Smart Lipo Burns!

I'm in my 60's and had wanted Smart Lipo...

I'm in my 60's and had wanted Smart Lipo to give my face some definition. I developed jowls, and a sagging neckline.

I had smart lipo done in dec., 07, locally. The area underneath my chin is scarred badly and permanently due to a bad burn mistake early in the procedure. the doctor didn't make me aware of what had happened until after he was finished and had to show me my image in a handheld mirror! I was horrified!

I must stress here that it's imperative to get yourself an experienced doctor. I'm now going to a dermatologist to get rid of the scar, and the doctor who is responsible for it wrote and said that he wants to see the "progress" that my neck has made.

i talked to him heart to heart on tuesday and he said if I get a scar (and he says he doesnt think i will) but if i do get a scar he will take care of it at no charge. He has been my surgeon for 2 years already ,he looked me in the eyes and I kinda believed him. So I feel better. As of the burn, it looks ugly as hell, its now covered only with the silverdyne ointment and a big bandaid, no need to use the head wrap anymore. it seems to be getting a big smaller and pinkish in the corners. there is a deep area that the Dr says it might be the one that give us problem but again he said if it scars, he will remove it and fix it. The tummy tuck he said he is very happy about, drains are all gone and staples, only have the little tapes and it looks dry. Water retention still a lot, he gave me 5 days of waterpills to help with that but I lost 10 pounds of liquid already. Still don't fit on my regular jeans...frustrating! Im using the garment and he says I will for at least 2 month more. My new belly button looks pretty, clean and dry. I know I could sue or ask for my money back or whatever but I'm a sucker for that Dr...he is just a warm nice dude. So I'm hoping for the best, taking deep breaths and trusting that if i really need fixing, he will come true. Its been exactly 15 days from my surgery. Thanks for your comments and wish you the best. Fingers crossed!
To lobaluz. Sound like you are one of the lucky ones. I would make the doctor take care of all of your medical bills to cover your burn. You will need antibiotics & you will need ointments. After it heals you will need IPL treatments to take out the purple color. It is under you chin, so it will not be that visable. If it is worse than what you have explained....GO NOW TO SEE A PLASTIC SURGEON. HE WILL TELL YOU IT WILL HAVE TO HEAL FOR 6-12 MONTHS. You have to sue within 6months to 2 years.
i had smart lipo and tummytuck 2 weeks ago, the tummytuck so far so good, I'm retaining tons and liquid and i'm 20 pounds heavier than when i started but havent seen anything that scares me to badly. my smartlipo on the chin was a mess. I have a 2x2 burned patch taht is painful, really red and definitely will leave a mark. The nurse told me that the dr made a mistake and burned me during the procedure on his attempt to have my neck skin at tight as possible. I don't know what to do. This Dr is not new to me, he did my gastric bypass 2 years ago, he also took my gallbladder a few months later. He is a very nice person, I have folllow up appoitment tomorrow with him. What should I expect? I know its burn, I know it will need more attention? what should I do? Im sorry i jumped in on this discussion, I stay up all night looking for smart lipo burns and trying to figure out where to do from here, and I found this discussion going. Should I ask for my money back, I paid 11K cash, 9.5K for the tummy, 1.5 for the chin tuck. The procedure was in his clinic but he also had to sent me to ER for overnight cause my blood pressure went really low and I bleed more than he expected. I have no idea yet if the insurance is going to cover for the ER overnighter. Anybody can tell me what should I do? I'm so tired of thinking the worse outcome...
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He obviously flunked Smart Lipo, in my opinion.

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