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Love It--worth Every Penny and More

I am 50 years old and I was always relatively...

I am 50 years old and I was always relatively thin--5'6'' and a size 6-8 and I gained weight to a size 8-10 but only in my waist-tummy thigh area. It wouldn't go away. I don't have children so that wasn't an excuse. I went to see the doctor and he said I'm a perfect candidate for Smart Lipo of the abdomen and love handles. The procedure took about 1 hr and I had no ativan, etc., just local anesthesia. NO BIG DEAL. I never had a pain pill except Tylenol just because I thout it would hurt after I got home. Surgery was on Friday, July 25, and on Saturday-26th, I went to Orlando Airport to get my parents who came from Dallas to Florida. It's about 50 miles to airport and I was FINE. Tis nice doctor workd my mom in for Smart-Lipo on Tuesday (7-29) and she did fine as well. She had DOT laser as well--that hurt. I'm going back on 8-29 to have my thighs done.
I can't say enough about this procedure. I'm a Flight Attendant and I work around so many pretty girls and this really helps my self esteem--it's bothered me for a long time.

Hi, I want to do it too but don't know what doctor I should pick. COuld you please advice? I'm in San Jose. Thanks.

All I can say is...DANG!  I hope I look as good as you at 50!~




8-21---Boy this is great!! Swelling is still...

8-21---Boy this is great!! Swelling is still getting better and my skin is tightening and I couldn't be happier.  One thng i forgot to post--DO NOT settle for a tummy tuck before you check this procedure.  My Mom's plastic surgeon in Texas told us both that we would need a tummy tuck.  Several ladies I know had the same experience and had this done instead and all are pleased.  Tummy tucks take so much down time not to mention scars, etc. He didn't do Smart Lipo so.... If a doctor that DOES Smart Lipo tells you you need a Tummy Tuck, OK but otherwise, check this out!  Thighs to be done on 8-29 and I will post pics after that.

I will have thighs done now on 8-25 and I will...

I will have thighs done now on 8-25 and I will post photos after!!  I will measure thighs before and after.  They call these "saddle bags" (how cute...). I plan to return to my job as a Flight Attendant on the 29th. will let you all know!!  Please email for questions.

Hi.  I think it's good to find a doctor who doesn't do a million different things.  My doctor does mostly facial surgeries and he was chosen to teach other doctors this procedure.  I think it's important too, to feel comfortable with the doctor you choose.  Ask if he has patients who will talk to you about the procedure.  I personally wouldn't have more than 2 areas done at a time.  Some of the reviewers that had more done at once seemed to have more negative comments about the pain, etc.  You can also check the medical society 0f the county in which you live to see if there's been any diciplinary action or lawsuits.  Lawsuits are sometimes frivilous but if there's dicipline, that's a sign to consider.  Hope this helps and good luck--hope you're as happy as I.             ADDED 8-21        Also, be sure he/she is board certified and which society they are certified with..there are several. I worked for a Plastic Surgeon in Texas in the 80's, so I had some insight,  Unfortuntely, in the 80's, I didn't need anything done!!  Email if you have questions.



New inner thigh pics and "hip roll" pics...

New inner thigh pics and "hip roll" pics.  I am still in my compression garment and swollen--procedure was done on 8-25 so I'm 2 days out.  A little sore from this one because the area worked on was a tender area anyway.  Already in smaller size pants (6) and I couldn't be happier.

Hi I'm considering Dr. Bassin! It sounds like you have had a wonderful experience. Have you posted before and after pics on here? If so with all of the posts I may have not found them yet. Thanks! :O)
honestly, i LOVE your before hips! You didnt have love handles- silly :P
yes. I loved it believe it or not. If you have to wear one, it's pretty comfortable. Good luck!! He's the best!
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