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SmartLipo in Tampa, FL

I'm 29, 5'4", 150lbs and have had...

I'm 29, 5'4", 150lbs and have had weight issues most of my adult life. At one point, I was very slim, and in great shape, but 7 years and a big baby later, I've put on weight (again).

I work out, and eat right, but I can never seem to make any headway on my abdominal region. I completely lack self confidence, and had toyed with the idea of having breast implants, but I'm terrified of general anesthesia, and I probably STILL wouldn't like putting on a bathing suit.

I decided on SmartLipo, because I need some skin tightening, as little downtime as possible and NO general anesthetic!!

Holy dinah! I just got home from the procedure,...

Holy dinah! I just got home from the procedure, and the jury's still out on whether I feel like a truck hit me, or I feel okay...
The procedure itself was tough - the doctors said that I had a lot of adhesions, some due to previous surgery, and some due to working out a lot. It was AGONY having the tumescent solution put in.
I had 2 doctors and a nurse working on me, and they were so great at letting me have breaks when I needed breaks, and understanding how painful the process was.
Upon leaving, I was given a prescription for Vicodin and one for Percocet. I took a vicodin and I don't feel too bad right now...
Between leaving the clinic and picking up my pain pills, I leaked a TON down my shirt and pants...
I will post photos maybe tomorrow or the day after.

I'm now 24 hours out of surgery, and MAN am I ever...

I'm now 24 hours out of surgery, and MAN am I ever miserable!
This morning I was so nauseous that I almost vomited on the way to my daughter's daycare. I don't have much of an apetite (maybe a good thing), and I'm in a world of pain.
I took my compression garment off last night to change the dressings, because they had become saturated, but haven't taken it off since!
The worst is trying trying to get in and out of bed... my abs are KILLING ME!!!
I'm going to try to shower tonight and take photos, but I'm in agony right now!!

I'm now 8 days post-op, and still not thrilled...

I'm now 8 days post-op, and still not thrilled with the results. I know that I need to be patient, but it's really hard!
I'm still swollen, I think... but I'm worried that this is the final result, and there's not much difference from my pre-op! I'm still taking the arnica religiously, started eating pineapple for the bromelain and I wear my compression garment for 23.5 hours a day.
I'm still bruised, one bruise in particular is really bad. Still in a lot of pain, so I'm still taking painkillers every day.
Red Bamboo MediSpa

The doctors were awesome - one of them gave me his cell phone number so we could call any time with questions or concerns. They were SO understanding about the pain I was in and needing breaks.

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Hi DJ -
Overall, I'm very happy with the results. There's one little "pocket" that I should probably go back for a touch-up, but to me it's not worth going back for that. My scarring is very minimal and my results are quite good. The one caution I have is that this is NOT a weight-loss option... if you don't watch what you eat and stay active, you will put the weight on elsewhere.
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Very good. Glad to hear that. Would be awesome if you would post some pics. When you spoke about having so much pain I got a little scared. I have had 2 c-sections, a hysterectomy and I work out a lot too. I imagine it will be painful for me too. Will the Dr. do a touch up for free since they missed some fat or would they charge you again? Just curious.
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Can you post a follow up - I am considering the same doctor you went to. Please.
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I'm starting to do better now... still occasional pain and sensitivity, but the swelling is definitely getting better. I doubled up on the compression garment (bought a compression tank-top from Target and have been wearing it on top of the other compression garment).
I did go on a short business trip last week, and it wasn't so bad. It was hard to get comfortable on the plane, but thankfully the flights were short.
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Hang in there, Tampa. :) You're definitely still swollen so you won't be able to see huge results yet.

Did your doctor say how many CCs he removed?

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Hi Tampa,
I can certainly see the dfference in the pictures. Likely there is still a lot of swelling in those pics. My Dr. said he waits about 6 months to get an accurate impression of the results. I should have done this 6 months prior to bathing suit season. How are you doing now? That you were in pain 8 days prior is a little daunting. I have a short trip scheduled for 9 days post procedure.
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Good luck today!

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