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So, I thought it would be a fab idea to get my...

So, I thought it would be a fab idea to get my partners name on my wrist with a cute butterfly, as we are getting married in January so not just a quick fling! Problem is, I didn't put enough thought into the design and I let the tattooist rush me into it.....

Now, I want it gone. Not because of what the tattoo represents but just because I think it looks rubbish. I am having treatments at Sk:n in Norwich and using the Yag and Ruby lasers. My tattoo is roughly 8cm x 5cm and am paying £90 per session. I am buying the sessions in bulk to get them cheaper. I started the process in June and I had my 4th treatment yesterday and even though I see some fading, its not as much as I had hoped.
Hi chezbit. I'm in the same boat; I have a tattoo of my daughter's name that I want removed next year as it's just too bulky and I don't like it anymore! There is definitely fading on the photos you've shared, but you probably won't see it as much as others do as you're looking at your tattoo every day. Keep taking photos after each treatment and you'll see a big difference. Sk:n is an excellent clinic and are very well known, so I'm sure you will be well looked after by their technicians. Please keep us updated. :-)
Hi, Yeah I was reading through your story a few days ago :) I definitely see fading too but it just doesn't seem a lot to me compared to other wrist tattoos I have seen during treatment. I agree, Sk:n are a great clinic and the technicians are fab...I am just wondering if this laser is really doing the job it needs to. I am tempted to try Picosure...although very pricey!

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to share your review with us! I see fading, you are getting results, it's just a long process. Do you know what level your laser is set at and how much it is increased each session? Do you use any numbing cream? 


5th treatment booked 27/12/13

I have my 5th treatment booked with sk:n on 27th December. I will take a picture of my tattoo immediately before treatment so you can see fading since treatment 4. It is still not fading as I would hope but I have such bright colours I guessed it would be problematic before I started this process. This next treatment will be the last one in the package deal I bought and think I am going to give Picosure a shot in January. I really hope this Picosure laser lives up to its claims...
go for the picosure. It has knocked out a lot of my color (reds included) considerably….. BUT….. regardless of its superiority over the other lasers, it still takes time, patience, and several treatments (just not 20 compared to the older lasers)
I think the Pico will work great on your blue and black! But not the pink or yellow, so you might want to consider continuing with the Yag for the pink at least. Can you post a side by side comparison?
How did your treatment go?


So I had my first Picosure treatment today! I am so excited to see the effect this has on my tattoo compared to the older lasers. I had a really thorough consultation and the lady treating me says she is really optimistic about my tattoo and hopes for 100% clearance! The tattoo has no colours that bother her, although she thinks the pink will take a little longer but nowhere near as long as the older lasers I have been using up until now. The treatment went well. It didn't feel much different to my past treatments, maybe a little worse but felt more tolerable because I had constant cold air blown onto the tattoo during treatment. It felt a little sore afterwards but I wasn't in agony or anything. Anyway, I have to keep the dressing on for a few days but will post a pic of the healing soon. For now, I have added two photos taken in different lights immediately before treatment with Picosure which is after 5 treatments with the Yag and Ruby lasers.
Thank you for the update, excited to see your results - fingers crossed! Did you blister?
Hi Eva, I changed my dressing this morning and noticed some very small blisters on the blue of the butterfly but nowhere else yet. Obviously its very swollen at the minute still as it has only been 24 hours but it looks as if most of my blue has gone! Exciting!
Wow, that's great...It seems like blue and purple respond amazingly with the Picosure! Happy healing and keep us posted. 

I see good results :)

I have just looked back through pics 1-5 during my treatment with the old laser as I wasn't feeling great about the results I had, but looking back and comparing pic 1 to pic 5, I think I have had some real good fading! I am excited to see hoe the Picosure speeds things along. I changed my dressing this morning and it looks as if a lot of the blue has disappeared!

I forgot to mention yesterday my treatments are £299 with the Picosure but I have bought a package for £1200 where you get 4 treatments and if the tattoo is still visible you get another 4 treatments free of charge. Pretty pricey but I paid £299 upfront yesterday and the remaining £900 will be paid £75 a month for a year so lessens the blow a bit! I could do a lot with £1200 but this tattoo being gone forever gives me the most happiness.

