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63 Year Old Man: 'Year of Action'!

After literary ages, talk w/my primary for two...

After literary ages, talk w/my primary for two years, finally having initial consultation next Thursday. I'm 350lbs. Told all my life by my Dad I was fat. Did a mental job on me I kept inside. I look at old photos and, darn it, I looked good. Been through Optifast, Weight Watchers, fad diets. Have had two scents, arthroscopic knee surgeries. Enough!! Been reading the posts and feel greatly encouraged that I'm now doing something for me. I'm sure I'll be filled with questions or inquiries down the road. But Yeah, my initial consultation coming up. Look forward to knowing more and meeting on line all you beautiful people.

Update medical info

I had two heart stents.
Hi there, welcome!

Good luck with your consultation, I hope it goes well! WLS is not an easy process, but for me it has been worth it. If you don't mind sharing, why did you choose the band over the sleeve or bypass?

Please do keep us updated with your progress!
After reading about the procedures, the radical process of full gastric bypass and the sleeve seem - at this point - too extreme. Had Abrasion arthroplasty of the knee and already off from work three months. Taking more extreme time off would be unfair to my peers. That said, if after going through the process now, this is going to be 'The Year of Action' friend my health. I've had a couple friends that hadn't gone the last step of skin removal. Read possibly that skin with the exercise, may not be as bad with lap band. Economics also important, and, the surgeon's office will check all that out. Thus, lap band not as radical. Thank you.
Thanks for sharing. I totally understand your reasoning. For me, I wanted some permanent like the sleeve and I didn't want to have to deal with the filling/emptying of the port. But everyone has different goals.

The issues with skin, is less the type of procedure and more about how much you have to lose. Really, anything over 100lbs and most people will need the excise skin surgically removed, But if you have less to lose, and you work out regularly, then hopefully you will be able to tone it up!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

Photos over time

The photos show my weight increase over the years. The one sitting with a dear friend most recent. Beyond horrified. Yet as I add before photos, after being told I'm fat all my life, that mental psyche has worked me over. Now, time for my 'Year of Action'. Keep you posted. Thanks!

Initial Consultation - Weight Loss

Just finished with the program coordinator and two 'interns'. A lot of question. She has a dynamic personality. The program/process - or the Journey - as I like to call it has begun Anxious to view the animated clips they sent. Will look on YouTube for the actual procedures. I love watching. Afterwards met with Dr Agos. With the Dr and Team, spent a lot of time together. I'm very positive of my Journey. The discussion of the proper option to choose. TOOK THE FIRST STEP!!! Got inside the door: had a thorough discussion and then met with the doctor. Now, to view, read and schedule the appropriate appointments. The JOURNEY has begun.

The Journey...

Got initial lab results. Correcting Vitamin D, adding Fish oil and a Vitamin B complex. I initial medical supervision a week from the upcoming Tuesday. Set up Sleep study consult. Will be calling for psych evaluation. Wondering, any home exercises anyone can recommend? Starting treadmill, but, coming off short term disability for knee surgery, the strength is still weak. My Journey is building, Also, need to find a support group to attend. A lot in the first two weeks of 'Walking in the Door'. That was a HUGE STEP. Welcome any comments or suggestions.

