I Love my New Shape!!!

Having 2 wonderful children left me with the...

Having 2 wonderful children left me with the additional perks of stretch marks and stomach pooch - so, I've decided to do something for me this time, and invest on making my appearance better once again.  I had the procedure done on July 7th and I would have to say, it was not so bad at all.  My doctor began by giving me a shot of Demerol and started marking my tummy - I was getting my lower and upper abs done plus my flanks.  Then I was taken to the surgical room and given anesthetics on the sites, followed by breaking up the fat using the laser.  I didn't feel pain at all, except for when it gets around the rib area.  Then the fat was suctioned out with a small cannula - at one point, I got up so the Dr can check the areas - other final suctioning, and I was done.  I was wrapped and went on my way home. The whole thing took about 3 hrs, 2100 ccs later.  No pain meds prescribed, just Extra Strength Tylenol.

Surprisingly, my first night wasn't so bad.  I was tired, but not really in so much pain except when I had to get up from a sitting position and vice versa.  I was just sore like I had a big workout - I was exhausted, that I fell asleep in my recliner.  The next morning, I was going back to my Dr, for a post op follow-up - I took the city bus, and walked 11 blocks to get to the clinic, like it was nothing.  I got there - they helped me out with my wrap, took out all the yucky pads - I drained all night and that was it - He was very pleased with my results, and since I wasn't draining anymore, I just went home in my garment.

I would say at day 2 (day 3 including the day of procedure), I was able to move around freely with  very minimal feeling of soreness - I was able to flip from side to side while in bed, and it didn't even seem like I had anything done.  I have been up and about with my kids and so far it's been great.  I'm now at day 7 and I took off my surgical garment and started using the Flexees body garment which is way more comfortable than the one I was in.  It looks like a bathing suit, so at least I can be in my shorts - It does feel like it's giving me the same compression as my surgical garment.  I see my Dr again in another week.  I know healing is an individual thing - so far, I'm doing wonderful.

I have been taking pictures and I'll update them as I go - feel free to ask me any questions. 


Can i just say your results look amazing!!!Congratulations. :)
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thank you. I'm 18 days out and I'm still very happy with my results. I'll update my review soon.

Hi I want to know if the appearance of your stretch marks improved and if your skin got tighter.  I also had 2 kids, and I gained so much weight on both pregnancys so my skin in my waist and stomach area, stretched to the max, so my skin right now is very saggy, my stomach is not too big, since i do 100 sit ups a day. Do you think smart lipo is good for me, Im more concern in fixing my saggy skin and stretch marks and maybe flubby stomach but that would be extra but not my priority. I want to go back wearing  my bikini and getting my stomach a tan :) Any input will really help.

At just over 1 month post op, I'm still very...

At just over 1 month post op, I'm still very happy with my results.  At my last post-op appointment, my Dr. said that I'm only 25% healed, so I have a long ways to go.  Aside from some very little tenderness left on my hips, I absolutely do not feel any discomfort.  I do get some swollen days, so my tummy would look bigger than PO, but still significantly smaller than my pre-op.  I had 1 stubborn lump that I had to massage (during evenings)  to the left my belly button - but I haven't seen it much after week 4 - I have been very lucky not to have the lumps and ropes that other people describe, and my skin seems much smoother.  The flanks are just awesome, no swelling whatsoever - I'm hoping that my results continue to get better as time progresses. 


Interestingly enough after reviewing your write up, I realize that I have an appointment for a consultation with the same doctor that you had your procedure with. You look fabulous ! I am really looking forward to meeting with him now:-)
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Hi Outie - how did your consult go?

I guess since my strench marks are below my belly button, and now that my pouch is gone, the stretch marks are covered by my bikini - I don't see them much anymore, but they do seem smoother ....and so is the rest of my stomach.  My skin wasn't really saggy to begin with - just huge! LOL, and my skin retracted very well.  I cannot really advise you if this would be the right procedure for you vs. a tummy tuck - but, I would suggest you consult with a doctor who can better advise you.  They can tell whethere you can maximize the benefits of the procedure and what your expectations should be. 

OK - I'm a little over 2 months PO, and I have...

OK - I'm a little over 2 months PO, and I have to say that's I'm still amazed with my results.  There are still days where it seems that my abs is bigger than my "NEW" shape, but that settles down too -- I guess that I'm still swollen inside.  At my last check, my doctor said that I'm only 60% healed, so I have a ways to go.  Anyway, I'm updating my pic.



Hi- Thanks for all the great info- I am also in NY, and and currenly looking for Dr's. For the same areas, I am being quoted $12,500 That seems outragous, and those doctors arent even in the city. I am considering your DR- But I see that he really specializes in eyes. Was that a concern for you-? Are you still happy with your dr? Would you recommend him? Thanks, Stacey
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I really think he did a great job on my SL - and yes, he is a board certified oculoplastic surgeon, facial specialty and a fellow in cosmetic surgery. He's been doing lipo, I think for about 10 years? If you notice, there's quite a range of "specialty" areas of Drs who perform SL - including dermatology, etc. I thought that being that my Dr has experience with very delicate procedures(eyes, facial stuff), he would be great with my SL -I saw some pics and patients, and felt confident that he can do a great job, and he did! I went to 6 consults, including 3 board certified PSs, and after sitting with all of them, I chose my Dr. He was very knowledgeable, and I felt confident that he can give me the results I'm after. I'm still very happy with my results, including my post-op care with him. Just check out my hour-glass shape. I think he did a great job on me.
Summer08 - AV said it well, I think that if your Dr used suction, then you should be able to see some improvements by now, however, you could also be really swollen, and as we know, we all react to this procedure very differently. I didn't swell a lot, but I've heard others do. For months...not to say that I don't go to bed bigger - I still swell some, but for the most part, my shape has been pretty consistent. Then again, this swelling is known to linger around between 6-12 months post op.
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So far...still good, I get bloated on my upper abs...

So far...still good, I get bloated on my upper abs every once in awhile, but I'm hoping that this too shall go away.  I've been able to fit into size 2 - 4 jeans which I'm very happy about.  Downside of this all....spending more money with new wardrobe.  I haven't been taking pictures lately, but it seems as if I'm maintaining the shape. 


So sorry I haven't checked-in - yes, I'm still happy Angela. I haven't updated any of my pictures yet. Maybe soon, when I get the chance. So, how did your sx turn out? I hope you're doing well. Consideringit, yes, my Dr. is in Manhattan
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is your doctor located in manhattan?
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So are you still happy? What happened to your pictures? can you post some updates? I am going in to have the surgery mid february- With the same dr as you- In the same areas.. THANKS!
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