Slim Lipo on Upper and Lower Abs - Wisconsin

Had procedure on 4/16. Been just a little over two...

Had procedure on 4/16. Been just a little over two weeks. I had Slim lipo, which I'm not sure is too different from Smart Lipo, except apparently for the laser used. Anyway, I don't regret it, but I'm not seeing the results I wanted. I have 3 kids, 43 y/o, and couldn't get rid of my pooch. Two years ago I exercised and lost weight, down to 114 pounds, which was much too skinny for me. I still had a little gut, but it was better, but the rest of me was sickly looking. Back up to my normal 130 pounds (I'm 5'6 1/2) and love everything about the normal weight, except the pooch!! Finally decided to do something about it. This doctor was trying to establish a market here, so he was discounting the procedure, which is why it's so cheap. Anyway, procedure started at 9:30, was standing up, getting the compression garment on at noon. Didn't really hurt, but was pretty uncomfortable with the pushing and tugging. Leaked like crazy the first day. Wear black, that way if you leak through, you won't be able to see it!!! By Saturday, leaking was done. The compression garment isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually liked wearing it, because I felt like everything was staying in place. It doesn't feel great to have it flopping around, say if you'd walk fast or get jostled. Just feels better to have it tight. Anyway, I'm about 17 days post, and while I do see a difference, the protrusion of my stomach is still evident. I don't know if that's just genetic, or if he could have done more. I did originally see a PS about regular lipo, and she said it wouldn't help me, that my muscle wall needed to be tightened down or it'd always be sticking out. Hard to know who to believe. When I saw the doc who did this procedure, he said as long as he can pinch it, he can get rid of it. Which he got rid of some, but not what I wanted to end up with. Other than that, I'm happy I did it. There is a small difference, and that alone has helped me feel better than I did before. More confident in clothes. The recovery has been a breeze, really. The first day was tougher than the rest, but nothing too bad. My kids haven't noticed me acting differently and have asked no questions. I exercised lightly the first week, and at the start of last week I started giving it more energy, and started doing ab exercises to see if I can help it go down. The only thing I really can't do at this point is run. Well, I can run, but it shakes my stomach up and doesn't feel too good. Feel free to email me with questions if you'd like!


What clinic / doctor did you go to in WI? I'd like to see the same person.
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i think you are right, there is not a big difference but there is one. They day it takes 3 months to see final results. I am at about a week and a half since mine and I notice a big difference. I am slim like you but had a little pudge that I could never get rid of. My stomach is very flat now. Still swollen and knumb as heck. I would think the knumbing would go away when the local wears off but I guess not. Time will tell.
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Unfortunately for me, this procedure did not work....

Unfortunately for me, this procedure did not work. I am still the same as I was then. I think the compression garment is what helped it the most. There was very little difference after all was said and done. Not worth the 2500 bucks. So, I tried something new. I did the coolsculpting on thed 9th of February, 2012. Had one treatment so far on my pooch, and have no results yet to report, although that's to be expected. When they first put the vacuum on me, I panicked and felt like I couldn't breathe. It was really intense. I got through it, and have felt no pain throughout. The area is tender, like a sunburn, but is very tolerable. Felt fine afterwards. In fact, felt great to have that weight of the vacuum off of my stomach!! Will hopefully be posting pictures with good results this time, but as of this moment, I look the same.


Hello was just curious on what your status is now? Did u finally get the results u were looking for? Did u ever consider a tummy tuck?
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Hi, I would like to know where you went? that is a great price and I have not found anyone to do this less that 4500. Where did you go? Please let me know. Rebecca
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I can't find the name of the doc I went to. I know the clinic is no longer there, so I'm guessing he's gone. Try ilipo instead. It's done with lasers, no down time, and it's 800 bucks for eight sessions. I'm on my 7th, and I can see that fat has gone away. Unfortunately for me, I still have a protrusion, which I'm resigning myself to living with, unless I get a tummy tuck.
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