Psych Evaluation

Still haven't picked out psychologist. How long of a process so I can arrange around work. My manager very supportive: insurance company coverage all set. On this Journey in My Year of Action. Then, start the dietician sessions. My mind is so Positive., One step at a time. Still pondering which procedure, now leaning from lap band, to sleeve. Welcome any comments. Thanks, Everyone
Best of luck to you. I'm coming along right behind. The insurance at my new (one year ago) job just changed their policy to require a 6-month wait; but I was officially "approved" last fall. Since then, I've been jumping through all those hoops: the sleep study, stress test, etc. And, meanwhile, I've lost 20 lbs (at last month's "routine" visit) by already changing my eating habits, which has me already in a positive frame of mind. I'll be 60 this summer, and this is a big birthday present to myself. To me the key is to remember that slow and steady wins the race. Therefore, I've not really told anyone about the ultimate plan, because too many outsiders (including "friends") are so judgmental and "are we there yet?" - neither of which is helpful. I have my share of those already saying that I could have lost this 20 lbs without any of the medical follow up that they know I've been having (though they don't really know WHY I've been having). I now tune them out and keep them uninformed. I, too, still have the psychologist on my list, and I'm getting on it right now - because I think my 6 months will be up around early May. At this point, I want no further delay! Regarding exercise, I think that's a Catch 22. For me, personally, I have needed to shed some weight initially to "feel" like/up to a more rigorous "regime" (also have orthopedic issues - but a hip not a knee). But, the weather is warming, and I am feeling I am "there". So good luck to us both!
Thank you for sharing your Journey. I did share with my manager and peers, as, they bring in food often. That I am changing my eating routine. They all support me. Told three close friends and that's it. Like you well stated, don't need negativity along my Journey. Will be starting treadmill and soon walks will be clear of snow and ice. Coming off three months from knee surgery, don't need setbacks. Now, with this surgery, - now, leaning towards sleeve from lap band - may be off another 2-4 weeks. My boss says whatever it takes. Love this type forum. Congrats yourself. Which surgery, if any yet, are you leaning towards. My thanks again
Lap band. My total goal is more modest than some people's: 40 lbs more than the 20 I've already lost and maintenance after that. I know 2 people who've done it. Both got where they wanted but one had a longer harder time bec she didn't follow the directions. If she was told told she could have one bite she'd choose a chocolate covered cherry.


Meeting with sleep doctor on 03/27. Due to a number of issues last year, stopped using CPAP. Just filled with distilled water for restarting tonight.

Meet medical supervision very early tomorrow morning for first of monthly visits. Still need to pick out psychologist. Then, dietician is weeks to come. Oh, need to contact primary to write recommendation letter0 Making good progress Thank you
Had my official medical monthly supervision. Disappointed, gained a few pounds since initial consultation. I had been lain up for three months due to knee surgery. She set goal to loose that weight, possible extra pound or two : need to buy a kitchen scale: Vitamin D for extra days of the week. Two days, I take a 50k capsule to increase D. Though few months away cleaning out refrigerator. Need to box staples in cabinets and donate to charity near by. Seeing sleep clinic for consultation on 03/27/14. Received results from last study a couple years ago. I had stopped using CPAP, due to accident and other issues. But, I've restarted. No, bad Have the nose pads. Wrote my primary to write a referral letter. Next to schedule attending a group session and, to schedule my psych Evaluation. Right now, was leaning towards lap band but, now towards the Sleeve. Medical coordinator says holding judgement, but, leaning towards getting 'Y'. It will be my final decision. So, a lot going on. Going well. Again, informed only three close friends for support, and, my manager and peers. All very supportive. Walking my dog for some exercise, but, need to due 4 days minimum on my treadmill for 15 minutes per session. Need to loose 10% f difference in current and ideal weight, some 13lbs Doesn't seem like much, but, Needs motivation. Keep you posted and welcome any comments or thought process on those that choose the Sleeve. The Sleeve is restrictive, the Y is restrictive and malnutrition. Decisions to make, thus, the group sessions will be most helpful and educational. Thanks, Everyone


From last and initial medical supervision, told to download apps, LOSE IT.! Keeping a daily diary of what I'm eating and exercise. Seeing sleep consult this Thursday morning and awaiting callback for appointment for psych Evaluation. April meeting with support group and missed Informational session also for April with second medical supervision,. Drinking more water than ever. Had egg white omelette at work today with veggies. Cottage cheese and boiled eggs for lunch - probably not too smart. Down already to one diet coke a day, even with months to surgery. Thinking of scheduling a dietician appt prior to the schedule. I feel working with dietician only helps and greatly assist with my monthly medical supervision! Makes sense to me. That may be out of my pocket, but money well invested.


Met with Dr Joya for my required sleep consult0 I brought my CPAP unit, hoses and nasal pillows. Her Nurse took the recording chip card out and brought in the readings. Due to a rear end accident, pain and discomfort, physical therapy and severe whiplash set in, I discontinued CPAP. But, from my very initial bariatric evaluation was informed to go back to using the unit now until surgery and weeks afterwards. Great news, it was weeks prior to seeing the sleep doctor and my card readings, compared to my previous results from 2012 were extremely good. NO NEW SLEEP STUDY IS NEEDED. See her again in six months.

Next appointment will be my psych evaluation on April 14th. Very next day attend a bariatric information session. Following week, 2nd monthly medical supervision and weigh in.