3 days post Picosure treatment

So, its 72 hours since my treatment and no big blisters, scabbing or bleeding. I had a few tiny blisters come up on the blue ink but they have disappeared already. I have uploaded a pic to show how much of the blue appears to be blasted away! Its a little shiny though as I had just applied Vaseline.

2 weeks post Picosure

Well, its been two weeks since my first Picosure treatment and I am feeling slightly down about it today. My tattoo does not look any different at all. Back when I took the pictures immediately after treatment it looked like it had got rid of loads of the ink, especially the blue, but now it has healed the colour seems to have come back. It is really strange. I guess I am feeling slightly disappointed because I expected more with this laser as it has been so raved about. I do not see any better results than the old Q-switch at the minute. Maybe it is too soon to tell as I was only treated 2 weeks ago. I am hoping it will fade a lot more before my next treatment on March 15th.
Thank you for your update, I would love it if you would do a side by side picture. I actually see fading in the blue and black from the Picosure. Fading certainly does continue to happen in weeks following the treatment. Remember your immune system does the work after the laser breaks down the ink, exercise, healthy food, water, and emotional well being is all important to successful fading. Hang in there!
Hey Eva, Yep, I am kickstarting the exercise routine again tomorrow in the hope it will help to speed things up. I am not great with technology, but if I can work out how to do it, I will post a side by side picture!
Hey, try not to be too down. I've looked at both pictures side by side and can definately see an appreciable difference in the blue - so that's good! You're in the same boat as a couple of others on here with regards to the Picosure in that it's likely going to struggle with the pink / red you've got going on there. I've heard someone say that this place (or possibly the other one) has told them they ONLY use the Picosure for all tattoos now. This seems confusing, as the wavelength the Picosure operates at is 755nm, which is geared around blacks, blues and greens. I'd have thought they should be utilising another laser for your areas of pink and even the little bit of yellow you've got in there (probably more like the 532nm wavelength). When you were being treated at sk:in, were they using a different attachment for the colours? Or were they using the one laser for the whole thing?

3 weeks post Picosure

So, it has been three weeks since my Picosure treatment and I am not sure I see much fading. What do you guys think?
The butterfly looks faded:) I would be dissapointed as well though. I would have thought the blue would be a goner. -Maybe she'll need to adjust the settings for your tattoo?
Yeah, I am going to ask they turn it up at my next treatment. I only had a little swelling after the last treatment so I am pretty sure my skin will cope.

2nd Picosure treatment completed :)

So I had my second Picosure treatment at Trueskin in Bluewater yesterday. I saw a different technician as the lady I had last time was on holiday but she was great too. I asked lots of questions this time about my treatments and expressed how disappointed I was feeling with my results up until now. After all, I have been going through this process for 9 months now and on my 7th treatment and haven't seen as much fading as I would like. She said she honestly expects 100% clearance of my tattoo...even on the tough pink. She says that while treating there has been a good reaction on the pink ink so it is definitely responding to treatments it will just take a little longer than the blue and black. So, last time the laser was set at 2.9 and because I was not happy with the results she turned it up to 2.8 this time (laser can be set from 5-1 with 5 being the weakest and 1 being the strongest) The treatment didn't seem to hurt as much as the last time though but I think its because she gave me the cold air a few minutes before and my wrist had started to go a bit numb before she started with the laser. I was pleased with how much frosting there was afterwards. Every colour had frosted well, especially the blue and she said to expect some blistering this time.
I have changed my dressing this morning and I have a few small blisters on the blue and pink but nothing major. I have also bled very slightly this time, again on the pink ink. I am hoping this is a good sign?! Anyway, I have added a pic of my tattoo just before treatment so you can see what fading I had from treatment 1 and I will post one of my healing in a few days when dressings are off :)

Pictures taken before 2nd treatment

Sorry, forgot to add the pictures before posting the update!
I can understand your frustration. But, it does look amazingly faded and your skin is in great condition! I am surprised the pico did not fade the blue more quickly. 2.8 is a pretty strong setting. I hope this treatment really causes some serious fading for you!
Hey Poppy, thanks for commenting. I agree, when I look through from pic 1, I do see good progress it just feels it has taken so long to get to this point. I really hope I get some good fading this time. It is looking very different from previous treatments so fingers crossed!

