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Smartlipo Abds & Flanks in the NW

Had both my abds & flanks done on 11/21/08. I...

Had both my abds & flanks done on 11/21/08. I did a lot of research prior to choosing my provider. I decided to go outside of my state b/c I wanted a plastic surgeon to do the procedure & the only providers in my state using SL over 6 mo where Family practice or OB/GYNs (all who had dings on their medical license) CHECK YOUR PROVIDERS CREDENTIALS WITH YOUR STATE MEDICAL BOARD!!!!

My provider used both regular tumescent lipo then Smart lipo under general anaesthesia. I think the whole procedure took a little over an hour & recovery maybe another hour at the most. I felt some pain initially, but mainly it was discomfort. I was back at work on monday, 11/24. Worst- numbness & bruising over my hips that hasn't gone away yet. During the day, I felt fine, but I had a horrible time getting comfortable at night & sleep was impossible w/o a sleep medication. I am a week out & am happy with the procedure, but the numbness & bruising is still bad. I will post weekly photos in the future

Now 17 days out. Still with numbness over my hips but I went for a jog yesterday w/o problems. Still need to wear the garment- using Spanx now, without it I am uncomfortable. Anyone else have numbness?
Entire back, tummy, flanks, & hips done 11/20. Easy to go through.. looks Amazing.. very little bruising inches gone.. Would definitely recommend it! Slight bruising under my previous c-section scar... but other than that.. hardly any bruising. a little swollen going into second week. I'm told final results in 4 months. Go for it and good luck if you're considering it! I'm very satisfied! Cost? $7,000.
hi eileen! i had to comment cause i am in the same situation as you are. i had my flanks and my bra roll done on nov. 18th and i swear my hips hurt worse them my tummy tuck did last jan. i dont why, maybe he bumps the hip bone frequently with the wand thingy cause i cant figure out why my hip bones still hurt two weeks out! and my skin also feels like it stings all the time. when i pull my pants down or up to get dressed, undressed or go to the bathroom and it brushes against my skin i still cringe! i have the hardest time still sleeping too. it hurts to lay on either side or my back, cant win there without my percoset. my resuts though so far are worth every little inconvenience. my dr. doesnt do any garments either and i am debating on buying a spanx today to see if that helps with some sleeping. good luck and i am glad that you are doing so well.

I updated adding photos Now 18 days out. Started...

I updated adding photos

Now 18 days out. Started with low impact exercise 1 week out and ran a slow 5 miles on day 17. My flanks & hips still feel numb with a very uncomfortable sensation when touched. i need to wear a support garment, even at night. Thankfully I found the perfect support at Nordstroms. Bruising is still present. I feel like I look fatter now than I did even 1 week ago. Hopefully it is just swelling.

I had a consult with Dr. Gottlieb. Do you still recommend him? Did he not have you wear a garment?
EileenO I'm from Wa as well and was wondering who your doctor was. You look great! Also if you don't mind, about what size are you (height/weight)? Thanks so much. J
I put some Arnica gel that I purchsed at GNC on my rope knots and the started to go down w/in a few hours. I still have a few, but the gel is really working.
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeon who uses both lipo & smartlipo for best results. No complaints with state licensing. I also like being under general anaesthesia- not more expensive & more comfortable.

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