Purged my refrigerator of all bad food. Have carton to pack up items from cupboards to donate to food pantry.

Using the LOSE IT Android application. A daily diary of food Intake and any motivation I E., exercise. Will show monthly supervision doctor my entries. Watching labels for the pertinents: protein, sugar, fat and carbs. Quite an education and discipline in keeping track.

Honestly, had my 15th Anniversary at my company on Thursday, 03/27. Decorations, but, no goodies. They took me out to an extremely fine restaurant. As I informed my team of My Journey, they all pitched in and bought me small containers to transport my meals They bought smaller plates, seven baby sized looking spoons and forks. Bought two different sets of measuring spoons and containers. I felt the Love. As I buried my entire family, their support has been immense!!! They state they won't bring in junk food. Though I'm not asking them, they all are supportive and said it would be healthy for them, as well0 As I say on Facebook I use a phrase: ' I'm Blessed Beyond Measure...' I have not revealed my WLS decision on Facebook. Told my peers and manager and four close positive friends only. That's all I'm telling.

Thanks for listening. Sending Mikey Hugs.

My 'Gift' from my peers and manager

For my 15th Anniversary with my company last Thursday, my team took me to lunch. I had fish w/ mashed potatoes (bad, Michael). At the table they gave me a bag of goodies from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Measuring spoons, measuring cups, small plates, baby sized spoons and forks. I'm Blessed they are supporting me so positively and with Love. Need to get on the treadmill now. Just sharing my reflections as I think of them. I am down to one diet coke months out. Bought chocolate Whey protein powder. Need to look into high protein substitutes, no doubt the dietician will greatly help so I can buy product and stock up. Using my LOSE IT app. Oh, oh, anyone with pets??? I have a white lab, Joey. With being hospitalized, as I have no family, thinking of a Dog walker or hate to say, even kennel for up to a week. Not sure will I be able to walk how soon after surgery. Do you rest most of the first week? Any thoughts and suggestions most welcome.

Any men, welcome your pre and post op experiences, feelings, concerns.


Good Saturday morning. Starting on my own, in having two protein shakes as meal replacements on weekends. Though months away, anything to get me and my mindset on track for anticipation of liquids prior and after surgery, Grocery shopping for stocking up on my protein, vegetables and fruits. Skim milk. Have been on 2%, but, they want me to switch. No problem. Oh, this weekend, will probably buy a food scale and a blender. Truly welcome thoughts on either the scale or blender. They're going to be my best lifelong friend.

Wishing all who had surgery continued success: for those a short time away to remain Positive:, and, or those like me months away glad I found this site to chat and read your reflections and stories and thought process. It's been a privilege and look forward to continue to write, read and, reply. A great social media forum. HAPPY SATURDAY!


Got a hand held immersion blender. Comes with a bowl with blade to mince or puree. I'll try that this week to see how it works. As first few weeks will be liquids, followed by purees added, want to ensure I got the right unit. Also, looking at the NutriBullett and the NinjaMega. Have a regular blender in the garage. Was going to put in a garage sale, but, will look at the buttons0 May have already what I need. Welcome thoughts on units folks have been using. Thanks. Continued Success and Future Success to those N this dynamic Journey. Michael.


Keeping a daily diary on LOSE IT app, is disciplining me to my intake. Need to increase my protein. Drinking more water and other liquids. Bringing my Yogurt and 4oz Breakstone Cottage Cheese. Eating more bananas and apples. Checking out nutritional information on food if not on labels, from Google to enter in my LOSE IT app. My manager using a pedometer from Verizon that works with an app. Amazing. Need to look into it. Tough day at work but need to get on treadmill tonight for 10-15 minutes. Recovering from knee surgery and just returned a few weeks ago. Wearing knee brace. Will be fantastic when loosing the weight and realize the benefit on the knee joints. What a Win-Win benefit. Love reading and responding to fellow Journey partners. Continued Success to all who've had the surgery and those like me, that are learning, educating and absorbing ourselves from your stories. Yes, we are all individuals, but, soaking in all the knowledge we soak up like a sponge. Thank you all.


