Smart Lipo on Arms...can Tell Ill Be Smaller

So I am going this Saturday, November 15th, 2008...

So I am going this Saturday, November 15th, 2008 for SmartLipo on my arms (tricep area) also known as BatWings. I have done everything possible - dieting, exercise - you name it. I am not overweight although not stick skinny. I work out 5 to 6 days a week with cardio, weights and calestetics. So i have been told to start taking arnica Thursday and the antibiotics on Friday. They advised me to massage the areas after the soreness goes away due to some kind of tissue that forms (fiber tissue?) not always but happens and to massage it . I will update with pics and info on how the surgery/results end up.

11/16 DAY 2...ok so i woke up today and my entire...

11/16 DAY 2...ok so i woke up today and my entire LEFT arm from my armpit to my hand is swollen!!! My right arm is fine...of course there is pain...i can move around with a little whimpering here and there. Also last night my friend was kind enough to bring me ice cream !!! HOwever, maybe bbecause its dairy or maybe it just doesnt mix well with the antibiotics but i woke up at 3am and vomited it all up. So refrain from eating anything thats not light for the first couple of days. 

ok so i put ice on my left arm and the swelling on my hand and forearm has subsided. MAKE SURE to ice your areas the first and second day. I am able to take the bandages off tomorrow. The pain is a little more than just a bad workout. Considering i work out everyday and have experienced alot of soreness in the past...I will update more later

11/17/08 - DAY 3....So i woke up this morning and...

11/17/08 - DAY 3....So i woke up this morning and was able to remove the ace bandages - no leaking. What made the pain worse was the tape/bandaids ripped my skin so those areas are very tender....I iced my arms last night and am still swollen but not as bad. I can see a slight difference but still have to wait it out. I am bruised very badly but dirving wasnt bad this morning to work - where i am now. It feels tight and very sore. I will update tonite with more photos

Just wanted to see how you're doing now. Did you get the results you were looking for?

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Hello, I think it will go away. One thing I though is I would lightly massage it every day if you can it helps it heal quicker also go to Vitamin Cottage or a vitamin store and get this stuff called Arnica it helps also they have a pill you take and then a gel you rub on your arms. This will also help the skin. Is the ball where one of the incisions was made or ?
Its been since december 15th so about over a more lumps - i massaged every day and no more swelling.. i love the results.

So its been 4 years since i had the surgery -...

So its been 4 years since i had the surgery - there are pluses and minuses to this and i am sure there have been advances to this technology. For example I heard Vaser is now the replacement of this which includes the skin tightening for after. I am very happy with my results but this is also part to me continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle - it is NOT a solution to being fat. If you are overweight and have been working out and eating healthy and have stubborn areas to get rid of ..then i suggest this for you. If you just dont want to work out and want a quick fix. It won't last. POsting updated photos.
To answer your question about MY results, YES i am totally happy and would have done it again. You have to remember you MUST workout afterwards. Once you heal you cannot go back to eating everything and laying on the couch. I have continued my workouts and eating healthy. So the results are fabulous. One thing i will say is that my skin has change of color now in the temperature or when i work it looks flushed sometimes. and the shape is a little off. Like my triceps when i flex look like drumsticks. So i would never do my legs for fear of messing up the natural shape of my legs. however my arms are AMMMMAZING...will post pics in a few minutes.
okay awesome thanks!
hi do you have recent after pics? :) are you happy with your results?
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So far so good - waiting on results

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