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My Smart Lipo Experience - Nashua, NH

I'm calling my doctor today and scheduling my...

I'm calling my doctor today and scheduling my appointment for Smart lipo on my abs and franks. I'm pretty nervous but its not of the pain or anything, its the outcome, if ill see any improvement. There is so many bad stories of it online that i almost want the old fashion lipo but pretty much no one seems to do it anymore . I am happy that my doctor will be using general anesthesia and not local. i don't want to be awake for it plus i hear you can get better results that way since they don't have to be as gentle. i heard a lot of people where in pain when awake.

Ill be asking the doctor to do this ASAP cause i want to get this done before my BF comes home for some R&R from Iraq :)

So i just put my deposit down and the closest date...

So i just put my deposit down and the closest date i could get cause hes book is Feb 25th AGH i don't want to wait so long, oh well! i cant wait!

Thx for posting Brookeh! I saw your comment about traditional lipo, and thought you should check out these answers by medical experts on RealSelf.  Many argue that it's not about the device, but it's who is conducting the procedure.   

What's your scheduled surgery date?

thnks! the soonest date i could get is feb 25th. ill post my updated when i get it done!

I just order online Vitmedica Bromelain wth...

I just order online Vitmedica Bromelain wth Quercetin Nutrients with Anti-Inflammatory Properties to help with the bruising after!

OMG Brookeh

Your stomach looks exactly like mine and waist too
Yes i will keep you posted

Good luck with your surgery! I'll be keeping an eye on your thread, anxiously awaiting updates. :)


Today i had my pre-op. It went very good and i...

Today i had my pre-op. It went very good and i feel he will do a great job. only two weeks away people! oh yea, when he was looking at my tummy he saw my little mole and asked if i wanted him to cut it off, of course i do!!!! sweet! :)

I am sick with a cold, i had a fever this better go away before my surgery :( in a couple days im not longer away to take any meds so im really hoping i get better soon!
yOull be fine brookeh My gawd its like a week and half a way ...
if you are getting smart lipo than yes they will be sucking the fat out of you after they melt it ....
im 28 two kids, 5'8 130

My experience at getting the smart lipo i was...

My experience at getting the smart lipo i was asleep so i cant tell you how it went. surprising enough i was not nervous at all and everyone there was so nice to me. I got undress to put left my bra and underwear on and put on the gown. they put a blanket on me to keep me warm. they take your temp, pee and blood pressure to make sure your good to go. then walked me into surgery room, the room was a little intimating cause it was a real surgery room and it was my first time in one. they layed me down and put meds in my IV and then put the mask over my face so i could fall asleep. when i woke up i was fine, the nurse actually woke me up from a dream but i cant remember it. slowly after waking up i started to get sore and then more sore that i asked for pain meds, since then i still been pretty sore and the pain meds dont seem to help much just take the edge off, kind of sucks but hopfully this will be all worth it in the end.

Its Saturday 1am and i had the smartlipo done at friday 9am. I'm wake cause i am in pain and waiting for the perks to work again. I dont know how people can say it didn't hurt cause its been painful for me and i definitely need to take pain meds every 3 hours. all i want to do is stand up because i had some of my lower back done and it hurts to lay on it.

I been draining ALOT, its pretty gross cause you can see blood. my doctor gave me two compressors so when i get to shower today at noon i can wash one,thats when ill take pics since im not allowed to take this off yet sorry!

THANK GOD i had my friend here at home to help me with my son, i dont know what i would of done without her. this is diffidently not a lunch time thing you can get and go back to work so dont belive that!

any question ask ill keep you updated!

my video cut me off sorry but i think i said all i could more to come!
Hiya Brookeh
Well today is the day boi that went fast ! its almost two months for me already and Yes I am alot smaller but still swollen there is NO instant gratification
so be patient Im sure everything will go well I liked your video !
Good luck today! Looking forward to seeing an update on how it went!

Its been 24 hours since my producer and im not in...

Its been 24 hours since my producer and im not in much pain as i was last night. i have not taken any meds for it so far since 1am. i been able to eat just fine too. I took off the garment to shower and got to see my tummy for the fist time, its much flatter for sure and i am happy so far. the only complaint is i have a couple bumps on each of my sides (lovehandles) that might be from my garment being to small or they are just swelled up, im not sure. ill ask my doctor.
Right before i went into the shower i got very dizzy, almost like i was going to pass out. I got out of the shower as fast as i could because i was afraid of passing out but once i got off and had the garment on i was not dizzy anymore. werid.

 new video of me taking off garment

 new video of me taking off garment

No I had no dizzie ness at all I was just throwing up alot .. I think you had regular lipo rather than smart you very bruised you have a long way too go and you will be then and then your stomach is gonna swell for two weeks and when its around your period time you are gonna be very tender and swollen so but the end of april you should see nice results ...
Wow, I can see a big differece already! Tomorrow is my lipo but I am 61, I posted my before pics.
thanks! hopefully it just keeps getting better!

