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I have been here 1 month ago and I red review of...

I have been here 1 month ago and I red review of "xhavefaithx", I can say it helped me to make decision to go for it. I am 39 and this is my 1. experience with an aesthetic surgery. 4 years ago I tried augmentation with fat, but I chose not a good doctor, she couldnt take any fat from my hips so she had so little to put into my lips /I still think that the best way for your lips is your fat/. OK, the decision had been made and I got my new lips on 5th june. The first week everything was OK, but on the eighth day the suture didnt heal properly on the lower lip /had been damaged during the procedure I had 3 stitches/, so I had to go for the correction and I had 4 stitches and I was on the antibiotics and I washed my lips with herbs. On the second day after the reparation I had the rupture again and my silicon was out again!!! So, it didnt like my lip at all, or my lip dindt like it. I tried to pusch it inside, but it didnt work and after the phone consultation with my doctor /it was sunday/ a pulled it out. Very traumatic moment. For a few days after that I wanted to get rid of the silicon from my upper lip, but my doctor asked me to be patient, that it looks good. I had another problem that ennoyed me a lot, I could not open my mouth properly it felt like I had a thread arround my mouth and it was constict. I had a problem to bite the food. Now it is much more better, but I have to do the lip massage a few times during the day, keep my lips creamy and I do face gymnastics /yoga face/. After 3 weeks I can tell that all swelling has gone, I feel comfortable and I hope one day a could say that it was wotht it. :-)
I hope you'll be luckier with the fat injections.But from your pics right now your lips look just fine.I am having my permalip procedure this week...probably tomorrow or Thursday.I'm waiting for my implants to arrive from Slovakia:).i will post here my entire experience.I'm so excited and afraid at the same time.
fat is a TOTAL waste of money - had the fat done and it disappeared in 1 month - the body eats the fat - it is the worst of them all! Had gotex done and loved, loved, loved it - almost 10 years ago now.
hey Inga!So nice you've posted here as well but upset that you had to go through all that bad stuff.You took out the implant from your lower lip for good or you plan to try to put it back after your lip will heal?Your top lip look very nice now.Just the perfect size.I wish you all the best and fast recovery!

After 8 months

I am really sorry, but I have to tell you, that the decision to have the implants was the worst I have ever made in my life. On the 2nd of October 2013 I got rid of my implant in my upper lip, because it moved a lot to the right side and it was really painfull and uncomfort. Here on "Realself" I have read some comments about white dots on the lips, I had the same, it was fat. So I can NOT recommend this procedure and I would say "DONT GO FOR IT". Our lips are "very busy " during the day and with implants it is so hard to be normal, OK it is nice, but I need to speak, eat, kiss my kids and hubby and it was really bad.

Have a nice day, Inga
i read your review and it doesn't sound like you use Permalip as your went with the SILICON, which i read before getting my Permalips was awful and reviews from this site steered me away from SILICON should correct your title to SILICON IMPLANTS not PERMALIP sorry you had such a bad outcome but it wasn't because of PERMALIP...hope all is better :)
also btw your lips look great..seems like you naturally had full beautiful lips from what your bottom lip looks like without any implant
I apologize...please dismiss my first comment about changing title...when you indicated a rupture i was thinking you had the saline bad...never heard or seen about that with Permalip but i guess there's always a first... :(

That I had in my lips

The pics for Fitmom1 and the others if are interested ...
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