Hi All, I have done my upper and lower tummy...

Hi All,

I have done my upper and lower tummy ofically 3 weeks ago.my bruises are totally gone.arnica gel and pill help alot.

but i am not so satisfied with my result.My upper tummy ,under my hips has still fat ,and my doc said keep wear garment then if doesnt work ,he will do some touch up.when i touch my upper tummy it is as same as before ,and it is not hard as my lower tummy.I guess he didn,t touch there.but i am really not interested in going through the same pain.so i will wait and keep wearing my garment and go gym everyday.

i will try to attach some pictures,please tell me your opions ,do i need touch up on my upper tummy,under my hips.and also my right side is thinner than left side.do you notice that?thanks

I really want to post my new pictures,now it is 5 weeks.And i have started to see result,i am much flatter than before.and I was in miami for holiday and put my bikini :) and it is the best gift for me for the xmas.
Hi Paa, I had my procuder done in queens,ny.
I had Smart Lipo done in October on my upper arms and chin. Is anyone else having problems with cannula lines and also hard spots and discoloration? I now have cannula lines under my chin so I have traded one problem for another and now I am going to have to try to find a procedure to remove them. My doctor did not mention that this would be a side effect. Has anyone had this problem and had them removed?

Ok..below are 7 weeks post pictures...

ok..below are 7 weeks post pictures...

Hi M-tay28 ,are you ready for your surgery or you have already done?
Hi Efcaz, sorry i couldn't reply you before but i tried ,the system rejected my posting .so i hope you are feeling better now.how is your bruising now?i hope you feel better and happy with your result that time.i am doing good ,actually i am still happy but no difference than the last pictures,even the scars are same:) damn!i hope they will be gone by summer.
hi, yes i still have scars and just see alittle colour diference .it is not as red as before.still using scar gel almost 18 hours a day.I hope they will be disseapeared until summer.only thing i didnt like from this procudure is these scars,so be careful when you decide they are really deep scars and take time to heal and diseappear.good luck

Hi Everyone ,I just want to show my 4 incisions ...

Hi Everyone ,I just want to show my 4 incisions .they have changed the colors ,they are not  as red as before.I have been using scar gel for a month ....They are realy deep scars ,take time .I hope I will get rid of them until summer.Besides that I have no more lumps, hardness.today is 3 months 10 days.

hi...i realize that a lot of time has passed since you had the procedure, but from your pics, i would say you look AMAZING! your 7-week post-op body is so perfect and tight. i can only hope to look as good as that when i get to my 2 month mark. i hope that your incision scars have faded more with time. thanks for your advice and feedback!
Wooow...U look Great!
Sorry to hear you aren't so so happy with your surgery. I am about 8 weeks out and I am happy so far. I heard that I will see more results 3 -5 months out but of course i have to continue to go to the gym and eat right. Sometimes I feel like I should have gotten more out and sometimes I don't. I still have to see...I am using scar gel too and so far it is helping. I will post pictures within the week so you can see :)
Dr robert Rho

he was a little nervous and stress during the procudure.

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