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Smart Lipo/Vaser Treatment in Cincinnati,Ohio

I had smart lipo done also with the vaser...

i had smart lipo done also with the vaser treatment. i could not have asked for a better dr.

i researched the procedure for around 6 months and actually went to a few other places before the procedure. Dr. was completely honest and actually gave me her opinions and not try to sell me on getting everything done. i wanted to get parts done, but after talking with her she informed me that it would look much better after having the other areas done and not to jump right in and do something i wasn't sure about. she actually cared more about ME and NOT the money she would be earning.

i went to another doctors office located in the area and did not even get to see the doctor in my consultation. i felt worse about myself when i left than when i had walked in. not to mention they had me spending double what i paid at my Dr.

her staff is amazing!!! they called to check on me and made me feel like i was their #1 patient and responded VERY quickly to my calls when i had questions.

my procedure went well. i had upper and lower abs done, hips and outer thighs. i am a bruiser!!!! i always have been. with the exception of the bruising it was better than what i expected. i was not at all nervous before and saw IMMEDIATE results as they stood me up during the procedure to see how things looked. i stood there in tear at how i looked!!! GOOD tears that is!! it was such a difference!!

it was somewhat painful afterwards for about 4-5 days. i think it is mostly because of the bruising. it felt better to walk around than just lay in the bed.i went to 3 events the 2nd day after my surgery and was able to walk around fine for at least 4-5 hours and nobody had a clue! you don't want to over extend yourself though.

it has been a month since my surgery and i have already lost 13 pounds and gone down 4 pant sizes!!! i could not be happier!!!

i did have one area that needs to be retouched. due to my bruising it was really hard to see that area. so i do not blame the dr. for that. she will be doing the touch up soon and i will feel even better about myself than i already do!! it really has boosted my confidence!!!

Dr Atluri burned me from the inside out either the laser. I had to have a large, open wound from third degree burns closed by having it sewn closed by a qualified surgeon. While I'm sure that Dr Allure cared, she did not advise me properly on care after this debacle. I would not advise anyone to take this chance.
Don't do this. Go to a board-certified plastic surgeon, not a GP. I regret my decision to go to this doctor. I am lumpy and my contours are off. Be cautious.
I feel I need to qualify this comment with the fact that Dr. Atluri is an amazing doctor and compassionate person who cares about what she does. She is highly accessible and very concerned about her patients. However, I've had a lot of pain, even 6 weeks post-op, and contour issues from day one. Three to six months from now that may be a thing of the past. But I regret getting Vaser done. Also, Dr. Alturi does have a lot of training in Vaser. I just think, given my results to date and experience, I would have been more comfortable with a board-certfied plastic surgeon that had 20 years of lipo experience.
Dr. Pratha Atluri

Dr. Pratha Atluri. She was very honest and had great concern for me as a patient. Her staff is AMAZING!!! Very friendly and thoughtful.

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