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Smart Lipo Dumb Decision

I had smart lipo in Seguin, TX 7wks ago and just...

I had smart lipo in Seguin, TX 7wks ago and just had my follow up visit for "after" pictures. It was a disaster and I left crying. I have had no change at all, my chin looks worse than when she started and the staff kept saying "did you wear your compression garment"

Yes I wore it 24/7 for the first 2 weeks, body suit and chin/head strap. After that I wore the body suit 24/7 minus washing for 1 hr every other day. Then I wore the chin strap at bed time like they recommended. The doctor finally came in after my husband requested to speak to her 3 different times. Her response is that I am still swollen and this is not the final result... ok maybe this isnt the final result but at the rate i have "swelling" I will be twice the size. I went from a size 14 to 16. I thought the idea was to go the other direction.

Completely disappointed!!!

Dr Melanie Carreon

Office treats you nice on the consult and then herds you through like cattle the rest of the visits including procedure day

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I had a horrible result from Dr. Carreon and have lumps on my stomach and my back. She is less expensive for a reason - find someone in San Antonio who knows what they are doing. Look at her before and after - most have lumpy stomachs.....
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Calitxan does not make sense. How can you go from size 14 to 16 after Liposuction? It's a fat removal procedure and not fat Addition! I had lipo with Dr. Carreon and she's very compassionate and spent long hours and not rushed throughout the procedure. I highly recommend her.
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I just wanted to reply that it is very possible to gain weight after liposuction. It happen to me, as I was told some people bodies just swell up after surgery..a bunch of bs if you ask me!
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simoneashfo - Are you happy with your results?
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I had smart lipo done 6 days ago and I'm very sore and sensitive to touch. I'm wearing my compression garment and a binder but when I take it off, it's creepy. I'm still numb on the lower and upper abs and it looks swollen. I had mine done in Seguin, TX and I'm hoping there is some drastic improvments soon. I tried to see who the provider was but I was unable to find it. Can someone tell me where to find the name of the doctor from the original post? I will reply back in about three weeks with my progress.
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Hi, I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad experience, so haven't I. I got burned on my arm, I have lost no weight, no inches, my stomach looks deformed, as well as my inner thighs, and I'm in the hole $5000. My doctor said I needed a touch up the other day... I need a lot more than a touch up, but not only that his office calls and trys to get $1000 out of me extra for this "touch up" procedure. I'm absolutely devastated. I'm working on seeing if they'll do it for free or give me my money back, if not I'm getting myself a good lawyer. I suggest you do the same. Good luck!
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I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. I also had a bad experence, not only do I feel it was not worth the money I spent but I also was burned on my inner thigh. I don't know how these doctors can sleep at night when they claim they can do one thing and end up creating a total mess. I would go back in three months and if there is still no change I would ask for your money back. Good luck with everything.
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