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During my smart lipo on abs/flanks. I told the Dr....

During my smart lipo on abs/flanks. I told the Dr. that I feel a burning around my upper leg. He just kept going. It's been 2 weeks since the procedure. The first thing I noticed I was very allergic to the binder. I can't stop scraching myself. It is so so bad I have to put cortizone creme on and take Benedryl. For me that's the worst part so far. No one really tells you. I found out on the internet after the fact, that the itching is because it is healing.

I really don't understand why people post really negative comments without a picture and then don't follow through with any further explanation. Are you trying to help others understand consequences from ANY SMART LIPO or are you just trying to make us afraid to go to Dr. Mendoza as I also see so many positive ratings for him and I'm very interested in having either this or the aqua-lipo. I am sorry to not sound more supportive but I had liposuction many years ago and I didn't have any itching and healed beautifully but later on I gained weight and the fat went below my belly and I want to get that removed. My doctor was in Costa Rica and honestly, I can't imagine that you weren't given something in writing and maybe you just didn't read it? Obviously, you didn't like the doctor but how was the final outcome of the procedure?

Hi Toni,


How did you results turn out? Has the itching gone away?


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Really didn't take time with me before or after surgery.

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