48 hours later....

Just a quick update to say I am healing well! Small blisters have subsided already but a little scabby and skin is feeling tight. This is the first time it has actually looked affected so I am really hoping to see some great fading in the coming weeks :)

2 weeks after treatment

So, its been almost 2 weeks since my 2nd treatment with Picosure and I haven't compared my pictures yet but think I have seen some good fading this time. I am really hoping it carries on fading over the coming weeks. The pink is still being very stubborn. What do you guys think?
Hey, I would agree, I see some fading on that butterfly - it would seem a decent amount of the blue has gone! Also, the black lines of the butterfly look lighter than they did before TX2. The pink is going to be tricky I reckon, but apparently can be done. Still early days after your treatment - hopefully you see more fading in the coming weeks!

3rd Picosure treatment completed

I had my third picosure treatment yesterday and the laser was turned up again, this time to 2.6, so getter stronger each session. I was treated with the Revlite laser aswell, on the pink ink as picosure doesn't seem to be shifting it very well but to be honest, I don't think its helped. I saw no frosting after the treatment and I had been seeing a little after the picosure. Anyway, I have added a photo of my tattoo before treatment number 3 and look forward to seeing some fading over the coming weeks.

Before 3rd treatment

A pic of my tattoo before 3rd Picosure treatment
Amazing progress!!
Wonderful fading, thank you for keeping us up to date with pictures :)
Hey, I agree, great fading on the butterfly...not so much on anything else though.

4th Picosure treatment completed 31/05/14

I had my fourth picosure treatment on Saturday and the laser was turned up this time to 2.5. Again, I was treated with the Revlite on the pink ink. I don't really feel I am making much progress. It doesn't frost much after treatments and I don't get any blistering or scabbing afterwards. I just feel like the ink has stopped responding now and feeling really disheartened. I have started having another tattoo on my upper arm removed also and have made a separate thread for that in case anyone is interested :)
I think you have come a long way, looks so faded. Maybe you should try a different laser for the other colors.  I was told by my clinic that pink and yellow are the hardest to remove as they are the closest to our skin color, in saying that my yellow did respond well with the AlexTriVantage laser, they were pretty impressed. I had pink mixed in with my purple, but it was difficult to see if it responded well as the purple didn't fade so great, it did fade but I wasn't that impressed. 
Yep, they have started using the Revlite on my pink and yellow so seeing how that goes. I am happy with the fading so far, although the black ink is a bit darker in reality than what it looks in the pictures.
Oh sorry, I see you did mention you are using the Revlite...hope that goes well!

5th Picosure treatment 15/07/14

I had my fifth picosure treatment on 15th July. I didn't ask if it was being turned up again but I haven't had any blistering or scabbing which is the same after every treatment I have. I have added a pic of what my tattoo looked like the day after treatment and what it looks like today. I think I am going to leave a bit longer than 6 weeks before my next treatment and see if that makes a difference.

6th Picosure treatment completed 10/09/2014

I have had my sixth picosure treatment today. This time the laser was set at 2.3 which I believe is quite a strong setting. I am feeling very comfortable though, not much pain at all. I have added a pic of my tattoo before this treatment.

6th picosure

6th Picosure

I am unable to load my update pic at present but try again over the next few days :)
aloha chezbit, you are having some amazing fading!! Wow!! Your experience with the picosure has definitely given me hope, and I'm sure others as well. I can imagine that soon your ink will be a memory rather than a reminder. Good luck, thanks for posting and updating, it's so wonderful to hear such good news. aloha...k
Hey, Thanks for your comment!! It has made me feel so much better. Sometimes its easy to get stuck in a rut during this process and because you see it everyday, you don't see much change so it is great to hear from other people I am having great results! :)
Thanks for the update, look forward to your photos! Happy Healing! 

I started my treatments at Sk:n but am now being treated with Picosure at Trueskin Bluewater.

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