Smart Lipo Pain/swelling/bruising

I had smart lipo done on my inner/outer thighs 4...

I had smart lipo done on my inner/outer thighs 4 days ago.  I am in good shape for the most part, I exercise but I have the saddle bags that I could not get rid of no matter what I tried.  My procedure was done under local anasthetic and pills given to me.  It lasted between 2-2 1/2 hrs.  I did feel some pain toward the end.

I have a high tolerance for pain but have to admit, the first 2 days  is a cross between getting beaten up and an intense workout on body muscles never used before (where you cant walk).  I have bruising and swelling on my legs which kills especially when sitting on toilet. I put ice packs on which helps. I also have some numbness (pins and needle feeling)

The compression garment is extremely tight, I have gotten marks from it on my skin, I am now wearing tight panty hose under the garment which is helping.  The garment needs to be worn all the time otherwise the swelling gets worse my doctor informed me.

I have read that some women go right back to activities/work. There is no way (not me)  The first 2 days I laid around alot. I am just getting around my house taking care of my kids now.

I dont know what will happen in the days and weeks to come but I am confident and looking forward to "Great Legs" for the summer!



Hi all: Any advice i had my abodomen done six days ago and am swollen like a balloon. Doc says it's normal and since i was small to start there was more tigtening than removing of fat done.... My question is: How long does one remain ballooned???? and swollen????
i have to agree with you there, i have been working out so much same reasoning(spent the money). i am still a little numb in areas and have the scraping feeling inside my legs does anyone else feel that?
yay!!! i'm so happy for you! from what i've read, some people just take a lil' longer to heal and see results. congrats...just can't wait to see pics.
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