Three days since i got smart lipo and today i went...

three days since i got smart lipo and today i went to school and work. work was a little hard. i work in food and i stand up the whole time, it was hard to bend over to get stuff. i was very happy i only work 4 1/2 hours cause i dont think i could do 8 hour shift.
dont try to run lol i learn the hard way, my son ran away from me and i try to get him and oh my did it hurt bad.

Wow, that is a lot of swelling! And I had no idea there was that much drainage either but it's good to know. Thanks for sharing another great video.

Can't read what it says under the picture of you in the pink bra and panties, it goes over the black in your video.

Good catch. :) It says, "very swollen today but still smaller then before. only gonna get better from here!!"


YAY its been a week! No more week with this...

YAY its been a week! No more week with this garment on, i think that is the worst part of the whole thing is having to wear the garment for so long. Its so hard to sleep at night with it. very uncomfortable.
Im still very swollen around my sides and back and im sore.
Im already getting very excited to go bathin suit shopping :) but i need my back to get a little smaller
mons? not sure what that is, but i only had my abs and "love handles" with my lower back
Mons pubis.....the pubic area. My dr is throwing it in for free.
Wow. I think you look great! I'm hoping I have results as good as you Keep us updated with new photos or videos . Did you have your mons done? That's the part I am most worried about! :)

Before smart lipo i was 130 pounds today i am 125...

before smart lipo i was 130 pounds today i am 125 :) i want to start working out to tone up and tanning but gotta see if its ok. does anyone know?

I think i am gonna start saving for new boobs!

I think i am gonna start saving for new boobs!

My doctor gave me two stage one garments Design...

my doctor gave me two stage one garments Design Veronique then after two weeks i bought same design but stage 2, stage two is tighter.

Had my 5 week check up today and my doctor feels...

had my 5 week check up today and my doctor feels there are two little spots he could make look better.... ill show it in pictures. so june 30th i am getting a FREE touch up done YAY :) and ill be awake this time so ill beable to give more detail on what happens :)

Im starting to feel more fat could be taken out, i have a touch up june 30 for two little bumps and while i am there im gonna see if he can try and get more fat wear he thinks its loose skin. i hope so!! but besides that im happy that im smaller and love handles are gone, now i feel much better when i wear clothes and now i finally wear dresses and not feel self conscious. its great but kind of dont feel bathin suit ready tho :(
I was deff happy i got under general too, it but a easy on it all and i wasnt worried at all, now my touch up ill be awake and im scared! lol
aww thats good to hear....so what you getting done?
Sorry I didn't post back sooner.I am getting U/L abs,flanks,I/O thighs.The Doctor actually moved my Surgery date up a week.So I am going in today to meet with him B4 the surgery and The Surgery is next Wens.(20th).I am really nervous but hopefully he can calm some of my fears down. :)

You look great even without the touch up! I am having my procedure done on 5/13. Thanks for the pictures and comments. They have really helped!

Photo Update

Hi Brookeh, I just had my lipo done on 06/21 can u tell me when would the swellong max out. I feel that the swelling has increased since the last two days to the extent that I had to take off the garment given by my doc.
Im wicked nervous. i get my touch up tomorrow and what scares me is ill be awake and i freaking hate needles. watching a long stick thing go in you must freak ya out no???
I am sure you will do great but I would feel the same way! I am very interested in knowing how it goes for you since I may also need some minor touch up. I keep wondering if it will be worth it to put myself through the procedure.

My cousin had her lipo done without general anesthesia and said it was no big deal. Please let us know about your recovery compared to the first time. Hope it's much easier!!

Best of luck to you! Just remember you are going to look even more fabulous than you do now!

TOUCH UP DONE 6/30 on left side hips and near...

on left side hips and near belly button.
this time around I the procedure was done at the office where you go for the check ups, in one of the little rooms. I was given one valume in the waiting room which i kind of fault but not really, then i was giving a other one plus a perk. I really didnt feel any of the two drugs working. the doctor marked me up and took pictures again. I asked if he took email the pictures and he will be soon so ill have better before and after pictures to show soon.

I got to keep my bra, underwear and socks on. he gave me a shot to numb me up which pinch a little then after suck a long thing inside me to numb the insides. did not hurt at all just felt like tugging. I had my eyes close for the whole things because i was pretty freaked out. He did the same thing to my back but the shot to numb me up did hurt.

When it was time to suck out the fat, it didnt hurt at all just pulling and tugging. On my back though it did hurt alittle but it was when the doctor had to punch my fat with his hand. The whole thing lasted like 45 mins and i got to see the fat after. I left right after in NO pain and was in no pain alllll day. i couldn't believe it because last time i was in soooo much pain after. When night came i started to feel a little sore but thats about it. no need for pain meds but he did give me some just in case.

