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Hi. I am soo excited. Scheduled for Smart Lipo...

Hi. I am soo excited. Scheduled for Smart Lipo this Friday at 11am. I am going to Ft. Lauderdale and live in Dallas, heard this doctor was AWESOME. Im getting soo nervous. My surgery is scheduled for Friday, and I leave back to Dallas on Sunday June 3rd. I am having my flanks, and upper/lower abdominals.

Any advice on the plane ride home. Thats probably my biggest concern as I am 5'11, the seats are already pretty tight. I figured, I would just take some tylenol before I get on the plane and hopefully sleep. Any advice?

I will update pictures soon. OMG... this is a crazy journey Im about to go on.


Thinking about you today, lejenn! I hope your plane ride goes all right. Keep us posted :)
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do you have pictures, and why fort lauderdale. was it the price.. just curious. I love the area
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Hi oMg..crazy experience. It was great tho.,few points of pain during procedure..but for the most was ok. lil sick on the ride home. Felt like I had to vomit. Slept all yesterday. Woke up early bc I kept tossing and turning..i have my feet elevated and try to walk as much as possible. Dnt kno how the plane ride is goinh to go. I can barely sit up strait.getting sleepy just wriring thjs. Well touch base later
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O..and I look great. Only pics I have are...

O..and I look great. Only pics I have are completely nude. The doc sd he'll email me my before photos ASAP. For it to be day 3, I'm shocked. Doc was even amazed at my post op...


I am looking for someone here in Dallas to go to Dr. nathan Long with and split a $9600 pkg. They said 3 ppl can split it and with fees and everything its only $1600 per area! Thats the best price Ive heard of here in Dallas and he has rave reviews I know someone personally who said he did better than she could have imagined! If anyone is interested in gettering two areas done at this price let me and another girl are wanting to go.

Do you mind me asking if you paid more than $1600 per area?

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Sorry I typed too fast! LOL *getting
Are you still looking for a buddy to split the package or have you guys already had the procedures done? If so, are you happy with the results?
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