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I had smart lipo on about every area of my body,...

I had smart lipo on about every area of my body, it has changed my life for the best. At 39 years old and years of trying to get ride of fat in many areas, {edited - doctor information appears above the review for registered users} helped me with that. This is one of the finest smart lipo offices and {edited} is one of the best,being in the medical field myself I could have choose any Doctor for a very discounted rate. But after meeting with {edited} and knowing the rate was not discounted much (cost still very reasonable) there was no more deciding for me.

I went from a size 14 to a 10. He made me feel safe before, during and after surgery , even called me over the weekend to make sure I was feeling ok.

I am very happy with myself inside and out now.

If any one has questions from a real patient contact me and I will be happy to share what is best about smart lipo.


How can I know for sure that the doctors referral and pictures are legitimate? I am a skeptic when it comes to people even w/ some of the comments I have read on this website. how can I know for sure its not someone who works at the doctors office trying to attract clients w/ bogus stories? i am more likely to believe a bad experience vs good one. so after reading the response posted by a doctor i know any physician can call themselves cosmetic surgeon w/o having proper training which is scary. knowing that is it a good idea to have this doctor who isnt board certified by american board of plastic surgeon preform my surgery?
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Your question is one that reaches a little further than you may expect. First, it deals with your direct confusion--credentials. But it also deals with an important cautionary issue --multiple procedures. Credentials: In the United States, the American Board of Medical Specialties defines recognized medical specialty boards, everything from Plastic Surgery to Internal Medicine, to Neurology. Twenty-six Boards in all, some with added areas of specialization, some with a CAQ or certificate of added qualification. Cosmetic Surgery is not an ABMS board. Plastic Surgery is. Cosmetic surgeon is a marketing term, which doctors with any board certification can and do use to offer cosmetic procedures to the public. To take this a step further: a plastic surgeon, by board certification performs cosmetic and functional restorative procedures, and is trained for procedures head to toe, body, breast and face. In fellowship, one may focus on cosmetic surgery, hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, breast surgery. Many perform a variety of procedures. Some focus solely on cosmetic procedures, some focus on a very narrow channel of specialization. A facial plastic surgeon is an otolaryngologist (ENT) who has had fellowship and training in cosmetic and restorative (reconstructive) procedures of the face and neck. Plastic surgeon: whole body, breast, face and neck. Facial Plastic Surgeon: face and neck. An otolaryngologist is the ABMS certification and first step toward becoming a Facial Plastic Surgeon. Technically, a facial plastic surgeon should also have the ABFPRS (American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) designation, but again, nothing requires one to, so be very careful and ask specifically for all the boards a doctor has, focusing on their ABMS qualifications first. An oculoplastic is first an ophthalmologist in ABMS certification, and then has added training in surgery, cosmetic and restorative, of the eye region. If you are considering multiple procedures, make certain the doctor you choose: Is qualified to perform the procedures you wish Explains to you carefully the considerations for having unrelated multiple procedures at one time. A tummy tuck and liposuction are related, and are often performed at the same time, depending on the location and extent of the liposuction. A tummy tuck and a facelift are two very different procedures, and while they can, for some people, be safely performed at the same time, you should understand the amount of time you will be under anesthesia and the very different recovery experiences for each. While the thought of only one recovery period may be attractive, it is not always safe, appropriate and may not be something you willingly accept. Trust, communication, and homework are essential in every case.
Dear smartilpo4me, I can't give you an easy answer but I CAN tell you that I was sucked in by a brochure for a 'no-down-time' laser procedure that featured a woman's face, one side of her face being the "before" and the other side of her face being the "after" side. .....only what I realized later is that this woman had had multiple procedures and was wearing a lot of makeup in the 'after' side of the photo. Make sure that you pick a surgeon, NOT because of his/her brochures or online photos of patients--but because of his plastic surgery credentials and the photos of real patients that you see in his office. And stick with plastic surgeons, NOT "cosmetic surgeons." I thought the cosmetic surgeon I had chosen was ABOVE using 'touched up' photos and the like, but she wasn't. DON'T TRUST those glossy, pre-printed office pamphlets which have the surgeon's name, address and phone no. in 'the box' on the last page. These pamphlets are sold by the gross to surgeons who then put in their names. The 'before' and 'after' photos are often feathered, or the lighting changed, or the woman often has makeup on in the 'after' part. Chances are that your surgeon never even met the model who posed for these pamphlets, let alone performed surgery on her! My last surgeon, whom I trust, had no such pamphlets in his office. He showed me photos of actual patients of his on his computer. And my last surgeon was a plastic surgeon, NOT a 'cosmetic surgeon.' The credentialing of cosmetic surgeons is just too sloppy. Don't fall for those touched up photos and pamphlets, not even the ones on this website.
Dr. Clement Banda

After having lipo before and being unhappy, Dr. B was able to fix lipo from before and smooth out old rough spots as well as sculpt an hour glass figure, he is very kind and a doctor who really cares about his patients.

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