured. I was given something to calm anxiety but not for pain. The local anesthesia fluid that took an hour to do my whole core area and I am 5’8 at 140lbs. I was told the liquid is separating the muscle from the skin, and that is why is hurts. OMG, I thought I was going to black out from the pain. I will never do that again. I am not sure why some do not experience the pain or if mine was just done differently. I had traditional lipo done 6 months prior, but it was not done correctly. I was told the pain was also from the scaring from the first procedure. I am still in lots of pain three day after.
Smart Laser MD, Dr. Acaru

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