Today met with the psychologist. Great young doctor. Filled out numerous pages upon signing in. Only paid normal co-pay, not specialist Co - pay. I did state that my PPO States a higher fee to be honest. Then, she came out and we talked for over an hour. One episode, over my life, I honestly welled up with tears. But, How refreshing to express it. After our chat, went to the room next door and read and answered 334 questions on the PAI - Patient Assessment Inventory. Quite interesting. Being a Positive about Upbeat individual, after being a caretaker to two family members before they passed, to two heart events afterwards, two knee surgeries, this was my "Year of Action". Now, time to take care of Michael. Told her my process currently. Starting to eat differently, more liquid protein substitutes already. I'm so ready. Tomorrow night Information Session and Thursday my first Bariatric Support Group, ironically hosted by my surgeon and bariatric coordinator at one of the three hospitals I'm utilizing.
Meet for second monthly medical supervision next Monday or Tuesday - have to recheck. Bur, Psych Evaluation was very good and a healthy part of the process. Before taking the PAI, she saw no reason not to have surgery. I'll await the results. A great day today along my Journey. Wishing you all a great evening. Love reading and learning more evrrytime I log on. God Bless. Michael,.
Re insurance - I would suppose that anything might happen if your insurance coverage changed - regardless of what procedure you had. For example, supposing a new insurer (or even the one you currently have) drastically changes your co-pay (my company seems to up that every single year); or that your provider is suddenly "out of system" - or you move and the only provider in your new geographic area is "out of system" - even if your insurance didn't change. It seems to me that the procedure should be determined by what your weight loss and lifestyle goals are - and whether you are more comfortable with the idea of a "reversible" procedure or not. In today's economy, we could all get laid off tomorrow with NO insurance coverage other than what's now provided by the US govt. On that score, it seems to me there are more imponderables than on the medical side! I've known 2 people who both did the lapband procedure - one of whom had a lot more weight to lose than the other (I'm sure she was at 300 lbs if not more). Both eventually got where they wanted to be - but one sailed through while the other struggled. The struggle was due to not following the "rules" - or choosing a chocolate covered cherry over a meatball. Personally, I think if you know that you can follow rules - and that during your 6-month waiting period you've had success sticking to making better food choices and staying within your calorie or quantity limits, then the lapband can work very well. Fundamentally, that's a question of DISCIPLINE. In the two women I knew - I could have predicted from the outset the one who is disciplined - in every aspect of her life, not just food/eating - and the other who is not. Physically, the latter was sort of "forced" into compliance by the band - but she didn't go easily and without a struggle! I have my last official pre-surgical medical visit/weigh in in about 2 weeks, and I am anxious to know whether I have continued losing since I plateaued for the first time last month. At that time, we will file the paperwork for insurance certification. Will keep all posted. BTW I did just buy a few new size smaller clothes for spring/summer - and that alone has put a bounce in my step.
So true jqw3827. that is why I also said one should speak to their bariatric specialist when considering what is best for them. I just wanted to share mine and my sister's personal experience. So glad you are down enough to buy a new size wardrobe. Good luck with the insurance certification - I'm sure you will do great!
New clothes, that's the moment I'll be looking for in the weeks and months initially with Pure Glee. Eventually wean myself from the Big Men's stores, and, buy from off the rack at more reasonable prices too. Congratulations


Today attended the mandatory Info Session. Lasting an hour and a half, lead by one of the five bariatric surgeons of the North Shore University Health System and the Bariatric Coordinator, went over much of what I have heard and read already. Well attended, it was interactive. Going over the types of procedures, explaining each one : percentage of weight loss over the first year if you adhere to the Rules, pre and post surgery. Types of insurance coverage differences and waiting periods. Glad I have a PPO. How long a stay in the hospital to how long you will possibly be off work. To when you can drive again to that we will be receiving a binder from the dietician for guidance. What to stock up on before and after surgery, as you'll not b feeling that hot in doing any shopping. A great overview.

Thursday evening, will start my first Support Group Session. Meet fellow folks who have or will be starting their Journey, to meeting actual patients that have gone through one or more of the procedures. Really looking forward to hearing from post surgery patients: likes and dislikes. Hearing their 'wise counsel' on preparation for pre and post periods. Why they choose the surgery they did. Why one over the other. Their emotions of, did they make the right decision. Again, one of the mandatory steps along my Journey. But the continued knowledge I'll gain is Priceless.


