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Definately Worth It Upper and Lower Abs

I had smartlipo yesterday and so far so good! ...

I had smartlipo yesterday and so far so good!

During the surgery they did have to give me quite a bit of local. The laser was barely even noticable, didn't feel a thing. Once they did the suction there was a bit more pain, but even I a very pain shy person was able to deal.

After the surgery I was wonderful, went for lunch with my family, rode home an hours with no discomfort. I finally felt some pain just before bed. Took more meds changed my bandages (thank goodness for my wonderful daughter) and went to sleep. Sleep wa a bit uncomfortable, but managable.

Today I took the kids to school, dogs to groomers and then came home and took my first pain pill and felt fine. I do want to wash my garment due to the drainage from last night but I will wait a day or two. Very little swelling or bruising yet but I have been taking arnica and bromelain also.

This was very worth it!


thanks for posting how is it going now LOOKS GREAT! CANT WAIT GETTIng mine done in a few days!
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Mazza, you sent me a private message asking me a question but I cannot reply because you have receiving messages turned off :)
hey, sorry i did not realise thnks I have opened it now.. can you respond now please xx

6 months post op and just had my appointment today...

6 months post op and just had my appointment today.  We are rescheduling for June for a touch up around the belly button and we're gonna do the flanks.  I can't wait!

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Update: June 10, 2009Went back yesterday for...

Update: June 10, 2009

Went back yesterday for another surgery to touch up around the fiberous fat around my belly button and do my flanks.  This time they used SlimLipo and I already see a huge definition in my figure.  I think there was the same amount of pain for both but results seem to be faster this time.  Swelling has gone down and drainage has stopped and no bruising!  I have been taking Bromelain and Arnica which helped greatly last time!  Can't wait to see the final results!


Can you post the name of the clinic and the doctor that did your surgery? I would love to be able to come to des moines and get something done and you had really great results.
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Iowa Facial Plastic Surgeon

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