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I had smartlipo on my upper arms. I was given an...

I had smartlipo on my upper arms. I was given an injection of an anti-anxiety drug and painkiller prior to the surgery. I highly recommend this, as it made the procedure very easy and not scary at all. I also had the liquified fat suctioned out, which I also believe is the best way to go. I went back to work the next day. It had been 5 days since I had the procedure and while my arms are sore and the compression garment is annoying to wear, I feel great and see a difference in my arms already. I even ran today, with the compression garment on.
because doctor's office is not located at the laseklinik office.and he was in rego park.anyway they rented alittle room back of a spa.
Why would they send you to another office?where was it at?I called this week to ask some questions and they gave me run around when did u meet with dr?
first i went to laserklinik office in astoria .then they set the day for consultation with him at the other office .but he doesnt have any pictures with him and he is an ear doctor so i didnt trust him .i think you shouldnt waste your time with him.
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