Wow met five post surgery patients. ALL had the Y-Bypass. Ruled out lap band: barely gave thought to the sleeve. Needed that total restrictive so they couldn't cheat, as lap band and sleeve eventually allows easier than the Y. Anxious to hear from others on why you choose the Sleeve. Understand I have to make up my mind when I meet with the dietician, as each surgery has their own requirements. All looked great, very happy with their choice. They are more restrictive in what they can eat, more vitamins for life, but, like many here already, are full and content. Two - only once each - ate too much or ate dry chicken that got stuck. Felt like hell for hours. Meet with 2nd medical supervision on Tuesday morning. Love to hear from you! Thank you...
Hi all, and thanks for sharing your experiences. I just had my first follow-up with my surgeon and the dietician. I have to be on a "supervised diet" for 90 days (insurance requirement). The first month, I had lost 12.8 pounds!!! The dietician only wanted me down 10 pounds prior to surgery, so needless to say, they were very pleased with me. I am 58 years old, 5' tall, and was up to almost 285 pounds. I have numerous health issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, COPD, and severe lymphedemia in my left leg/foot, plus I have been on home oxygen. So I have many issues to deal with besides my weight. I have started walking, and so far, so good. I was originally thinking about the lap band, but the doctor said since my BMI was over 50, he suggested the sleeve. I'm torn...not sure which way to go. But, I have several months before I have to make my final decision. Wishing you and yours all the best in your weight loss journey!!!

SECOND THOUGHTS - Sleeve vs Bypass

Happy Easter to those that Celebrate. Serious question if I may. Went to my first Support Group meeting. We met with five post op individuals. ALL had the Bypass, none the Sleeve. I love the Sleeve concept, my question or inquiry, do you find it is enough restrictive enough? Do any Sleeve post ops believe they should have had the Bypass instead of the Sleeve??? I love this group of the Sleeve community. Learning a lot to help me along my Journey. Welcome your wise thoughts and counsel. Thank you andhhere's to a great week ahead
SCHRAMMJ - Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It helps to hear how others are doing in their weight loss journey!


Well, disappointed didn't loose or gain. Been doing daily diary on the app LOSE IT. Changing food choices, more protein NOW. Cut out my diet soda Already. She gave me a listing of good food choices. We really should see dietician a couple times before surgery, would help so much in monthly medical weigh in. I believe. Still a few months away, and, need to get my ass walking now, too. Any suggestions always appreciated. Will have to next Support Group mid may. Good to hear and see the stories behind their surgery. Hoping a Sleeve patient was present. Thinking my doctor - though my choice - leans towards the Y surgery. Told could loose up to 60% of excess weight with the Sleeve and 75-80% with the Y. I'm still leaning towards the Sleeve.

BLENDERS - Any Recommendations

Good evening. Was at Target for new t-shirts and socks. Stopped by appliances and wondering do I need a new blender. I have an immulsion hand held device. Comes with a separate mixing bowl. Believe I have a new older blender in the garage for a pending garage sale. Need to check it out for its operations type modes. Was thinking of The Bullet or the Mega Ninja for the purees I'd eventually be making. Am I fine already, or, did some of this group buy something new? Welcome your thoughts. "Continue Thinking Positive".


May 20th, will be my third of four monthly supervisions. Hoping to meet with dietician between third and fourth monthly supervisions. Awaiting my primary Letter of Support. Then, will be awaiting insurance approval.

Bought a food scale Friday. And, a FIT BIT Zip step tracker and more. Syncs to your phone or laptop. Need to setup tomorrow and wear it all the time but sleep time.

Body type over my Life

Additional photos

Thanks for keeping us posted. I have completed 6 mo and insurance pre cert submitted. Lost 27 lbs along way. Have you tried My Fitness Pal app? I like the trend lines and nutrition feedback. Re your month of gain and then plateau did you stick to your daily quota? On days you went over what tripped it? Best advice I got years ago: no fruit juice ever. Supplements? Niacin will help you drop triglycerides. Hungry? 1 cup strawberries versus 12 grapes or 1/2 orange no contest. There's a pamohket from American Dieticians Assoc that outlines things like this. The bariatric MD put me on 1200 calories per day but honestly with good volume choices like the strawberries I have not been hungry. And now my stomach has shrunk so when I look at "big" food I feel overstuffed. You can get there but it takes time. Slow and steady wins the race.
Thank you for your counsel and advice. I'm coming up on month three of four monthly supervisions. One more supervision after May 20th and soon see the dietician. Also awaiting my primary Letter of Support. Then, submit for insurance approval. Like to stay in touch,. Continued Success


Met with five post op individuals and a room full - like myself - various stages of pre op. Three were bypass and two the Sleeve. All looked great: Great personalities and most helpful in their own individual Journey. The bypass were for total discipline. You cheat, you pay! Is that not the same with the Sleeve??? I heard Sleeve is very restrictive and bypass TOTAL, almost total discipline. Welcome your feedback. These groups are most helpful an most informative. And, will be after surgery. I like that social environment of people having had gone through the procedure, and, be spokes people for those researching or beginning their Journey.

