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Had My Smart Lipo 3/14/11 - West Nyack, NY

I went to a few consultations one was lower i...

I went to a few consultations one was lower i opted to the midrange price for my upper lower abs and flanks not because of the price but the surgeon had excellent bed side manner, comfortable with facility. Has been doing smart lipo since it first came out. 1/3 his staff had it done by him. i felt comfortable and am going in for it. So excited.

Will keep everyone posted.

I went to a dr. recommended by someone here on the...

i went to a dr. recommended by someone here on the board. I felt so comfortable with him. I went in with one mindset of what i wanted and came out with soemthing totally different. He explained to me about having lipo in one area and other areas not in proportion with the final result. His knowledge bedside manner, and great demeanor made me feel so comfortable. Going with him instead of my other poste. Having upper & lower Abs, waist and back with general anesthesia, i opted for general because i am healthy and there is no reason i should feel discomfort and i'm having more than 2 areas. VERY Happpy pushed up my treatment to 3/14.

I am having my procedure Monday and am so excited.

I am having my procedure Monday and am so excited.

HAD my smart lipo on monday. my doctor was amazing...

HAD my smart lipo on monday. my doctor was amazing. lots of discomfort and soreness. The fact that you go to work the same day is bull. i took the week off. the incision were leaking a lot of blood since there are not stiches. had to sleep on a plastic with towels. pajamas were saturated with blood. they say its part of the procedure. i'm still swollen but had it under general anestesia which i wanted as it was upper, lower abdomen, flanks waist and back.

not to sure about results yet but hard to sit and get up. glad i took time off.

will update as i heal. loved my dr. loved the staff at the practice.

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I'm doing great... Pain is definitely gone and am able to work hard core and run for 1 hour and be okay... I am tender to touch on lower abs but that's about it... It gets uneven when I wear jeans but goes away later. I love the results but it's not bikini ready as its uneven and the lipo sites are cleared up yet ;-( you can totally see all the incisions by faaaar. I'm not happy about that ;(
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Still not feeling 100%. areas burn and feel tight. Laying down on lipo sites hurt, driving still uncomfortable. i just cant wait to heal. I know that it takes about 3 months but my sites are tender to the touch still, lower abs muffin top and back. Good results but tummy still not flat. significantly down. eager to see results. Hope you ladies are doing much better. happy healing
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Hi Donna,
how are you feeling? Im basically 100% okay with the lipo but the brazilian butt lift is killing me! cant sit or go to the gym for to long.

Ive noticed my belly gets REALLY uneven if i wear tight jeans or leggings (which i have to do - someone has to pay the bills) it weirds me out! do u feel the same? also i have the area of my belly button numb and really hard. The itching is finally gone.

Hope you are doing great :)

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hi there: ouch on the butt aug. i've read that takes alot of time to heal. ihope it gets better. I'm on week 3 and still sore inside. my bruising is gone but i'm still sore to the touch. my back and waist looks amazing and tummy has gone down significantly but some days its pouchy. my doctor told me its normal and ultimate results are 3-6 months. I had to take the compression garment off for two days because it got very uncomfortable burning and stuff. he said its the healing. i just want to feel 100% already. when i put on the garment which i've worn for 3 weeks 24 7 except to bathe and my tummy is still numb in areas. i don't have any lumping. I don't wear any tight clothing at all in fear of uneven healing. they say to massage those uneven areas as it could be pockets of collective fluid. try massage...i hope you feel better. keep me posted i hope your tushy heals quicker..just know the pain is worth it..;)

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Maybe it's only me but I haven't taken any pics besides the docs pics at his office I only measure myself and avoid looking at my belly without the garment.. Since it's not the final result I don't wanna get frustrated with the swelling and etc
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I asked my dr to send me my pics pre surgery. Waiting for his office to send them. I will post them as soon as i get them definately.
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Well, depending on the day I feel okay but working is a big task for me...i walk very slowly, sneezing, laughing, coughing is still pretty tough but I see the results. my doc took out almost 3200ccs of fat! the itching has improved too...my doc recommended Aveno for itching around the incision sites...it is like a lotion and pretty cheap. I am also taking Arnica tbs, arnica gel and bromelain and they are helping wooonders. My garment seems a lit bit bigger than it should so i dont feel as much pressure...im thinking of buying a smaller one but not sure yet...lemme see what else...my skin is tight again already, thank god! that loose skin in the first day looked terrible.
My recovery is being a lit tougher because of the brazilian butt lift i did together with the lipo..cant sit, cant lay on my back...driving is a huge task now.

