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Dr Misdiagnosed C Section Hernia Did Lipo over It 3 Times Called It Swelling and Fluid

I came to this dr in feb2008 for lipo on my...

I came to this dr in feb2008 for lipo on my stomach.He noticed I had a bellybutton hernia and said he would not do lipo until the hernia was fixed as it would be very dangerous.I then pointed out a hole I had at my c section scar and asked if that was also a hernia?He said no.That was his first mistake.

After my bellybutton was fixed he did my lipo on march 18th.At my first follow up I was concerned about a huge protruding bulge on my lower left abdomen which he said was swelling and fluid it will go away.At 2nd and 3rd folow up it was still there even though all swelling was gone everywhere else,this lump was prominant and ugly.He still said it was fluid and to wait and see.After 5 months I came back to have him do another area and a touch up to the lump which was still there.

At follow up the lump WAS STILL THERE.It flattened out when I leaned back and popped out when I stood up all classic indications of a hernia.He tried to aspirate fluid by sticking a needle in it and nothing came out.He still claimed it was fluid and to wait some more.

I am very aggravated by now and depressed over my stomach which is riddled with bruises and holes and a huge lump.

On sept 15 he did one last lipo treatment to try to make the area flat...but when I came in for follow up sept 29 guess what?the lump was still there unchanged.He looked at it and then told me that is a hernia you need to go have that fixed and he referred me to another surgeon.I went to 4 different doctors for opinions and obtained a ct scan which showed the hernia.

The doctor I ultimately chose to repair the hernia said the hernia was so blatant and obvious it was alarming that the first dr failed to diagnos it months ago.So I turned the doctor who misdiagnosed me into the medical board and am going to file a lawsuit against him.He still refuses to this day to take responsibility for his poor care and misdiagnosis and claims the hernia is my opinion only even though I have been through surgery and had it repaired.It was over 3 years old as my surgeon estimated it had appeared after my sons birth 4 years ago so it was there all along and the signs were there at every follow up but went undiagnosed for 9 months.

So something I had done to improve my appearance and make me feel better about my self has turned into a nightmare as I have to sit and wait for justice from the med board and go througha lawsuit to collect my money back when this doctor should have settled with me because of his mistake but he would rather have a disciplinary action on his record and defend himself in court over something I have proof of that he did wrong.

Dr {name shown above to registered users} is a...

Dr {name shown above to registered users} is a vascular surgeon who bought a smart lipo machine and went through a traing course and thinks he is as capable as a doctor who has gone through years of traing in this specialty.He is arrogant and unprofessional and has no eye for detail or underlying medical problems that can directly affect the results of the liposuction.Hernias cant be flattened by liposuction  and are incredibly dangerous to laser lipo over.I had a hole in my stomach with intestine pushing through,so the fact that he did not puncture my bowel is sheer luck.His prices are low and that is a deciding factor to a lot of people but please go with some one highly trained with credentials.I will never t rust myself with someone less than qualified ever again.

I did this procedure to firm up my tummy after 2...

I did this procedure to firm up my tummy after 2 kids.I was 120 pds and had some areas not look porportionate.I f I knew now what I was going to go through with this dr I would have chosen a dr with more qualifications and traing in the specialized area not a dr who just added this to his business for money on the side.He is not a cosmetic surgeon but calls himself one because he bought some equipment and took a wekkend training class.

Kulbhushan Sharma

Incompatant,unskilled in detail.Cares only about the money aspect and not patient care and satisfaction.lies to change his story and contradictes my medical chart notes.

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This is so scary:S glad to hear u made out of it alive.
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Sue the hell out of that "Son Of A Bitch'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate this God Damn doctors!!!! They just want are money!!! I wish you the best. I am a 125 pounds and hate some fat on my flanks and I am 5"3. I am a gym rat and could not lose the fat in that area. I wish I never did it. I am too having nothing but problems on my left side. I know its nerve damage. I hate my doctor. She makes me sick. I am from Sacramento and had this done in Folsom, Calif.
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cat and dog lover....yes he is responsible for misdiagnosing me.It was not a lump that is what he called it.What I had was a HERNIA MY INTESTINE HANGING OUT OF MY ABDOMEN.Is a dr with 24 years experience not supposed to be able to diagnos that??The reason my lipo did not give good results is directly related to the fact that he ignored the hernia symptoms I had at every follow up for months and called it swelling and fluid.That is incompetance and misdiagnosis.Dr sharma is fully responsible and is under investigation with the medical board.I have alll documentation to support my allegations.So please read the facts before you comment..it was not a lump.Also who are you to comment on why I need lipo if I am 120 pds?I had 2 csections and Im sure there are women who would agree c sections leave excess fat on the abdomen.If you cannot trust a dr with 24 years experince in general surgery who can you trust?I listened to him lie to me for 9 months that this protrusion was swelling and fluid but finally he had to admit it was ahernia after he could not get rid of it by liposuctioning over it.By the way it is very dangerous to lipo over a peice of intestine hanging out of your abdomen.So do you still think he is not responsible?I am paying back 6800.00 for his lies and misdiagnosis as well as having had to go through a nother hernia surgery whichI never should have had to go through if he had done his job and diagnosed it in the beginning.
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So you were 120 pounds and wanted lipo? I don't feel the dr was resonsible either, especially since lipo is known to have lumps. If you were that unsure you should have seen another doctor before going into surgery. Be thankful that you are healthy and 120 pounds.
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Oh he did my upper abs lower abs,hips and love handles.It did work great but I am mostly angry that he lied to me and misdiagnosed me so long and that is why I turned him into the med board.
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what area/s did you have lipo'd?
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just curious how your results turned out after removal of the lump/hernia? i'm not really trying to defend the guy but if honestly didnt know it was a hernia is he really responsible?
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Yes he is responsible....he is a general surgeon that is what he does is fix hernias.I paid him all this money to make my stomach flat and everytime I came in for follow up there was my hernia and all the symptoms in his face.H e said it was swelling and fluid for 9 months when if he was a skilled dr he should have known what it was.If I could not trust him to diagnos me properly who could I trust?I had to go out on my own and meet with other surgeons to see what they thought and they diagnosed it immediately.Sooooooo yes I feel he is at fault.He should not be doing lipo if he cant figure out something that obvious as an underlying problem that directly affects the results.My hernia has been repaired by a grrrrreat dr and it looks fabulous now,very flat.
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