I Was Not Happy with my Results

I had my procedure done on June 11th. I still not...

I had my procedure done on June 11th. I still not sure about the results but do notice some difference, I dont have the donut look around my belly button anymore. From my understanding you are to be awake the whole procedure, well the only thing though is with all the medicine I received prior, I slept the whole time, actually slept for 2 days. I had 3 Valium, 3 Zanox's and 2 shots of demoral (Spelling). I had 3 incisions in the pubic area, one on each hip and one in between the rib cage to which I did not have a lot of drainage. I have not had any pain at all and am ready for the gym. If anyone is interested in more details. I will be more than happy to share.

Hi, I am considering Liposuction but however I am rather apprehensive about everything. I have never had any type of surgery(and here's the gotcha, I work in the medical field). I am interested in knowing how the proceedure would affect you afterwards(How long will I be out of my daily routine)and do you have any doctors in mind that have produced outstanding results. I live in the Metairie area. Thanks so much
The doctor I used I do not recommend as to find out his license is suspended. And I was not happy with the results at all. As I did see with research on here that if you get the right doctor you might see results. I have looked around the area (Metairie) as I work near there and the Doctor I was thinking of looking into is off of Veterans Blvd. My email address is {contact info edited} if you would like to contact me directly for names -- Editor note: This user can be contacted privately by clicking on their username.
Hi, I live in the GNO area and am just starting to look into the whole laser lipo thing. Who did you use and are you happy now? And what areas did you have done exactly? How did they price it out? Thanks and congrats!

It has been 8months since my procedure and I had...

It has been 8months since my procedure and I had no results at all.  I am not sure of my procedure was even done correctly because I found out that the doctor I used has a now suspended license. The doctor that I used when I found out about the procedure had a really good rep, but come to find out was a bad apple in the long run.

I will be searching soon to find another dr. to redo my procedure, but I know now what I need to do to find the right doctor.  If any one has had this procedure done in the New Orleans area with any names that I can search thru the State Board I am open for suggestions.

Dr. Paul Nathan

This doctors license is suspended

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