Meet for third of four medical monthly supervisions next Tuesday. Can anyone tell me when I should be meeting with the dietician? Best wishes for all who recently had surgery : Continued Success to those on their way after surgery:, and, to those pondering the procedure in this great post site.
I was advised to go for the sleeve, and I have much more to lose than you do, because the op,itself has less risks and the procedure is not a malabsorptive one like the bypass. Of course one has the option of transitioning from sleeve to bypass but not the other way. Good luck in whatever you chose, your colleagues sound great, and you have good support. You're a handsome guy and I think you'll do well.
With my surgeon, I meet with the dietician once a month, along with the doctor. I have the second of three appointments in the morning. Hoping all goes well, and that I have lost a few more pounds. Hang in there!!!
I would have thought working with the dietician so monthly supervisions show more remarkable results. But, insurance pays for one pre op, and I believe 3 post op. Thank you


Disappointed. Gained 3lbs. Bariatric Coordinator saw my diary on the LOSE IT app I now have a pedometer linked to my smartphone and computer. Need to loose 4-5 pounds by next visit. Use treadmill 20 per day for 4--5 days week. Hoping dietician soon thereafter. Then, insurance approval and pre op liquid diet. Feeling great. Had an egg omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes and, I'm full. Off from work for four days. Will try protein drinks most of the weekend. Need to get my body moving. Will bring tennis shoes and socks to WALK at work for my half hour lunch. Eat my Yogurt and cottage cheese while working. Drinking my water and decaf coffee.. WALK WALK WALK
You're doing all the right things, I'm sure you'll be successful!


Good evening. Had my monthly supervision, and, it was a tough month. I was I'll, peers and being short handed at work for last 3-4 weeks. BUT, kept true myself, keeping me food diary on the app, LOSE IT religiously. I LOST SEVEN (7) POUNDS. My face getting thinner, doctor noticed loose dress shirt and looser trousers! YES! One more supervision. Given OK to meet with dietician any time I want now. If all goes, and I loose five more pounds, insurance coverage for surgery will be applied for. Looking at surgery in September now! I AM PSYCHED.
One thing I brought up was doctor thinking the Y-BYPASS instead of sleeve may be best for me. Coming up on age 64, maybe better for me. QUESTION: Have my sleeve friends here advised to have the "Y", but, you decided to go with the sleeve. I was informed that the "Y" is reversible, if need be. We know the sleeve isn't as majority of stomach removed. Sure Welcome your comments and counsel. Seven pounds - YES!


At 2nd to last me monthly supervision, given OK to now schedule dietician meeting. This is great. Coordinator states believe the "Y" procedure would be best for me. Has anyone had their decision based on the doctors office, or, presented with one option,but, you choose the Sleeve
instead? I'll call today to schedule the dietician, hoping I don't have to give my decision over the phone. Really looking for YOUR thoughts and comments. Thank you.

My Bariatric Surgeon, Andew (Andy) Agos MD

I'm in the UK too. My surgeon has very little faith in lap bands and he doesn't consider them completely reversible - because the stomach is often damaged and that makes it harder to transition to other forms of WLS. They suggested the sleeve right from the start, I didn't want the bypass because of the greater risks and malabsorption issues, also they felt it wasn't necessary for me. It's been the best decision of my life so far.
Looks like you're moving along in the process nicely. Next step dietician!

Personally for me, my original doctor wanted to do the Bypass instead of the Sleeve. However, that was a lot to do with the fact that I'm in the UK and the surgery would be free on the NHS, so they wanted to do the most extreme procedure, in order to get the most extreme results, thereby saving money if they had to change the sleeve to a bypass at a later date.

