2 Weeks Post Procedure, Waist 2 Inches Smaller

I had Smartlipo with suction performed on my upper...

I had Smartlipo with suction performed on my upper and lower abdomen 2 weeks ago and I have lost 2 inches off my waistline, and my belly "hangover" is gone. I have a hard bump/line under my ribs that extends across my abdomen. My Dr. says this will go away with time and massage.

My belly button is a bit "twisted" looking, but this is my first day to not wear the compression garment and it "should" go back to normal with massage and after the swelling goes down. When and if my navel returns to its normal shape and when the bump goes away I believe I will be very happy. I am currently scheduled to have my inner thighs done. My procedure took a little over 2 hours and was pain free except when the suction tool got close to my ribs. Even then the pain was tolerable.

My Dr. injected 2500 ml of the numbing/anesthesia into my stomach and suctioned out 1600 ml of fluid/fat. I stopped leaking after about 36 hours. I drove home after the procedure and took 1 Lortab that evening and one the next evening to help me get to sleep. I had 1 bruise near my ribs that went away after a couple of days.

Hello, ARe you still happy with your smart lipo? how much wrinkly skin were you left with?
I had smart lipo on my inner thighs and what they call batwings on the back of my arms done on 1/13/09. It is now 1 week and 1 day since. It isn't like the "lunch lipo" they say, but I have to admit, if you HAD to go back to work that day you can. But my advice is to take a week off to take care of yourself to heal properly. I am not overweight, I did it to tighten up the loose skin on my inner thighs and arms that exercise does not seem to get rid of. Anyway, some people say they leaked a lot of fluid the first couple of days. I did not, maybe because they didn't take a lot out because I'm small. I leaked hardly anything. My biggest advice is to use arnica cream to rub on any bruises you may have. I bruise easily and I was amazed as to how any bruise disappeared within a week using this stuff. Also, a week before my procedure, I took vitamin C, vitamin K, zinc and ate fresh pineapple (it has bromelain) every day. I think I have no bruises because I used this regime not only before my procedure, but still am post-op. I also am taking arnica lozenges that helps with the soreness. Other than my arms and legs being sore like a really hard workout, I am amazed how you can function and walk around unlike having an operation or regular liposuction. Do expect swelling and bruising. Everyone is different, but mine are almost gone and it's only a week. The only thing I do have is a hard spot on each inner thigh way up high near my panty line. My doctor says this will subside in time also that to massage it everyday at least twice a day. So people, massage, massage, massage to keep that from hapening. Overall, I am very pleased. I kept looking in the mirror and was not sure if I see any change. (especially if your're not that big, its hard to tell a difference because you forget what you really looked like prior the procedure. But I have to tell ya...Yesterday, which was 1 week, I tried on my jeans that I could not get into anymore AND!...oh my god, I fit in each and every one of them! I was truly amazed! I guess as far as the look of the skin, the tightening will follow and the apperance will be seen as the weeks go on. So, don't get discouraged. I will follow-up and let you guys know if when I actually see the appearance of my skin smoothing out. Now, my question is this to anyone out there. Besides the massaging, especially the 2 hard spots (and they hurt, does anyone have any suggestions as to what more I can do to get rid of them faster? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Overall, I am pleasantly pleased that I can fit in my old clothes and I hope I see results in my skin tone in the future so I can wear a bathing suit again. Looking forward to anyone's opinion/advice. I will let you know how I feel next week.
Do you have any new pics email me, I'm 16 days post op and my stomach is still swollen with hard lumps. How long did it take for the swelling to go down?

Please save your money and don't do this! Get a tummy tuck or leave it alone!

I expressed my concern to my doctor and returned for a touch up in 2009. It didn't do a thing. The only thing left to do it get a tummy tuck.
My abdomen is permanently screwed. It has a cobblestone effect from the belly button up, loose, wrinkly skin up the middle, the "speedbump" under my ribs never went away, my navel is distorted and from the navel down there are fat pockets everywhere. I looked better fat. My stomach actually looks better now if I push it out and make it fatter rather than suck it in.
Did the lumps ever go away? I have huge ones. I really regret this survey. I saw a plastic surgeon & he said he could do steroid injections on the lumps. So frustrated! Did you get a TT?
Vishnu Subramani Cape Smartlipo

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