Hi Brookeh, I just posted my review let me know what u think about my results....I am not really sure....
Ya thats correct its because of the fluid, I think u need to give it a week or two and then weigh, they say u should be back to ur weight by then.
Im starting to get depress, I now weight back to my weight that i started at before getting lipo 4 months ago. i didnt gain weight after the first time, is this cause he might no of inject fluid into me and this time he did?

After the touch up my weight was from 125 to 130...

After the touch up my weight was from 125 to 130 but today its at 126 :) I was starting to get worried because the first time around i didn't gain weight i just didn't lose any for a week or so.
So the doctor said I am very swollen and to come back in two months to see if i need anymore touching up to do.
Hi. I noticed you changed from "Worth it" to "Not sure." Are you saying that you don't feel like the whole process was worth it or that just the touch up part?
well i see big change in my love handels but i feel way more fat could be taken out of my abs, i know i got loose skin but i can tell there is more fat in there. i love how my love handels are gone and i have no fat near my back so now i got a butt now i am wishing i got a tummy tuck, i cant wait to save up for boobs and then i hope i will like my figer better
I feel your pain... I'm having the same unsatisfactory feelings. I know I have tons more fat the doc could have gotten. Unlike yours tho, my doc won't even consider revisions until 6mths :(

My left love handel area still looks the same from...

My left love handel area still looks the same from after touch up. i am going to ask the doctor if i can have one more touch up there because i would really love for it to look the same as my right side. here is two pics to show the difference on both sides. I am deff skinner then before and happy just need stuff to be even.
Ill let you know what he says when i ask!
he says i look good so no more .... he is sending me his before and after pics soon and ill post them!

Just wondering what the doctor said about doing another touch-up? Hope you're doing well. :)


Im getting a other free little touch up near my...

im getting a other free little touch up near my belly button when i get my breast done!!!
I think I will exercise, exercise and exercise... You guys are very brave.
unfortunatly I will be awake. I wish I could be knocked out but no such luck. Just want it to be done.
Thanks for posting video. Im getting smart lipo done on March 6th and Im very nervous. You look amazing!!

Im getting a other free touch up when i go to the...

im getting a other free touch up when i go to the office for my breast implant check up april 12th .... i have a little bump around the belly button and while im there im gonna ask if he can try more on my abs!!!!
Nice result
the one i got sucks too and is hard to put on the first couple times but then gets easyer Mid Body Plastic Surgery Compression Garment Brief - Stage 2 (Design Veronique) i didnt use the straps.....i think u can buy easyer plus cheaper ones at stores like jcpenny or target too
Hi Brookeh, one more question, which one did you buy? I can not stand the ones I have. I have the one that has a built in bra and goes down to the knees, I just got another one that snaps/clips on the bottom and does not have a bra and looks like a bathing suite, I dislike both. Any thoughts? My other problem is that when you have BA you can not lift or use your arms much so putting these things on are also tricky, especially when you are on you own. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you.

6/29/10 jut had a other touch up near my belly...

6/29/10 jut had a other touch up near my belly button. this time around i am pretty sore from it. i hope soon it will look even like the other side :)

Im so freaking mad at myself right now, i had a...

im so freaking mad at myself right now, i had a bad summer last year, had to go to florida, was jobless, stress out all the time. had no scale to make sure i was not gaining weight. summer ended and now im 136 pounds, more then i was before the lipo. i feel like i wasted so much money. after gaining the weight, i find out im pregnant so now i cant lose the weight and prob going to gain so much, i wanna freakin cry and need to find out a way to get money for a tummy tuck for when im not pregnant anymore :(

tummy tuck

Junr 17th I'm getting a tummy tuck. I had a baby oct 26.
Did you get your tt? I hope al is well. Best Wishes.
Thanks for the posts and your experience. I am going in July for what I thought was called the flanks, love handles but the Dr. called them my hips. 5'2" 125. I call myself the skinnyfatgirl. I eat well and exercise but these stubborn hips will not go away. I'm not going under, he says it will only last 1.5 hrs. So excited!
Congratulations on having a baby!  Are you in consultations for a TT or are you going to go with the same doctor?
Boston Plastic Surgeon

he is very nice and made me feel so comfortable. He calls back right way and even called to check up on me the second day after to see how i was, I thought that was very nice! everyone at the surgery center was awesome too. before i decided to go with dr chatson he didnt try to rush me like the sleek medical spa or try to take my money right way. I paid 500 to keep my date, then a month before the surgery i paid him then two weeks before i paid the surgical center and the day off i paid the general anesthesia guy. ill post more when i see results but so far he is great!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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