I actually then decided to go with a US doctor, one of the best in the US and he agreed that the sleeve would be better for me. It was a personal choice, I felt that the sleeve was safer, but delivered similar results to the bypass. There are a lot more sleeve surgeries than bypass these days. But again, it has to be a personal decision between you and your doctor, based on what is best for the individual.

DIETICIAN APPT - 07/16/2014

Well, finally met for my only preop appt, and, decided after all on the Rous-en - Y Bypass surgery. Met for an hour forty five minutes. Got on scale, lost 7 pounds since 7/1. Talk about being PYSCHED. Last monthly supervision on August 5th. Get insurance approval and then schedule surgery. Im so ready to get my life and healthy lifestyle again. Off many meds, being more physically active. At 63, plan my next 30 - years. Got my book and a lot of reading. Prepping for both pre and post op meals. Planning on taking four weeks off Welcome any comments or thoughts. Thanks

MASSIVE HEART ATTACK - Saturday, 07/19/2014

Lucky to be alive. Suffered massive heart attack unloading laundry from dryer. Able to get upstairs, gathered items to take with me, opened screenddoors for Paramedics Had a four Stent placement early Sunday morning, accompanied by a couple blood clots! Very lucky to be Alive. Any WSL postponed for a minimum six months. Got home early afternoon today. Very weak, exhausted. Great to be Home. As I wrote from that old song : "Knock, knock, knock on Heaven's Door.." Guess I didn't know the correct password to get in. Funny now Please keep me in your prayers Sending Mikey Hugs
Prayersgoing up micheal!
Thank you very much. Love prayers and best wishes. Deeply appreciate your thoughts.
Praying for you, Michael.


