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I had saline implants put in and liposuction done...

I had saline implants put in and liposuction done a few years ago. The lipo turned out really bumpy. I went back in for surgery a few years later to get the bumps corrected and to get a breast lift with silicone implants instead of saline.

1. My lipo ended up even bumpier than it was originally.
2. A lot of my natural breast tissue was taken out, which we had never talked about.
3. The scars from my lift were far worse than any other lift scars I have seen. And the incision marks are puckered.

I am currently going in for skin needling to try and repair the tissue and even out the crevices. I am really unhappy. For such a high fee, I would have expected all the procedures to have been much better.

I have the same question buterflyinthewind - if not, then $1500 is in fact right - That alone would have signaled a red flag for me - way too cheap!
Is your 1500 procedure cost a typo?

Thanks for sharing your story here. Have you considered going to another Plastic Surgeon for a second opinion?

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