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Smart Lipo Didn't Work on Me

I previously had traditional liposuction performed...

I previously had traditional liposuction performed on the "love handles" area and made the doctor aware of this during my initial consult. I was advised that traditional lipo doesn't work well in this area (and she was right, at least in my case!) but Smart Lipo would be able to go in and remove the remaining fat from the area and then gently smooth and tighten the skin.

On the day of surgery, I was told they didn't have a compression garment for my procedure and would have to FedEx one to me the day after surgery. Problem #1.

After taking the meds for sedation and infection they put me in a room to watch tv, relax, and get ready to doze off. At this point, I still had not seen the doctor that day. Problem #2.

Seriously---this is the last thing I remember up until the point of tripping on the stairs getting back home. I have NO memory of the surgery, ever meeting the doctor, or apparently all the craziness I did during the post surgery (the nurse said I locked myself in the bathroom twice...lol, that is kind of funny). Problem #3. I encourage everyone to discuss with their doc the level of sedation they'll be under. I was given 2 demurol and 1 loritab prior to surgery.

Now the REAL problem. Upon my follow up appointment I was told (by the nurse) that the procedure did not go well. I had too much scar tissue (from the prior lipo) which short circuited the machine after breaking 2 of the Smart Lipo fibers. The nurse left me stressed and scared as she made it sound like a botched job and I was going to be disfigured. I demanded the doctor and they pulled her out of another Smart Lipo procedure. I was told they were able to work on me for about 10 minutes and that what little result I would get would at least be even. That comforted me at least.

The doctor said she offered another procedure called "vaser lipo" which would likely work better if I wanted to come back in a couple of weeks to do it. Unfortunately, I price shopped and did this out of state.

To wrap all this up---if you're a prior lipo patient wanting smart lipo to fix the "saggy skin" look...then I encourage you to discuss this thoroughly with the doctor.

Dr. Leslie Masters of The Masters Clinic

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I had laser lipo a little over a year ago, and WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I saw no results at all. I did everything they told me to but nothing good came out of it. I spent $5000, had to take time off from work, it is painful, very painful, I was uncomfortable in the compression garment and for nothing. If you are considering this don't waste your time or money! My sister also had this done and it didn't work for her either.
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Hi thanks for sharing Im in the same boat no results after one year.
Do you know of if anything that can be done? Get money back or something to address problem. Any help would be appreciated..
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RodDbod, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but I think you already know what went wrong with your procedure. But just for conversations sake: You definitely needed a compression garment and you should have been awake for the procedure. I really think you just got a raw deal. I personally had a great experience. Hope everything works out for you. TenderToni
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I'm so sorry your procedure went so poorly. I also had Smartlipo with {edited - provider name is located above the original review}, and the first time she did it without suction, and I really didn't have any results, like many people. But she redid the whole thing using Vaser/Smartlipo combo, at no cost to me, and I feel I had really good results on that procedure. I still have to go back to have a couple of "dents" smoothed out, but they are not too bad, and that seems to be very common. Again, the revisions are not costing me anything (except travel costs). Anyway, I'm just so sorry you didn't have a better experience, I do think it's better to have procedures done locally so you can go back for revisions easily, I live about 2 hours from {edited}, and it is a pain to have to drive that far, and stay in a hotel every time.

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