In my first followup visit after my heart procedure, the intern and doctor both informed me I dodged a major bullett- I SURVIVED the WIDOW MAKER of heart attacks. I Googled the term, and, glad to be alive. Most sobering!!! My Journey has been put on hold for 6-9 months per the cardiologist. The month prior to my event I lost 14 pounds and since home from hospital, have lost another 8 pounds. Neighbors buying my grocery list, as too weak to walk the aisles. I get to exhausted and very tired. Eating healthy to keep the momentum going. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you!
At the moment you must be overwhelmed by a seemingly huge setback. I'd just encourage you to emphasize the positive. You had been following a plan; you'd been successful with it. And, despite your current health issue, you can continue with most of that (following your heart doctor's advice about exercise, etc.). Remember that slow and steady wins the race. You might say I had a setback, too - athough of a different non-life threatening kind. I jumped over all the hurdles and did my 6-month required (by insurance) monitoring. I actually got approved by the insurance company . . . and then . . . just when I was ready to schedule the procedure, the weight clinic threw two monkey wrenches in the works. Apparently there were two more hurdles to jump (which they'd known about the whole 6 months, but failed to advise me). One of them I was able to handle with no additional expense - a bone density test. Luckyily I'd had one about a year ago from a doctor in their OWN hospital system. So all they ever had to do was pull up the commonly shared record off a computer. The second hurdle is more troublesome. My own father died at age 47 of a heart attack which sent a clot to his lung - so, yes I do know about your bullet dodging. Because of that, some years back (maybe 8 years ago now) when I personally saw a cardiologist, I was advised to take genetic testing to be sure that I didn't inherit some kind of blood clotting/clumping disorder. At that time, the test cost over $1,000 (happily insurance paid) - and it was NEGATIVE. Now, because I truthfully disclosed my family medical history (a mistake I won't make again soon) - suddenly the weigh loss clinic is ordering me to see a hematologist at a CANCER center - due to that history. I told them about the genetic testing - I even have a record of the names of the 3 "syndromes" they tested for - which were all negative. But because it was 8 years ago, I can't easily get my hands on the lab report. Doctor's office didn't keep it; even the lab searched and couldn't seem to find it - though they found plenty of other tests over the years (they're a national lab). So - then I balked. Then I pushed back. I've taken so many "unnecessary" (to me - because I knew I didn't have that - apnea or acid reflux) tests and run up thousands in insurance - not to mention my share of the co-pay. And genetic testing? I can only imagine what it costs today - and your genes don't change. I know those tests were negative. Besides, I got into my busy season at work (summer) and I had told the clinic all along that I'd have a narrow window of opportunity around Memorial Day after getting insurance clearance and before work took over. Missed window of opportunity due to last minute monkey wrench. And they knew this for 6+ months already. It's like changing the rules of the game at the last minute. The hoops are flaming and in constant motion. So, I'd already lost 35 lbs on my own at that point - and although I no longer diary or have monthly check ins, I've kept it up and lost another 5 or so since June - right on target, as my average these past months has been 1 lb per week. Consequently, since I'm still going in the right direction, and since I don't think I should have to pay additional thou$ands for unnecessary testing, I have not returned their last two phone calls in which they now say "What can WE do to move this along?" Don't change the rules of the game after supposedly I already won. It's like a bait and switch. And I am just as cooperative and compliant as you please otherwise - but don't promise me the moon and then jerk it away when I COMPLIED. I was just so irritated. So, (a) I have to be sure how long my insurance "approval" will be effective and (b) how long those stupid tests I already took will be "effective" - since I would never pay one cent to repeat any of them, either. And when work calms down after Labor Day, then maybe I'll be able to think about it again. I'm shopping in the Misses dept (versus Plus) and everyone at work I never said a word to about the whole thing now really notices. So, to that extent, it's all good! I have another 10 lbs to go on my original goal (of 50) - and 20 lbs to go if I were really on my "heart's desire" goal. I have no idea whether I can get there just on my current plan, or not. And even if it did not happen, I've already had a great success. So whatever happens with your heart attack and post-heart attack program, it could all work out in the end, anyway. Really. It could. Might take longer. But you can still get there. Slow and steady really does win the race. Just keep telling yourself that you didn't gain all that weight in an instant, and it's going to take a commensurate amount of time to go away. But it can be done.
Good evening. Sorry for not responding earlier, just been recovering and relaxing. Saw cardiologist and primary. First, so sad you lost your Dad at his young age, can imagine how old you were. Sending Mikey Hugs. I've lost another 15 pounds since I've been home from my event. 14 the six weeks before the event. Since seeing cardiologist in November for knee surgery to date,have lost a total of 34 pounds. Seeing dietician now monthly for heart health, as well. People are noticing. Continue to eat healthy. Currently not diaring. Still weak and tired. Start rehab on Monday. Still off work till at least October 1st. Has surely taken the wind out of sails. But, like you stated, slow goes it. Whether I have bypass surgery now is up in the air. Cardiologist wasn't too thrilled when I told him to begin with. And, with all the time involved in this recovery, whether I'll have to begin the WLS Journey from scratch! Or, due to the severity, whether they'll take me. Right now, not even going to think about it. I'm loosing, eating well and seeing both doctors. With rehab will kick up the exercise routine and expect to loose even more. Sorry for your setback. Would piss me off immensely. What are your future plans. Just stay the course, abd, loose on your own. All the extra expenses they think we're made from money. My boss wouldn't be too happy. I was off for knee surgery from late November to early March, and, July 19, had my massive heart attack. Will be off for sure two and a half months, if not possibly longer. Have to check if I would qualify now for SSD. I'm two years from full retirement age. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Michael.
I'm glad you're hanging in there! My busy work season is over. I had a big birthday this summer and a college reunion. So far, have lost 43 lbs. No longer diarying either. Know what to do. My company started a 12-week health challenge day after Labor Day. I went to the gym 5 days this week. This "challenge" will take me through my 1 yr mark. Original goal was 52 lbs in 1 yr. On target. May or may not ever get the band.

TWO MONTH since Massive Heart Attack

Friday, 19 September, was my two month anniversary since my Acute/Massive Myocardial Infarction. Four stents and blood clot. Certainly derailed my WLS if not for the next 6-9 months, or, longer, or if it now ever be done. Up in air. Cardiac rehab is helping me loose weight now. Has anyone else have a major setback and had their surgery postponed or made the decision or had the decision made for you to not have your surgery? Welcome your feedback. Thank you, everyone.
My prayers are with you SCHRAMMJ. May GOD bless you and heal you quickly. HE is keeping you around for a reason :). I pray for your continued good health! GOD BLESS
Dr. Andrew Agos

Dr Andrew (Andy) Agos and Dawn (Liz) Farwell, the Bariatric Coordinator have been great . The team dynamic is wonderful. Most supportive and ensuring I stay the course! I'm so ready for my Journey to transform the new me, giving me opportunities to enrich my life. I'm in great Hands

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