Loved the Results - Recovery a Bit More Severe Than Advertised - Beware!

First let me start by stating that I totally think...

First let me start by stating that I totally think the money and the results were worth having the smart lipo done. A few years ago I had regular liposuction done on my love handles, it was expensive $4500 for the small area, the recovery was awful, and it took about a year till the results were final and the lumps went away...then I had smart lipo with the vaser on my whole back and waste for $4000 four months ago and I am totally healed and the results are better than I could have imagined, the procedure itself was rather comfortable and I even fell asleep at times BUT let's be realistic, the recovery was not as easy as advertised, I needed a whole week off from work and was sore for about 4 months, and I had a very uncomfortale unnatural tight feeling through my back, which in the end proved to be a good thing as I have no saggy skin, but to say that one can have smart lipo one day and hit the beach the next is just downright not true. For the first two weeks the pain was severe and if one has a physically demanding job it would be wise to take 1 to 2 weeks off from work unless only a small area is being treated such as the underside of the chin or an otherwise small area. 4 months after I had my back and waste done -which the results are fantastic- I decided to have the front of my belly done without the vaser -because the scars look like cigarette burns and are not stitched- the brusing is very dark but the puncture wouunds will be almost undetectable without the added use of the vaser, (both procedures were done with suction, DO NOT HAVE SMART LIPO WITHOUT THE SUCTION!!!! I am only at day 3 of recovery and I cannot stand up straight as the pain is so severe - but will be worth it- I am already smaller despite the swelling and it appears there will be no lumps as are common with regular lipo. I feel it necessary to post this because smart lipo -assuming you find a good doctor- is worth it but it is advertised as being relatively pain free, this is true only of the procedure itself because you are given numbing medications, although not put to sleep so this is not for the faint hearted because it is difficult to see a long metal tube going in and out of your body, the procedure was quick -about 2 hours- , but again as when I had my back and waste done I am in a lot of pain and cannot stand up right, you must wear the garment for about a month, and you do need at least one week off from work if not two when having a large area treated. There is no way around that. So all in all the cost was worth it and the results are wonderful but advertisements need to be more honest about the down time and level of pain to expect during recovery because realistically even if these things were to be advertised people would still have the procedure done...there is nothing worse than to expect to go home and continue life as normal with only 1 to 2 days off from work, it is just not realistic. Please consider this when deciding to have the procedure done.

Also important: I was not told that I would have...

Also important: I was not told that I would have trouble standing upright due to the severe tightness caused by the smart lipo - although it does subside- it felt like my skin was ripping when I tried to stand upright for the first couple of days, then for the next 4 months I had good days and bad days, sometimes the tightness feeling would return then just fade away, it is a rather awful feeling, scary and discouraging but levels out and the skin is left in better condition compared to regular lipo. Also, there is an erie numbness feeling that kicks in a few days after the procedure, although you can still feel severe pain if touched or bumped in the treated area, the numbness seems to be isolated to the skin only but everything underneath feels like it is being ravished by rabid squirrels! OUCH!


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Aw, even through my pain I was smaller right away and the results were much more visable with each passing day, also, I"m not big on prescription pills so I did do the recovery on tylenol alone, but I still say that the doctors should be much more honest about the recovery time and pain level because honestly, if a woman wants this proceedure done she will probably still do it even if she were to be told that her face would turn purple for a week afterwards. So there is no reason to be deceptive about the recovery, all that does is cause one NOT to take enough time off of work and may also cause problems with a woman notemploying any help for caring for small children for the first couple of days...long story short, deceptive descriptions of recover down time and pain level will most likely lead to big problems........
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Yup, I also have to agree about the recovery time and especially liked the way you described the numbness with the rabid squirrels underneath! It's totally true! the surface of my skin is numb but underneath that is red hot pain that, on day 9, is still completely inhibiting my daily movements. So far the only thing that's shrinking is my bottle of pain killers :)
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Absolutely have to agree with you - you need to allow at least(!!!) 4-5 days to be off from work and your small kids :-).Yes, there is pain and discomfort (tolerable if you do not have to do anything major just sit or lay around) and it is not easy to bend down and pick up small kids, or change diapers without being kicked in the stomach and not scream with pain.....
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Thankfully, although I am in my early 30's my children are older so I do not have to pick up any babies or change diapers, would never have been able to do it alone if that were the case, I am now at day 4 of healing and everything looks great size wise but the bruises are unsightly, it's not cool that it's advertised as little to no bruising as that is also not quite true, this is not just advertising that is misleading, this dis-information is also given at the consltations, although the results are totally worth the money, pain, and otherwise recoverly related issues I do think that the truth of it all should be laid out on the table so that people can decide if they wish to go through with smart lipo or not based on the truth so they are not surprised - or angered- by what comes after the procedure. I had it twice, the first time I schedule two days off from work - I am hairdresser- and then I had to beg for the rest of the week off because there was NO way I could do my job without more time off. Had I been given the truth about recovery I would have been able to schedule a proper amount of time off, this caused me a great deal of trouble at my job as it would with any job where one has clients who depend on availability. Thanks again! HSM
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