congrats on your results!!
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that's really awesome. I agree the recovery is not as easy as some people posted. I guess everyone is different but i have a high threshold for pain and i'm just incomfortable. Coughing, sneezing is a task. So happy to hear you are healing well. Yayy!
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Went for my post op today. My doctor could not beleive how well i was healing. he noticed significant changes in my treatment areas. he was surprised only week 2 of recovery and the results are astounding. He said he is looking forward to the 2 month out once the actual results are"supposed to really be visible" he said i still have a lot of healing to do and still swollen so if i look like i do post 2 weeks then the final results will be great. my next appt is 4/27 where he will take some pics to compare to my first.

He collected 2800 CCs of fat. equivalent to 2 2liter bottles of soda and a half gallon of milk.

He said for me to keep antibiodic ointment on incision sites and one of the reasons of the good contour is because i have not taken off the garment since the procedure (only to bathe).

I feel so happy and am looking forward to continue healing.

Still very sore and itchy but well worth it.

hope everyone is recovering well and your early results are fabulous with more fabulous results approaching :)
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You lose senation in the areas they lipo because the nerves are bruised. It will start to come back slowly, most of mine is back now. My itching went away in a couple weeks, it's a good sign that those nerves are healing.

I am in my 4th week of healing and able to do most anything including going to the gym. Very minor soreness now but sore to the touch when I massage my tummy seveal times a day. That's what you get when the numbness goes away but it getting better now. My binder really helps protect it.

You will notice every day is better when you wake up! Good luck!
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My doctor did use sutures and I didn't experience all the massive drainage that many of the ladies talk about, even though I had trumescent liposuction. Yes, you are very sore! I also took a week off.

Any how, it gets better quickly! You should be noticing some of the discomfort easing up at this point. At the 1 week mark it was much better and 2 weeks was a huge milestone for me.

I am at 2 1/2 weeks and good at work but sore at the end of the day still.

Hope you will post before and after pics. Hang in there and feel better!
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i had sutures in mid section and waist where he did tumescent also then he did smart lipo in the smaller areas where no sutures where used that's where i bled from yuk. Im on second week and my first day back to work was today boy was i achy too this afternoon. worried because my stomach area is very numb. i have my post op weds so i'm going to ask for the pics. I will post them when i get them and i wil also ask how much he collected.

I hope you are feeling better too..keep me posted since you are bit ahead of me...
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i actually went with dr. elliott heller.iam also healing right now. not as easy as they say very sore and the incisions bleeding the first day was tough and messy but we shall see the results.

hoping your healing well.
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Im getting better..lots of itching and sitting is still very uncomfortable but will get there! are u liking your results!? i see a huge difference but im still very swollen

hope you are doing great!
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me too omg the itching has me nuts. my tummy is numb though. I am still sore especially after going back to work after a week. i see a difference in my back but my tummy pouch is still swollen.

keep me posted on your recovery.
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oh no sorry I meant @ Donna Pomona

not sure if she saw my doctor or some other doc out there

good luck monday!
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Did you see Dr. N? I am not sure if you are talking about him or another doctor.
Goodluck! :)
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If your question was for me, I live in Ohio and had Dr. Gupta. Day 8 for me with amazing results so far.
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Hope you are doing well. I had the same areas done and am at the end of my 1st week and doing quite well. Happy healing!
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good luck! im on my second week of healing :)
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awesome thanks so much keep me posted on your procedure and good luck
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Sure, my doc is called Neil Goodman. I saw many other docs but Dr. Goodman has a good price and has done more than 2.000 smart lipos...he shows you many pics of his patients and etc. I like how realistic he is...his office is in Mount Kisco but he has another office in NYC. His phone # : 912 242 4882

As far as the anesthesia...I am not thinking much about it...many ppl did it i can do it too..im focusing in the results instead but goodluck! I'd not go under geral anesthesia unless i really needed it.
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OMG I am from Nyack, too!! I am doing my surgery with Dr Goodman in Mount Kisco though. Didnt know there were docs in Nyack doing Smart lipo
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yes i did a search it's a laser treatment center near the Palisades mall. Venolase it's called. I'm also getting another opinion from a NYC md. In reading many posts i don't know if i can tolerate local anesthesia. So i'm checking with other physicians that do general. Can you email me your physician?
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